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Submitted by The Islander (Juanita Brock) 07.07.2005 (Article Archived on 21.07.2005)

The annual Two Boats School Leavers Assembly took place at 1120 am on Friday, 01 July 2005



By J. Brock (SARTMA-AC)



Some of Ascension Island's Achievers and their certificates


  The annual Two Boats School Leavers Assembly took place at 1120 am on Friday, 01 July 2005. David Higgins, the school’s Headmaster, opened the Assembly with words of welcome followed by the singing of the opening hymn, “The Journey of Life.”  After the hymn the presentation of awards took place.

Class Awards for Achievement, presented by Cllr. The Hon Mr. Lawson Henry, were presented as follows:

Nursery Class, Keira Francis, Reception Class, Ebony Stevens, Year 1, Adam Fowler, Year 2, Shannon Yon, Year 3, Tiphanie Ellick, Year 4, Jamie Thomas, Year 5, Laura Stroud, Year 6, Chelsea Thomas, Year 7, Shalane Thomas, Year 8, Corey Anthony, Year 9, Angelo Moyce, Year 10, Mashay Yon, and Year 11, Carly Thomas. 

In his address to the students, Mr Henry said, that when he looked at students from the Lower School through to Year 11, he saw the leaders of tomorrow.  He added that it was a goal of the Ascension Island Government to provide higher education for school leavers and that he was pleased to see the emphasis placed on effective education throughout the school years.  He went on to say that whatever students do when they leave school, albeit to higher education or to the trades, the ability to choose a career depended on the grades that were achieved.  Deciding not to pursue higher education didn’t mean you could put your feet up and accept any old thing.  He ended by saying that by awarding the Certificates for Achievement, teachers were giving students a pat on the back and much needed praise.

Class Awards for Effort were then presented by Mrs. Barbara Price to the following:

Nursery Class, Nandeli Pelembe, Reception Class, Brandi Leo, Year 1, Tyler Thomas, Year 2, Alexia Reynolds, Year 3, Cody Harris, Year 4, Eden Heath-Hall, Year 5, Kieran Yon, Year 6, Nathan Thomas, Year 7, Shalane Thomas and Dane Wade, Year 8, Andreas Thomas, Year 9, Angelo Moyce, Year 10, Laura Oliver, and Year 11, Natasha Stevens.

In her speech to the students Mrs. Price explained that the word effort came from the Latin, fortus, which means strength.  She added that effort could be expended in several ways - it meant physical effort and that other times it meant mental effort, or applying the will to achieve.  She said that physical effort on the playground was one kind of effort, while polishing the family car was another.  She concluded that it was important for everyone to make an effort.

Mrs. Helen Close presented the Philpott Award for Kindness to Keaton Crowie from the Lower School, Kayshai Reynolds from the Middle School and Angelo Moyce from the Senior School.

In her remarks to the students Mrs. Close said that last year at this time she was new here and it was the kindness of those around her that helped her to make the decision to make Ascension her home.  She said that kindness doesn’t cost anything but it has a marked affect on people that can last a lifetime.

Cllr. The Hon. Mr. Johnny Hobson presented the Hutchinson Award for Special Effort to Kyle Francis from the Lower School, Natashia Roden, from the Middle School and Laura Oliver from the Senior School.

Mr. Hobson remarked that he remembered Mrs Hutchinson when he first came to Ascension to work and that he knew her as a person who put an emphasis on effort and achievement.  And, she rewarded efforts and achievements.

Mrs.Rachel Handford presented the Award for the Most House Points to Shaun Bray and Ebony Stevens from the Lower School, Alexia Yon and Jasmine Handford from the Middle School and Corey Anthony and Shalane Thomas from the Senior School.

In her remarks, Mrs Handford thanked everyone for their efforts in achieving House Points.  These points were accumulated through hard work and effort.  She said that if you persevere and show effort you achieve much. 

Mr. Mal Moss presented the Serco Award for Progress to Michael Yon.

Dr. and Mrs Sukhtanker present an Award for Excellence in Modern Language but neither was available to present the award this year.  Spanish Teacher, Mrs Nathalie Heath-Hall presented Nirella Lawrence with the award and an exhaustive Spanish Dictionary.

Mr. Melvin Moyce presented the Shield for Primary Athletics to Sam Roden.  He awarded the Sports Boy and Girl of the Year trophies to Corey Anthony and Lesley Anne Henry respectively, and Rico Phillips picked up the award for most Progress and Effort in Sport.

Mr. Ian Coverdale presented the Merlin Science Award to Mashay Yon.  Mr. Nick Backhouse presented the Interserve Technology Award in Design Technology to Natasha Stevens and Mr. Ray Ellick from Cable & Wireless Plc presented the Cable & Wireless ICT Award to Mashay Yon.

Headmaster Mr. David Higgins thanked all of the school’s supporters.  He mentioned that 12 Year 10 pupils would be on 3-weeks work experience and he thanked all who supported them in this effort.

There were six school leavers this year and the Administrator, Mr. Andrew Kettlewell presented the following with their Records of Achievement:  Kayla Henry, who also given a small gift to mark her year as head Girl of the school, Natasha Stevens, Lesley Anne Henry, Danielle Williams, Carly Thomas and Clayton Yon.  Anisa Moyce then presented Mrs. Nathalie Heath –Hall, who is leaving the school, with a gift from the school.

The second hymn, “One more step along the world I go,” was then sung by all present.

Mr. Higgins thanked Andrew Kettlewell for his efforts and his support for Education and he remarked that in all the places where he taught, Ascension Island stood out as the best, relative to the size of the population, in terms of Government support.  Mr. Kettlewell mentioned that Mr. Higgins would, instead of retiring, stay on for another term while a new Head Teacher was recruited.  Kayla Henry presented Andrew Kettlewell with an enlarged photo of Two Boats School in appreciation of all he has done while Administrator here.

The leaving students then said an individual thank-you to all who educated them and ended it off with a prayer by school leaver, Clayton Yon.

In his closing words and prayers, Rev. Canon Clive Duncan of St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Georgetown said that even though the students made close friends with the teachers over the years that they must move on and that while teachers may see the potential it was up to the student to achieve it.  He mentioned a four person music class where only one student – not the best one – remained to achieve her goal.  He mentioned that music was a priority, she put her trust in the teacher, followed instructions and committed herself to finishing the course.  He concluded that while this was an important milestone in one’s life, it was up to the students to step out into the community and with God’s guidance and protection they could be achievers.

Mr. Higgins then dismissed the assembly and the students returned to their classes.


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