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Falklands : Year 6 Students DARE to say No to Alcohol, Drugs and Violence
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 30.07.2005 (Article Archived on 13.08.2005)

The presentation of certificates for the DARE programme took place on Thursday, 28 July 2005 at the Infant/Junior School Hall.

Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) - Year 6 with John Farrow, left, Sgt. Roberts, Centre and H. E. the Governor Mr. Howard Pearce, right.



By J. Brock (FINN)



Dare students with John Farrow, Dave Roberts and Howard Pearce


The presentation of certificates for the DARE programme took place on Thursday, 28 July 2005 at the Infant/Junior School Hall.  H. E. the Governor, Mr. Pearce and Mrs Pearce, Cllrs Cheek, Luxton, Cockwell and Birmingham were also present.  Sgt Dave Roberts, whose inspiration started the programme some five years ago, gave the words of welcome and a few introductory words.


“For the last 12 weeks I have been stealing an hour (from the Police station) each week and what we have been doing is role-plays and we have been talking about choices, how you make them and how to make decisions.  As adults we have to make lots and lots of decisions things.”


He went on to say that DARE students know how to Define, Assess, Respond and evaluate their actions – that’s the decision making process!  He also indicated that there are nine ways to say NO.


Students in the DARE project then took the oath.  And it was Mr. Farrow’s turn to say a few words.


“This is the fifth year of the programme and I have never failed to be amazed by the amount of enthusiasm and commitment that Dave puts into it.  That’s one of the major reasons why it’s so successful.  When I think back to my childhood, life was very simple.”


He continued that there is a lot of pressure on students today, especially through the media and that the DARE programme helped children to achieve the skills, courage and understanding to deal with the pressures.


Then Dave Roberts said thank you to the FCO for funding for his training and for books, the NAAFI for the bowling outing and the pizza, Falkland Islands Tours and Travel for the use of the coach and driver, the Infant/Junior School for allowing the time for the lessons, the parents for allowing the children into the programme and finally, to the kids for participating.  Also on the thank you list were The Argos Award, Argos Fishing Company Limited, DARE UK, Norman and June Clark, The Falkland Islands Government and the Printing Office.


Roll plays included scenarios about alcohol misuse, inappropriate drugs taking, and bullying.


After the oath, Daniel McGill, Laura Minto, Josephine Igao and Kyran Evans made promises that included their knowledge of the DARE decision making process and a determination not to use drugs or practice violence and to use alcohol wisely when they are old enough. 


Mrs. Alison Short has taught DARE participants a song called “Silver and Gold, which was performed for all those who were present.  There was a final word from Sgt. Roberts about bullying and how kids could get help with coping and with getting assistance.


H. E. the Governor Mr. Howard Pearce then presented certificates to: Sarah Faria, Cameron Goodwin, Sherilee Goss, Emma Harte (not present) Josephine Igao, Laura Miller, Daniel McGill, Jordan Phillips, Nicholas Roberts, Barbara Short, Kelly-Marie Stevens, Tyler Tellez, Julian Yon, Sonia Arkipkina, Carey Bagley, Caitlin Burston, Josseline Cambler, Bradley Crowie, Kyran Evans, Brandon Greenough, Sally Heathman, Samual Miller, Laura Minto, Aiden Morris, Leigh Robertson and Patricio Villarroel.  Head Teacher, John Farroww, who is leaving at the end of the term, also received a certificate.


Mr. Farrow’s Remarks:


“Thank you very much. I appreciate it.  I think you kids have done wonderfully well.  I was very impressed.  You were very articulate and accomplished.  You did a good job. 


Governor Pearce’s Remarks:


“This must be, I think, the fourth occasion which I have been here to present these certificates.  And, I never cease to be impressed by the enthusiasm of the participants in this course and the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of Sgt. Dave Roberts.  I would like to thank, on behalf of everybody here, the Children who participated in the course, the parents and the school and to thank Dave for the amount of effort and energy and real commitment, which he has put into this programme. 


It is a really important programme that deals with very serious issues.  They are serious if you are aged 11 or 12 but they are also very serious later in life.  I am glad that we were actually able to give a certificate this evening to an adult – John Farrow – who, I am sure, like all of us has faced these sorts of decisions in his life.  And, I hope that those of you who have just participated in the course and just received your certificates won’t forget the principles, which you have learned because they are very important ones for you now and as you advance through school, but also very important for you in adult life.  Anybody who walks around the streets of Stanley, particularly on a Friday or Saturday evening, or goes into the pubs, will know that these are real issues, which confront individuals and which confront our society. 


So I hope that all of you here – young people and parents – will have learned some real lessons from this course, which will remain with you because they really are important for the Falklands as they are for all societies around the world.


My last word is to the young people, who participate.  Do take this seriously and do remember the fun side of what you have done but also the serious side of it.  I hope that you will keep these lessons with you as the years go by.”


After the presentation photos were taken and Mrs. June Clark provided snacks, teas and coffee for those who watched the presentation.


This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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