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Falklands : Sartma Daily (04/10/05)
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 04.10.2005 (Article Archived on 11.10.2005)

A brief run down of South Atlantic news

SARTMA DAILY (04/10/05)


Compiled by J. Brock (FINN)





Section 1:  South Atlantic News


Section 2:  Police News


Section 3:  Committee News


Section 4:  Items from BBC World Service


Section 5:  Announcements



Section 1:


Pastoral Visit to Tristan

After a very smooth sailing, on the S.A Agulhas, from Capetown, it was with joy and no small measure of excitement that I saw Tristan da Cunha for the very first time. This was on the morning of Wednesday, 14th September 2005.

I was met by
Mrs Anne Green, the Chief Islander and Mr Dereck Rogers- both of whom are members of the Church Leadership Team on the Island.

On Sunday,18th September 2005 the Church of St Joseph was full to witness the Confirmation of Sasha Anne Green and Philip John Rogers. At the same Mass, young Rachel Emma Green made her first Holy Communion. There were Celebratory parties in, each of their homes, afterwards.

In fact, attending parties for all sorts of occasion, (Wedding, Christening, Birthday and all) was the hallmark of my short three week stay.
Another highlight was the guided tour that Mr James Glass, The former Chief Islander, and his wife Felicity gave me of the whole Settlement area; we travelled in his land rover to the 'patches (allotments) at the Western most point. There I saw both Inaccessible Island and Nightingale Island on the horizon of the South Atlantic Ocean. Then we travelled to the Eastern most point to where the Volcano of 1961 erupted.

Finally the church celebrated 'Graveyard Sunday' on the 2nd October 2005. After Mass of healing (during which an anointing of the sick took place) The entire congregation processed in silence to the three grave yards, We prayed over those who were laid to rest there and each grave was blessed starting from first to be buried on Tristan ( Corporal William Glass) to the latest. It was a very morning occasion indeed.

I look forward, very much, to my next visit to Tristan which, with the help of God, will again be this

time next year.

(Mgr) Michael. B.



From The South Georgia Newsletter September 2005



Big Rise in Tourist Numbers Expected for the Coming Season


 The numbers of tourists visiting South Georgia in the coming season is likely to rise substantially. Anything up to a 50% rise is expected, depending on the occupancy of available spaces on the tour ships. Full occupancy would bring around 5600 tourists (3765 came last season), but occupancy rates the last three seasons have varied between 69% and 93%, so the real number of visitors is likely to be anywhere between 3,800 and 5,200.


There are currently six more ship visits booked than last season, a total of 46 visits from 20 different ships. Nine visits are from ships capable of bringing 199 or more passengers, one of which is the very large vessel “Prinsendam” which visits in February. “Prinsendam” is capable of bringing 720 passengers and will only visit Grytviken. The first tour ship, the 300-passenger capacity “Nordnorge”, is due to visit at the end of next month. The season will end in the middle of March 2006.


Eleven yachts have applied to visit so far. The first, “Le Sourire” is due to arrive in mid October. At least four yachts will be involved with various film and photography projects, three will be supporting various expeditions including two different attempts to kayak around the Island, and three will be supporting scientific research projects.


Section 2:





With the summer approaching and families making trips to the beach and camp. The Royal Falkland Islands Police would like to remind all drivers for the safety of their passengers and themselves, that it is a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt on any road subject to a speed limit higher than 25 miles an hour.


Part 3, schedule 3 of the Wearing of Seat Belts (Prescribed Roads) Regulations 1996


Requirement for adults to wear adult belts


3.¾(1)  Subject to the following provisions of these Regulations, every person ¾


(a) driving a motor vehicle other than a motor cycle;


(b) riding in a front seat of a motor vehicle other than a motor cycle; or


(c) riding in a rear seat of a motor car or a passenger vehicle which is not a  motor car;


Part 3, schedule 6 of the Wearing of Seat Belts (Prescribed Roads) Regulations 1996


Requirement for children to wear seat belts etc

6.¾(1)  Subject to regulation 6A, a person commits an offence who without reasonable excuse drives a motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, on a road while any child being carried in or on that vehicle is not wearing a seat belt conforming with regulation 5.


Drivers are also reminded that any small chilled is required to wear a seatbelt or other passenger safety harness or seat on any road no matter what the designated speed limit.


A small child means a child who ¾


(a) is aged under 12 years; and


(b) is under 150 centimetres in height;




David Roberts

Royal Falkland Islands Police



Section 3:




The Housing Committee will meet in the Liberation Room of the Secretariat at 1330 hrs on Wednesday, 05 October 2005.  On the agenda for the public section of the meeting will be a draft application form and guidance notes that had been tabled at the meeting held on Wednesday, 07 November 2005.  A full report on the Public portion of this Committee meeting will be published in tomorrow’s edition of Sartma Daily.



Section 4:




(From BBC World Service “Calling the Falklands” by Sibon Tyne (ST) 04/10/05


We are coming to the end of the Party Political Conference Season but every single year, the Falklands make sure its profile is high at these events.  Right now, representatives from the Islands are in Blackpool at the Conservative Party Conference, where today all eyes and ears, of course, have been on two of the Tory leadership hopefuls – David Cameron and Ken Clarke.  They addressed delegates this afternoon.  To find out more about what the Falkland Islands needs to do at these conferences, I have been speaking to Councillor Jan Cheek (JC).  With the hustle and bustle of delegates around her, she described the interest that’s been shown in the Falklands stand.


JC:  There’s a lot of interest as always at the Conservative Conference and of course I believe there are greater numbers here this year because of the interest in the leadership contest.


ST:  Has that issue overshadowed what you are there fore?


JC:  Not at all.  People are still coming by the stand.  We are still able to update them on what’s happening in the Islands.  And, we also had the opportunity to meet most of the candidates.  The only one we have still to meet is Malcolm Rifkind but I am sure we will see him in the next couple of days because he does usually come by the Falklands Stand.


ST:  When the delegates come up to your stand, what kind of questions do they put to you?


JC:  There are often well wishers.  In many cases they are asking what’s happening.  They are interested because they have heard about the problems we’ve had with the Squid in recent years  They are interested in hearing about the possibilities or oil development.


ST:  Have any delegates ever paid a visit to the Falkland Islands?


JC:  A great number have either been in the Islands, perhaps they were in the Forces or visited as tourists. Many have friends or relatives who have lived or worked there for short periods.  And they are always delighted when we remember the name of their friend or relative.


ST:  We are in the middle of the Party Conference season.  Last week, we had the Labour Conference in Brighton.  How do you compare the issues that were raised by the Labour delegates compared to the Tory delegates this week?


JC:  Actually broadly similar although I have to say the Labour Conference was a lot quieter this year.  And, I am told that’s mainly because they had just won an election.  So, only about a third of the MPs turned up.  And, there didn’t seem to be huge numbers of other delegates.  But we still had an opportunity to meet people like John Reid, the Secretary of State for Defence and his predecessor, Geoff Hoon.  We met our new Minister, Lord Triesman.  I had a good opportunity to talk to him at a lunch, as my colleague, Roger Edwards did at a breakfast.  For me one of the highlights was we go out to dinner with the Gibraltar Delegation, who are always our friends and colleagues at these conferences.  And, we had the opportunity to thank Joe Bossano personally for the very effective intervention he recently made at the UN on our behalf, when the Argentine Delegation were attempting to say that we shouldn’t have the right of self determination. 


ST:  You did mention that you met Lord Triesman the Foreign Office Minister, who has responsibility for the Overseas Territories.  What did he say to you, what did you say to him, how did the meeting go?


JC:  It went extremely well.  He’s very eager to visit the Islands at the first opportunity he has after our general election in November, which should, hopefully, be in the new-year.  He’s very interested in the Falklands issue.  We were very disappointed when we lost Bill Rammell as our Minister because we had found him so sympathetic and helpful.  But I think in Lord Triesman we are going to have an equally good Minister.




Section 5:




Oops!  When Stanley Services announced fuel price changes they said that the price of KERO had changed.  Fortunately for us, it has lowered by 2p to 48p and has not risen by 2p per litre. Sorry for the inconvenience to all, including those at FIRS who lifted the story and read it out almost verbatim. 


From the KEMH:  Exercise for the Young at Heart will take place on Friday at 1030 hrs in the Day Room.  This class is open to everyone and there is no need to book.


The Pink Shop is under new ownership but this doesn’t mean that Jane Cotter won’t be doing her framing service.  You can phone 21399 or FAX 22147 during open hours and 21792 at home if you want more information.


The Queen’s Baton Photos by Norman Clark are being displayed at the Jetty Centre until Friday.  They are excellent and well worth the look – and the purchase if you are in them.


The Trafalgar Banquet and Ball will take place on Friday 21 October but before you want to rush out to buy tickets, don’t.  The venue was so popular that many who wanted to go didn’t hear about it in time to get a much coveted ticket.  They are, according to Colin Patterson Smith, all sold out.  Hopefully, the media will be allowed in to take photos and get copy. 












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