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Falklands : Committee News (07/10/05)
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 07.10.2005 (Article Archived on 21.10.2005)

The Stanley Lands Committee had a useful debate on grazing permits.



By J. Brock (FINN)


A meeting of the Stanley Lands Committee took place at 1330 hrs on Thursday, 06 October 2005 in the Liberation Room of the Secretariat.  Present were Cllrs Edwards (Chair) and Cockwell, The Environmental Planning Officer, Mrs Dominique Giudicelli, Director of Public Works, Mr. Manfred Keenleyside, Crown Council “A” Mrs. Alison Ingles and the Director of Minerals and agriculture, Mrs. Phyl Rendell.


After apologies for absence and declaration of interest, matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 08 September 2005 were discussed.  There was no contact about sineage on the firing range and the lease of the Government Boat House was put on hold until the new  Trustees of the Sea and Marine Cadets had a chance to meet and discuss the lease.  It was decided to lease land at Gordon Lines directly to the commercial entity that requested it, rather than going through FIDC.


The Grazing review provoked much discussion, with the loss of the investment for fencing being dealt with by saying that new grazing permits should be for three years.  Not all grazing plots were the same size with one being nearly 30 acres while many were less than an acre.  All but three permits would be terminated but the time of termination would be in late autumn when the riding season was over.


Traditionally it was the Governor who decided whether it was sheep or horses that grazed in the Triangle but now the Triangle would be added to the list of grazing plots.  Executive Council will be deciding this.  Land near the Beaver Hanger belonging to Robert Rowlands was discussed with a decision that the boundaries should be clarified before any fencing had to be removed.


There were two applications for building plots and the sale of one for Ms. Tara Heathman has gone through.  There is a shortage of building plots and there would be a search for more plots as there are 71 people on the “A” List.  A discussion would take place in ExCo  about identifying new building plots.


As for ExCo decisions on land sales, a discussion about land for masts for Cable & Wireless resulted in the matter being shelved because the item was deferred in Planning and Building Committee.  The Camber House has been sold on a 999 year lease with a 2-year building licence.  A Crown Grant for the Falkland Islands Company was approved in return for sewerage works going across FIC land.  Fic plan to fill in the bit between the yard and the causeway.


The Murrell River Draft Management Plan brought some discussion with Cllr Edwards saying that the whole thing needs to be looked at because the legislation, as far as she was concerned, was toothless and that the Murrell River had been designated a nature reserve, so why should it be designated a recreation area.  She felt that there needed to be more public consultation.


The date of the next meeting was set at Thursday, 03 November 2005 at 1330hrs in the Liberation Room of the Secretariat.


This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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