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Falklands : Councillors Examine Camp Economics
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 16.02.2006 (Article Archived on 02.03.2006)

Chris Simpkins tells us about the workshop held on Monday.


Councillors have informally met to examine and review the Camp economy.  A wide ranging presentation was given by officials setting out the current performance of businesses in Camp, the prospects for growth and quality of life issues. Cllrs. spent some time identifying possible initiatives that might assist Camp residents in the short term and make a contribution to long term sustainability and growth of the Camp economy.


Cllr. Ian Hansen, portfolio holder for Camp issues commented:


“There is no doubt that people living and working in Camp face many challenges – not least as a result of world wool prices and changing agricultural practice.  This workshop has helped us to focus attention on those challenges.  The imminent introduction of the Interim Ferry Service will, we expect, provide opportunities for the development of the Camp economy but there is much more that we will now examine in some detail over the coming weeks during the build-up to next year’s budget.  We will be working on some quick wins to provide immediate assistance to the Camp economy but also aim to address some longer term issues.  So far as agriculture is concerned, we remain totally committed to the development of the meat industry and the abattoir and the Agriculture Department’s Business Plan.  We therefore hope to be able to continue support at the present level to various existing initiatives, including the Pasture Improvement Programme, for at least the life of this Council.  Similarly, the continuing contribution of the abattoir”







Contact:  Chris Simpkins, Chief Executive



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