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Falklands : Falklands Planning and Building Committee Report (02/10/08)
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 09.10.2008 (Article Archived on 23.10.2008)

Graham France updates us on what happened during this important committee meeting.



(By Graham France)


This month’s meeting was chaired by the Hon Richard Stevens and attended by most of its members. Activities were viewed by two members of the public and one of the first items to be reported upon was the decision by Executive Council (ExCo), which was to approve government’s application in principle for the development of up to twelve dwellings on land at the Leading Lights site in East Stanley.


Of the nine new applications for planning permission no less than four were outline submissions seeking permission in principle.  The first was for housing development at the site of the “Old Butchery” on Moody Brook Road proposed by the Falkland Islands Company Limited (FIC) and the committee accepted the recommendation that it be refused for reasons which included a need for an overall development plan for the area, the need for the means of disposal of foul drainage to be addressed, and the need for a commitment to upgrade Moody Brook Road before such development can be approved.


Members were informed that ExCo has said there are no current proposals to either improve the road or provide sewerage treatment works. In locational terms, its preference is to encourage residential development between Dairy Paddock Road and Sapper Hill (where outline approval was granted to the FIC last February for up to 350 dwellings) rather than along Moody Brook Road. It was understood that a detailed application for the first phase of the development, of between 30 and 40 dwellings, is likely before the end of the year


Also refused was an outline application for residential development of up to twelve houses submitted by Jacqueline Cotter on land at the Moody Brook Homestead on Moody Brook Road.  The current condition of the road was, again, one of the reasons for refusal and it was also felt that, with the proposed site isolated from the town, other sites on the road which were closer should be developed first.


The FIC also applied for permission in principle for the erection of a dwelling on land at Beaver Road which is west of “Painswick House”.  Conditional permission was granted with one of the conditions aimed at ensuring the surface water course located along the western boundary continues to function to facilitate such drainage of the plot and the surrounding area.


The fourth such application to be considered was submitted by Michael McRae (Jnr) and was for a dwelling on land at the rear of 2A H Jones Road with access off the adjacent road Narrows View.  Conditional outline planning permission was granted for this development.


The following applications for detailed planning permission were also granted conditional consent: a shelter at The Jetty Centre on Philomel Street for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board;  Barry Neilson’s proposal to erect a polytunnel at Stanley Cottage on Ross Road (it was here explained that, whilst the structure would be more than ten metres from a house not in the same curtilage and did meet other conditions,  it had a floor area in excess of 25 square meters and was not therefore “permitted development” and needed such consent);  a conservatory to replace the front porch of his dwelling at 10 Endurance Avenue for Steve Vincent;  and the replacement and extension of the jetty at Albermarle Harbour on West Falkland for Trant Construction Limited (this latter received only temporary consent as it was to be formed from materials unsuitable for use as a permanent jetty).


Just one application was deferred – that for the erection of a small store with wash facilities and a bedsit for visiting yachtsmen to be located at The Boathouse on Ross Road for South Atlantic Marine Services Limited.  There was concern over both the design and, particularly, the proposed siting and these and other matters are to be raised with the applicant to allow further discussion at the next meeting.


The committee then took note of a list of nineteen applications for a building permit and that further information was awaited on eleven of these, also that one (the shelter at The Jetty Centre) was exempt from such need.


Members were asked to endorse a report by the Environmental Planning Officer – EPO - (Antony Payne) which was the Appeal Statement prepared in respect of the committee’s refusal last June to grant consent for two dwellings at Mink Park on Moody Brook Road.  The report, which was endorsed, is now to be forwarded to ExCo who are to consider the appeal.  Attached to the report was a copy of the written representation by the appellants, the content of which was also noted by the committee.


Last on the agenda was the arrangement for site visits to the Port Harriet Missile Testing Range.  This followed an application for planning permission which was considered at the meeting held last July, when such consent was granted on a one-off basis only for rapier and high velocity missiles to be fired during a missile training exercise on dates to be agreed with the EPO.  Visits by members and officers are now scheduled for the 27th October and 3rd November.


The date of the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 6th November and to be held in the Liberation Room.


Graham France                                                                 3rd October 2008


This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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