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St Helena : St Helena Names Election Candidates
Submitted by Saint Helena Herald (Public Relations Information Office) 02.11.2009 (Article Archived on 16.11.2009)

Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, announced the names of the 25 candidates who are standing for election. The candidates are as follows:



Yesterday afternoon, Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, announced the names of the 25 candidates who are standing for election. The candidates are as follows:


For the East Constituency:


Eric William Benjamin, of Marriots, Market Street, Jamestown, sponsored by Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex, of Villa Ajaccio, Napoleon Street, Jamestown and Patrick Kenneth Francis, of Drummond Hay Square, Jamestown;


Rodney Garth Buckley, of Viewlands, Alarm Forest, sponsored by Jeffrey Arnold Stevens of Islay Mist, Longwood and Gourange Keith Thomas, of Colt Sheds, Longwood;


John Gilbert Cranfield, of No 6 Barracks Square, Jamestown, sponsored by Paul Neil Hickling, of Bay View, Alarm Forest and John Wainwright Newman, of Gray’s Inn, Napoleon Street, Jamestown;


William Eric Drabble, of Maaleesh, Levelwood, sponsored by Frederick George, of Woody Ridge, Levelwood and Keith Thomas Hopkins, of Bryant’s Beacon, Alarm Forest;


Sylvia Ivy Ellick, of Putty Hill, Alarm Forest, sponsored by Susan O’Bey, of Ellis House, Jamestown and Carolyn Elizabeth Thomas, of  La Carolita, Alarm Forest;


Eric Walter George, of Palm Cottage, Jamestown, sponsored by John Wainwright Newman, of Gray’s Inn, Napoleon Street, Jamestown and Terrence Frederick Richards, of 24 Barracks Square, Jamestown;


Stedson Robert George, of Utopia, Two Gun Saddle, sponsored by Jean Esther Gough, of Wenlinsan, Alarm Forest and Olive Elizabeth Brown, of Palm Villa, Jamestown;


Cyril Keith Gunnell, of, Cashem House, Napoleon Street, Jamestown, sponsored by Larry Percival Johnson, of, Lariston, Two Gun Saddle and Elvina Joyce Mercury, of Dairy Farm Cottage, Longwood;


Christopher David Harrison, of Hunts Vale House, Alarm Forest, sponsored by Basil Andrew George, of Willowbough, Gordon’s Post, Alarm Forest and Dorothy May Thomas, of Millfield, Longwood;


Brian William Isaac, of Elizium, Longwood Road, sponsored by Gillian Marie Legg, of Bird View, Levelwood and Marcos Stuart Henry, of Bottom Woods, Longwood;


John Frederick Joshua, of Market Street, Jamestown, sponsored by Nicola Helena Young, of Putty Hill, Seaview, Alarm Forest and Brian Theodore Thomas, of East Lodge Orchard, Nr Gordon’s Post;


Stuart Richard Moors, of Alarm Forest, sponsored by Sally Ann Hickling, of Bay View, Alarm Forest, and Paul Neil Hickling, of Bay View, Alarm Forest;


Bernice Alicia Olsson, of Association Hall, Main Street, Jamestown, sponsored by Irene Maud Harris, of Main Street, Jamestown and Donald William Sidney Harris, of, Main Street, Jamestown;


Tara Louise Thomas, of La Carolita, Alarm Forest, sponsored by Giselle Marie Richards, of 24 Barracks Square and Josias Jacobus Smith, of Briars House, The Briars;


Patrick Arthur Williams, of Patlinrose, Ruperts Valley, sponsored by Mavis Ann Brooks, of Briars Village and Pamela Ann Roberts, of The Briars.



For the West Constituency:


Michael Anthony Benjamin, of Seafeathers, Sapper Way, sponsored by Julia Ann Benjamin, of Seafeathers, Sapper Way and Robert Carl Benjamin, of Seafeathers, Sapper Way;


Gavin George Ellick, of, New Ground, sponsored by Ryan Christopher George, of New Ground and John William Coleman, of 65 Hollow Crescent, Half Tree Hollow;


Stedson Graham Francis, of Thompson’s Wood sponsored by Harold Edward Horner, of Jaleens, New Ground and Alfred Bert George Valentine Stevens, of Ethsam, Horse Ridge;


Anthony Arthur Green, of Oltonia, Knollcombes, sponsored by Phyllis Mary Peters of Oakmere, West Lodge and John Carter Lawrence, of No 7 Sapper Way;


Anthony Douglas Leo, of Ocean View, Sapper Way, sponsored by Barry Arthur Thomas, of  Telberry, New Ground and Linda Ann Glanville, of La-Rocklin, Nr Prince’s Lodge;


Victor John Lines, of Cleugh’s Plain sponsored by John Reid of Luffkins and Hazel Joyce Lines, of Cleugh’s Plain;


Derek Franklin Thomas, of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow sponsored by Ralph Henry Peters of Woodlands Cottage, Blue Hill and Raymond Patrick Andrews, of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow;


Lionel George Williams, of ‘Brenville’, St Pauls sponsored by Patrick Harold Thomas of Nr Cow Path and Lionel Arthur Lawrence, of Sapper Way;


Raymond Kenneth Williams of Saddle Cottage, Nr Horse Pasture, sponsored by Doris Maud Peters of Hayne Cottage, Half Tree Hollow and Ronald Theodore Young of Nr White Wall, Half Tree Hollow;


Mervyn Robert Yon, of High View Cottage, Nr Red Hill sponsored by Cyril Robert George of Clifton Cottage, Sapper Way and Cynthia Marie Bennett, of Nr Prince’s Lodge, St Pauls.


Polling Day is set for Wednesday 4 November 2009.


Public Relations/Information Office

Office of the Chief Secretary


This article is the Property and Copyright of Saint Helena Herald.

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