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St Helena : Five Bills Proposed by SHG
Submitted by Saint Helena Herald (Juanita Brock) 16.01.2003 (Article Archived on 30.01.2003)

St. Helena Legislative Council will be considering a diverse list of new legislation when it meets on 20 January.




Five Bills Proposed by SHG

Five Bills have been put forward by SHG for discussion at the sitting of Legislative Council commencing Monday 20 January in the Court House, Jamestown.

The Bills are completely different in nature ranging from policing to environmental matters and SHG feels that if made into law, they will be of benefit to St Helena’s people.

The Police and Criminal Evidence Bill

This is the bulkiest in size and will make policing laws similar to those in the UK dealing with powers to stop and search, the questioning and treatment of persons by the police, and more.

The Bulk Fuel Agency Bill

This seeks to establish a Bulk Fuel Agency to own and operate the Bulk Fuel Installation at Ruperts.

Burial Grounds (Amendment) Bill

Currently the Chief Secretary has to approve a body being buried outside of the 40 hours since death but there are now chiller facilities at the mortuary so SHG has proposed that with a medical officer’s permission a body may remain unburied for a longer period providing it is practicable to do so and providing the body is buried within reasonable time.

Savings Bank (Amendment) Bill

Interest at the Government Savings Bank rose from three to five percent and the Governor in Council has the power to alter this rate. Unfortunately this was omitted from the revised edition of Laws of St Helena and should be included. In addition comparisons of assets and liabilities of the Savings Bank takes place on 31 December but it is more appropriate to have this done in March to tie in with the yearly audits so this change of date is proposed.

The Endangered Species Protection Bill

St Helena has signed up to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. This international agreement between Governments aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. The Bill will give effect to this convention and give the Governor in Council the authority to make Orders to protect and encourage the continued existence of any species of plant or animal endemic or indigenous to St Helena.

The sitting of Legislative Council is always an exciting time for St Helena and in addition to discussing Bills, many questions will be asked and a number of motions will be brought to the house by the Elected Members.

Public Relations/Information Office

Office of the Chief Secretary

16 January 2003


This article is the Property and Copyright of Saint Helena Herald.

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