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S.Atlantic : Sartma Daily (11/10/05)
Submitted by (Juanita Brock) 11.10.2005 (Article Archived on 18.10.2005)

A brief run-down of South Atlantic news

SARTMA DAILY (11/10/05) 


Compiled by J. Brock (FINN)





Section 1:  Articles by FINN and SARTMA


Section 2:  Business News from St. Helena


Section 3:  Falkland Wool Growers Report (07/10/05)


Section 4:  Notice of General Election



Section 1:




By J. Brock (SARTMA)


Two UK newspapers have introduced Harriet, a Galapagos Tortoise, who is reported to be approaching her 175th birthday.  The stories claim that Harriet is the oldest creature in the world. And, they claim was hatched around the time Darwin visited the island in 1830.  People on the South Atlantic Island of St. Helena, also an Island where Darwin visited, may take umbrage at that claim.


Jonathan the Tortoise, resident at Plantation House on St. Helena, is estimated to be some 215 years old, and well could have been prodded by Darwin as well as another famous St. Helena resident – Napoleon.




An Editorial by J. Brock (FINN)


Over the weekend an argentine aircraft touched down at Stanley airport almost unannounced.  Thanks to the Military at Mount Pleasant, FIGAS did have prior warning. 


Argentine flights to the Falklands in themselves are not unusual but what made this one stand out as particularly naïve is the fact that the pilot did not file a flight plan with authorities in Argentina prior to making the trip.


At this time it is not known by FINN whether the aircraft was flying VFR or by instruments – that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that there was no flight plan and things in the fickle weather in this part of the South Atlantic can go wrong very quickly.


It’s just plain fool-hearty to think that just because it is considered to be an internal flight by the Argentines that flight plans aren’t necessary.  The subject matter needs be revisited with a view to having a look at the danger level of flights, no matter how short.  No one wants to report a missing person, only to find out that an unplanned flight, taken on a whim, when horribly wrong.



Section 2:




Press Release by Attorney General.


St. Helenian Status and the

Immigrants’ Landholding (Restriction) Ordinance


It has come to my attention that there is some misunderstanding, in some quarters, over the inter-relationship between the concept of ‘St. Helenian Status’ under the Immigration Control Ordinance and the operation of the Immigrants’ Landholding (Restriction) Ordinance.


Prior to the revision of Immigration Control laws in 1998, immigration control and landholding restrictions were both constructed around the concept of ‘Islander’ status.  The new immigration law introduced the concept of St. Helenian Status, which is now the basis of immigration control. 


However, the Immigrants Landholding (Restriction) Ordinance was NOT amended; it still uses the concept of ‘Islander’.  Although everyone who has ‘Islander’ status also has St. Helenian Status; but some who have St. Helenian Status are not ‘Islanders’. 


A person who has St. Helenian status but is not also an Islander is not entitled to acquire land in St. Helena without first obtaining a licence under the Immigrants’ Landholding (Restriction) Ordinance.


Kenneth I Baddon

Attorney General

11 October 2005.




Section 3:


WOOL REPORT: for the week ending Friday 7th October 2005





Starting the week at 676 A cents, the Australian Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) lost two cents on Tuesday, lost four cents on Wednesday and remained unchanged on Thursday.  The EMI thus closed the week back six cents at 670 A cents. 


In New Zealand, the Merino Indicator was quoted down 12 on the fortnight at 908 NZ cents.  The Mid-micron Indicator was quoted down five cents on the week at 550 NZ cents, likewise the Fine Crossbred Indicator (33-35µ) was quoted down five at 353 NZ cents and the Coarse Crossbred Indicator (35.1+µ) was down five cents to 342 cents.  The Lamb Indicator was not quoted.


In South Africa the Cape Wools Overall Merino Indicator was quoted up 0.2 percent on the week from 2,459 to 2,464 SA cents per kg clean.





The Australian dollar was trading at A$2.33/£ whilst the New Zealand dollar was trading at 2.55 NZ cents/£.



FWG Agency


Many thanks for some early bale specifications.


With the 2005/2006 season gathering momentum it is vital that the highest quality control and wool preparation standards are maintained throughout shearing. 


Please identify the length of all fleece wool that is not full length (eg ¼, ½, ¾.).  For wool of various lengths shorn over the winter, please also advise the range of wool within each bale if of more than one length (eg ½ - ¾ ).



With Thanks and Regards








Section 4:





(section 51 Electoral Ordinance 1988)




I, JOHN CHRISTOPHER ROWLAND, Deputy Returning Officer acting by the authority and in the name of and on behalf of the Returning Officer, CHRISTOPHER JOHN SIMPKINS (who at present is absent from the Falkland Islands) in respect of the Stanley Constituency and in respect of the Camp Constituency HEREBY GIVE NOTICE in accordance with section 51 of the Electoral Ordinance 1988 as follows –


(1)          The number of persons to be elected as members of the Legislative Council as a consequence of the Writ of Election transmitted to me on 10th October 2005 by the Acting Governor, shall be –


(a)     FIVE members in respect of the Stanley Constituency; and


(b)     THREE members in respect of the Camp Constituency.


(2)          Nomination  papers for Candidates in respect of each of the above constituencies may be obtained from and including, today and including Thursday, 27th October 2005, but not including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays falling between these dates.


(3)          The hours between which nomination papers may be so obtained from me on the days mentioned are –


(a)     between 08:30 and 11:45 am; and


(b)     between 1:30 and 4:15 pm.


While I am, at the request of any person, prepared to transmit nomination papers by post or other means to any person requesting them, I cannot accept any responsibility for the safe or timely delivery or arrival of them.  All persons are therefore most strongly advised that wherever possible they should collect nomination papers from me.


(4)          The location of my office, for the purpose of collection of nomination papers, is the Registry Office, Ground Floor, Town Hall, Ross Road, Stanley (these Offices are immediately to the south of the Legislative Council Chamber/Court Rooms).  My telephone number at these offices is 27272.


(5)          The last day for delivery for completed nomination papers to me will be 27th October 2005, and completed nomination papers must be handed to me no later than 4:30 pm on that day, at the Registry Office (located as stated in (4) above).  While nomination papers may be sent to me at the Registry Office in an envelope addressed to me by post or otherwise it is the responsibility of those nominating a candidate to ensure that it is actually received in due time.


(6)          I shall be personally in attendance at the Registry Office to receive nomination papers between the hours of 08:30 am and 11:45 am and again between the hours of 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm on 27th October 2005.


(7)          In the event that more than FIVE persons after the close of nominations stand validly nominated as candidates in respect of the Stanley Constituency or more than THREE persons after the close of nominations stand validly nominated as candidates in the Camp Constituency a poll will be necessary in respect of the relevant Constituency and will be conducted on Thursday, 17th November 2005 (“polling day”).  The poll will be conducted between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on polling day in the Stanley Constituency and 09:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Camp Constituency at polling places to be appointed not later than ten days before polling day by the Governor pursuant to section 59(1) of the Electoral Ordinance 1988 BUT SUBJECT –


(a)     in respect of the Camp Constituency, to any direction by the Governor under section 61(1) of that Ordinance permitting electors in that Constituency, if they wish, to vote during the visit of a mobile polling team to any place in that Constituency during the five business days ending with polling day;


(b)     in respect of both Constituencies, to the provisions of the Voting in Institutions Regulations 1993, which permit inmates at the Kind Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Jack Hayward Housing Stanley, and certain members of staff employed in relation thereto to vote on polling day during a visit by electoral team to those Institutions.


Dated this tenth day of October 2005.



Deputy returning Officer

Stanley constituency and Camp Constituency

By the authority of and in the name of and on behalf of


The Returning Officer for the said Constituencies





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