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St Helena : Ethel Yon OBE Retires from SHG
Submitted by Saint Helena Herald (Juanita Brock) 04.04.2009 (Article Archived on 18.04.2009)

Ethel Yon OBE, has retired from the St Helena Government after working in the Castle for just over 45 years.

Ethel Yon OBE Retires from SHG



Ethel Yon OBE, has retired from the St Helena Government after working in the Castle for just over 45 years.


Speaking today she said ďI find it hard to believe that I have retired from the St Helena Government. Progressing from Learner Clerk to Deputy Chief Secretary has been quite an experience and I have learnt so much over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on a range of strategic issues Ė the most recent being the Public Sector Modernisation Programme. To have been appointed Acting Governor was something beyond my wildest imagination and a role I enjoyed immensely, despite the challenges. I will certainly miss my work and my colleagues and take this opportunity to wish them well.Ē


Ethel has dedicated her career to working for SHG and has on several occasions served as Acting Governor of St Helena and its Dependencies and as Deputy to Governor. In this regard, Ethel made history by being the first woman to serve as Acting Governor of St Helena and its Dependencies. She has also served as Acting Chief Secretary on numerous occasions with one appointment lasting for over two years.


Ethel commenced work in 1963 in what was then the Secretariat. She started out as a Learner Clerk and following successful training, she was appointed to Clerk. This allowed her to work in all sections of the department which, at the time, include Personnel as well as Legal and Lands.


After serving as Clerk, Ethel became Chief Clerk and was responsible for Registry as well as Stores and Accounts. This was her first time to start managing staff and she also had the opportunity to be Aide de Camp to the Governor.


Ethel later became the Assistant Clerk of Councils and after this, she was promoted to the post of Clerk of Councils which allowed her to attend a number of meetings with the Islandís elected members.


Her next job was that of Personal Assistant to the Governor and after this, Ethel became Assistant Secretary. This saw her working in a senior management role and it provided her with the opportunity to act as Assistant Government Secretary on a number of occasions.


Ethel took over the post of Deputy Secretary in 1989 and in 1991 the Office of the Chief Secretary was formed. This saw Ethel becoming head of the department, a post she has continued to hold since then. As Deputy Secretary and later as Deputy Chief Secretary, Ethel has worked on a wide range of strategic issues. In addition, as Acting Chief Secretary, Ethel has taken a lead in representing the St Helena Government at meetings of Executive and Legislative Council and during this time has had ultimate responsibility for the majority of the Government Departments.


During her career, much of Ethelís time has been dedicated to advising and supporting the Chief Secretary in his role as the Governorís chief policy advisor. She also worked closely with many Governors, Heads of Department, and the Executive and Legislative Councils.


In addition, Ethel was responsible for managing the Office of the Chief Secretary, which included the General and Administration section, the Archives, the Tourist Office, and the Public Relations Information Office. In earlier years, she was also responsible for the Environmental Co-ordinatorís office, the Information Office and the Printing Office.


To assist with her role, Ethel attended a number of overseas training courses which concentrated on senior management.


During her career, Ethel became the Registration Officer and Returning Officer in connection with elections and she served as Secretary to the St Helena Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. In this role, she had the opportunity to attend a conference in Jersey where she was able to represent St Helena.


The St Helena Government takes this opportunity to thank Ethel for her many years of hard work and dedication and to wish her well for the future.


Public Relations/Information Office

Office of the Chief Secretary

1 April 2009


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