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Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 12.01.2013 (Article Archived on 26.01.2013)

Congratulations to Alan Daniels at the Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) who has now been appointed as the Lead Teacher of Mathematics.



A Report by the Director of Education



Congratulations to Alan Daniels at the Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) who has now been appointed as the Lead Teacher of Mathematics.


A new History Teacher for FICS has been appointed; this is subject to the usual medical and criminal record checks.  It is hoped that the new Teacher will arrive in February.  The HT/ADE said that until the arrival of the new Teacher there will be supply cover in place.  The Year 9 students are currently studying for their Humanities GCSE however most of the work has been done, going forward there will be a lot of revision for the students.  The HT/ADE and Board members thanked Ben Lovett for his outstanding work over the past 4 years


As a result of the resignation of one of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teachers at the Infant and Junior School/Camp Education (IJS/CE) a replacement has been appointed to start in January 2013.

A second replacement SEN Teacher has also been appointed to replace the other SEN Teacher who will end her contract at the end of the academic year in August 2013.


Letters have gone out to all contract holders, currently the department is awaiting official responses and the main recruitment round will begin in January 2013 for the next academic year commencing September 2013.  The initial indication is that there will be a good level of staff renewing their contracts at both schools.  Members highlighted that this is good, continuity is in important.


There has been a high level of staff cover required at IJS/CE this term due to family bereavement and illness.  This has been covered very well; the floating post has proved so important in these situations and makes a great difference.


The cost of the full time Tutor/Assessor post at the Training Centre has been found within budget for the remainder of this budget year.


The Accommodation Working Group met recently and it seems that the internally agreed proposal for a phrased build on a site to the side of FICS will not be possible due to traffic and parking problems.  JC said that she had great concerns about delaying this project even further and felt that with a bit of imagination hopefully a solution for the traffic and parking problems could be found.  Due to this delay no real figures will be available to be included in the next budget year.  Members felt that this project needs to be pushed forward urgently; a meeting will be set for January 2013. 


Nine students have applied to study at Peter Symonds College, all have had their telephone interviews with the college and these went very well.  Providing they get the results required these students will commence their studies in September 2013.  The students will also be interviewed by the Director and the Education Board Chairperson (JC) to help prepare them for college.

The HT/ADE reported that the oil companies are very supportive of Education and are keen to look at future needs of the Islands associated with oil exploration.  They are happy to meet with students who are interested in the oil industry to offer advice.  This could provide opportunities such as apprenticeships and scholarships in the future.  Members agreed this is very positive and highlighted that some of the young Islanders who have been working in the oil industry could be approached to share their experiences with interested students.


The school production by FICS ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ was outstanding, congratulations to all involved.


Year 2 from IJS/CE recently visited Kidney Island; all involved had a delightful time.  Year 5 has also been on their residential trip to Goose Green and despite the weather it went very well. 


The Middle Leadership Development Programme delivered through the National College has been received well by a number of staff from both IJS/CE and FICS.  As the course draws to an end all participants have put together a presentation on a specific topic.  It was suggested that they may like to have a meeting to present their presentations to Education Board members.  JC suggested that perhaps a separate meeting could be arranged for this in the New Year.


The Training Centre has been successful in securing two portacabins for OFTEC Boiler training.  Work will now need to be carried out to level the area of land before the portacabins are put in place.


The Stanley House behaviour policy is currently being worked on and will come to the Board in the near future.


The term of the parent representative on the Stanley House Sub-committee, Mrs Susan Hansen has come to an end and also the term of the current Rural Business Association (RBA) representative, Ms Diane Towersey.  Nomination slips have been sent out to parents.  Members thanked Susan and Diane for all their hard work and contribution over the last three years.


The Higher/Further Education Policy is currently being worked on; this will come to the Board in the near future.


The first round of recruitment for the new Director of Education was unsuccessful; the post will now be advertised through an agency.  JC said that she would like to see someone in place quickly and that continuity is important.  She felt that it is possible for the HT/ADE to step up for weeks but if it were to become months this would not be so practical.  Members commented that great progress has been made in the last year at FICS and they did not feel it is appropriate to lessen resources at the top.


Further/Higher Education Pastoral Support


Pastoral support was discussed.  JH questioned whether students are getting enough pastoral support.  She said that they get a good level of pastoral support from people at the school who know the students very well.  When they leave FICS this is taken on by the Education office however she wondered if this should be more of a progressive step.  JC pointed out that good pastoral support is provided at the colleges.  However it is understood that the pastoral care at the colleges are different, for example one college treats the students like young adults where as the other one treats students like school pupils.  It was also pointed out that it is not always good to have one point of contact as some students respond better to different people.  There are some students who find going overseas to study more challenging than others and it can be very difficult to try and prepare them.  The DHE said that the Education office staff do a great job and put a lot of effort in to helping the students.  


JH suggested that perhaps there should be more involvement from FICS after they go to college and suggested that the administration side could be done from the school.  She went on to say that perhaps the person who visits the students in the UK in their first year of study should be someone from the school who knows the students.  The HT/ADE said he is happy to look at it further in the future, he said he will be interested to see if further thoughts come out of the parents support meeting.


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