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Falklands : FLH Chairman Updates Corporation News
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 25.05.2013 (Article Archived on 22.06.2013)

Members of the Falklands landholdings Board have been updated on the latest news from the Corporation.

Chairman Updates Corporation News


by Owen Summers


of the Falklands landholdings Board have been updated on the latest news from
the Corporation.


Wool sales had picked up a bit
since the last report and FLH has sold approximately two thirds of its total
clip; prices achieved over all sales to date are currently approximately 6%
below those of last year however there are still a number of oddment lines to
sell which will further impact that average if the wool market continues to


The wool market had picked up
since the February report but any gains that had been made were lost plus some
more since the Easter recess; as a general rule of thumb prices are
approximately 108 pence (13%) down at the finer end and 17 pence (4.5%) at the
coarser end for the FLH micron range.


Landmark Wool Weekly reporting on
supply and demand says that ‘While wool prices have experienced a sharp
downturn in recent weeks, the wool market has been faring well compared to
other agricultural commodities, particularly red meat. ABARES recent forecast
release suggests that they expect wool prices to remain buoyant for the long
term, although they do predict lower prices into the 2013/14 season.’



With the abattoir export season
having just closed FLH has exceeded its budgeted income despite the lower
prices offered by FIMCO. This has been achieved through higher than anticipated
numbers and increases in average weights in old season lamb of 1.23 kg lamb and
0.5 kg for new season lamb which also includes a number of smaller lambs
supplied for the fishing vessel market.



The North
wind power system continues to operate successfully; Neil
Finlayson of North Arm has been
monitoring fuel usage and generator hours for the new system and is shown for
comparison purposes in appendix 1 to this paper, since the system has not been
in for a complete year a monthly average for the last eight months has been
used for both generator hours and fuel for the last four months (Apr to June)
to give an annual estimate.


To date this is indicating an 80%
reduction in generator hours and 40% reduction in fuel used; overall current
savings are 60% per annum however the possibility exists for this to increase
if the trends of Aug, Sept & Apr are indicative of winter usage.

Payback in operating costs is 8.4



Generally, all three farms are
carrying out the final bits and pieces of stock work and general maintenance.


Wayne McCormick has been appointed
as Section Supervisor for Walker Creek and will move in full time when Len
Clifton retires to Stanley; he is going to spend some time with Len at
particular times of the year to familiarise himself with camps etc e.g. putting
out the rams. Goose Green is currently seeking applicants for a handyman to
replace Wayne.



This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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