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Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 25.05.2013 (Article Archived on 22.06.2013)

Recruitment for the new Head-teacher is proceeding well and we anticipate the post will be filled by September.



By FIG Director of Education


Recruitment for the new Head-teacher is proceeding well and we anticipate the post will be filled by September.   Helen Bell has taken over as interim head-teacher until the arrival of the new post-holder.  Louise Taylor started at the beginning of term 3 in her new role as Deputy Head-teacher.  Recruitment has been completed for two teachers for the Art and PE posts.


The process of recruiting for the post of English teacher has commenced.  One LSA is away on medical and the school has been unable to fill this temporary post as there are no LSAs available in the pool.  A member of staff has now returned from compassionate leave.  No information has been received about the application for a complex needs teacher which causes concern in regard to recruitment at this late stage - teachers from the UK need to have resigned by May 24th.  No information has been received about the submission for an examinations officer and vocational administrator.



Mr Hill has taken on the Acting Director’s role until he leaves the islands in August.  Mrs Steen has been confirmed as the substantive Head Teacher of IJS&CE.  Mrs Cooper takes on the Acting Deputy role until she leaves in August.  Verbal offers were made during March for all new appointments for 2013-14. As yet written offers and contracts have not been secured by the HR dept.  4 LSA roles have been recruited for since the last Education Board due to resignations (many cited low pay as reasons for leaving.)



The Quality Assurance Co-ordinator has resigned from her permanent position. She has been awarded a one year contract to provide a quality assurance service to the Training Centre from the United Kingdom.  The Trainer/Assessor, (Carpentry) has left to take up a managerial position outside government.  An interview panel was held early in April and the Training Centre is still awaiting approval of the Board’s recommendation from HR.


Stanley House reports that  only one member of staff has not returned at the start of May, this post has been covered internally.


There is no update from the Accommodation Working Group. 



The contract for the refurbishment of the learning support unit has been awarded and work should start soon. This will naturally create problems of storage, noise and dust as school continues as normal. There is a timeline for finishing of the start of July as the new space created will need to be used for the transition process of a student with complex needs from IJS.  Several students have been chosen for the island games in Bermuda and we wish them every success.  Recently results were received about the music theory examinations. There were once again outstanding with one student receiving 100%!


Students are about to go on study leave. Arrangements have been made for supported revision to take place with subject teachers throughout the examination period.  Two students from the school were chosen to read at the memorial service for Baroness Thatcher. They read very well.


The closure of the swimming pool will have an effect on curriculum provision and timetabling this term.  The repair and maintenance of the building continues to cause concern. The windows in many rooms are simply inoperable and leak badly during rain.   Concerns continue about the elderly heating system.The system has been judged to be too elderly for a management system which would significantly reduce the heating costs.


FICS management have recently discovered that the school is still joined to the leisure centre for water costs which FICS are paying and also heating costs. If the school’s heating is off so is the heating in the leisure centre. There are also anomalies regarding cleaning - FICS cleaners clean in the leisure centre.


Sadly there has been serious vandalism to the 2 benches which are placed outside the school building and were gifts from the British people after the conflict. Students were asked to come forward with information and the police were informed. Some students have undertaken to try and repair the damage but we fear they are beyond repair.



The Veranda development is nearing completion ahead of schedule.  The Sensory Garden development is well behind schedule due to difficulties with contractors.  New playground equipment for the Pre-School and for Camp schools is currently being shipped, (supplied through funds raised by the PTA and Camp Education Donation Fund.) Renovation work at Hill Cove School has commenced.


Progress for Term 2 has been analysed and a full report will be contained in the School  Evaluation Form (SEF) at the end of May.


No unit issues are reported from the Training Centre


There are 23 students in residence at Stanley House Hostel at the moment.  The new fire alarm system has now been fitted in all three buildings.  A new fuel tank has now been fitted in Sir Rex House, this hopefully will solve the on-going problems with the heating in this block.

Donations have started to arrive for the open day.  No comments have come back from parents on the behaviour policy.  Many of our students received certificates at the end of last term for outstanding behaviour in school & Stanley House.


Lucille McMullen has visited students at Chichester and Peter Symonds; she will provide a report for the next meeting. The LSA policy paper is awaiting Executive Council consideration.



This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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