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Falklands : PUBLIC MEETING 27 MAY 2013 Part 5
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 08.06.2013 (Article Archived on 06.07.2013)

A public meeting took place in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town hall on Monday, 27 May 2013 at 1700hrs. MLAs present were Edwards, Sawle, Cheek (Chair) Halford and Hansen.


Part 5


A public meeting took place in the
Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town hall on Monday, 27 May 2013 at
1700hrs.  MLAs present were Edwards,
Sawle, Cheek (Chair) Halford and Hansen.


Gary Clement asked where the
tsunami warning come from.  Dick Sawle
thought Mr clement alluded to one issued a year ago but the Met Office issued
one that was announced over FIRS a few weeks ago.  Dick Sawle continued that there was an Ap
that you can get for your IPhone, your IPad or your IPod but Mr Clement
insisted by asking again why the tsunami warning was put out 3 weeks ago for
people to have a little panic.  Dick
Sawle didnít hear it.  Mr Sawle continued
that if you want an alert, get the Phone AP.  Gary Clement said he didnít want an
alert.  All he asked was why it went out
on the radio that we had a tsunami coming. 


Jan Cheek said she imagined it was
driven by a person (Ging Davis) who keeps on asking the question.  Dick Sawle insisted the last one we had did
come up on the IPhone before there was a Met Office alert.  Mr Sawle acknowledged there are people
worried about tsunamis but he said more sophisticated systems were linked into
networks that FIG could not afford.  He
recommended the IPhone alerts.


Norman Clark mentioned that the
alert from the Met Office came into the Islands at 0400hrs and had it been for
real, how would we have disseminated that information to the rest of the
population?  Gary Clement was sure it was
via IPhone at 0400hrs.  We got rid of the
air raid sirens but Jan Cheek said they would only help people in Stanley.  Sharon Halford said the radio doesnít help
everybody in Camp.  Marilyn Grimmer said
there was no mobile reception where she lived and couldnít use the IPhone alerts.


Marilyn Grimmer brought up the
state of war memorials and cemeteries. 
She had been corresponding with Dick Sawle and was promised a reply by
today so the entity with responsibility would be known and Manfred Keenleyside
hadnít made a reply by Monday.  To be
fair, Dick Sawle said he promised this and not Manfred.  Seeing it was not in Manfredís remit, he had
passed the question to the entity with the responsibility for memorials.  Mrs Grimmer said that at the last meeting it
was decided more or less who would be doing the job (except for Blue
Beach).  She presumed there were answers
but there is no answer.  Dick Sawle has a
food idea who it is but he canít give out the information. 


Mrs Grimmer mentioned that on her
last visit to Blue Beach someone had tidied up but dug up all the bulbs.  She and Nanette Morrison pushed them back
into the ground and covered them with soil. 
She also mentioned a 3-foot length of rotten wood laid on the path ready
for an accident.  She went on to say that
Sarah Jones was livid over the state of the cemetery.  


It has been over a year since Mrs
Grimmer brought this up and she is fed up with the way this has been dealt
with.  If she doesnít get any joy, Mrs
Grimmer will write Penguin News about it. 
Gary clement mentioned that he got a workforce from the Court System
(Community Service) for painting the fence around the Memorial at Port San
Carlos.  He has been told they can be
used to paint other Memorials so long as someone donates the paint.  The option is not expensive.  Gary Clement mentioned that the lads did an
outstanding job and felt they could be trusted with other memorial
projects.  Ian Hansen said he felt this
could have been done months ago. 


Marilyn Grimmer went on to say
that there is little corporate memory amongst the Military and while the
important things get passed on from CBSAI to his relief, things like the
maintenance of Memorials do not.  MLAs
agreed with Mrs Grimmer but she voiced her frustration at nothing being


Keith Padgett said there is an
allocation of memorial Maintenance between FIG and MPA with the exception of
Blue Beach but the responsibility for the main memorials has been taken over by
FIG.  He does not, at this stage, know
who is doing the maintenance.  Exco approved
this but Blue Beach is the subject of a private contract from MPA.  The issue with Sarah Jones was that the
Contractor had not been maintaining the cemetery.  Keith Padgett has spoken with the new CBSAI
this morning and he was assured that the Military are committed to keeping Blue
Beach maintained by using the external contract.  Mr Padgett suggested to him that we need to
reach a point where we are all happy that the cemetery will be maintained.  EXCO was not sure, however, that if FIG had
appointed a contractor it would be any better. 
What he said this morning was that if there was satisfaction the
Cemetery is being regularly maintained FIG would be happy to take over the
finance of the contract.


Gary Clement said that if it was
put out for a local contractor to maintain the Blue Beach Cemetery then someone
just might take it up.  He questioned why
it had to go to MPA.  He went on to say
that personal planting over the years has all been taken away and now it has
been made to look like a military graveyard. 
Mrs Grimmer mentioned the plastic flowers.  Roger Edwards mentioned the Andersons, who
lived at blue Beach and who lovingly maintained the cemetery.  When they moved, no one there wanted to take
it on.  They were getting paid for
this.  Gary Clement asked why the pay
wasnít offered to anyone who took over. 
MLAs said it had and Mrs Grimmer mentioned it hadnít been
advertised.  Sharon Halford mentioned
that it wasnít advertised when the locals gave up doing it.


The Falkland Islands Government and KTV Ltd have this week signed
a contract for a new FM radio network to enable the broadcasting of three radio
channels throughout the Islands.

Implementation of the new FM network will be split into 3 phases,
with Phase 1 seeing the procurement of materials and installation of two
transmitters on West Falkland, Phase 2 will be the installation of transmitters
in Stanley with UHF telemetry and control equipment on remote sites and at the
FIRS studio and finally, Phase 3 will see the installation of the remainder of
transmitters to fill gaps in coverage on East and West Falklands.

It is hoped that the whole network will be complete by 1st June 2014,
but is anticipated that some areas may go live prior to that, depending on the
final channels selected for broadcast.

Director of Central Services, Simon Fletcher, said ďThe Falkland
Islands Government is very pleased to be able to award this contract to a local
company, we look forward to working with KTV Ltd on the projectĒ.

A public consultation
exercise will be carried out shortly to assess the most popular channels
listeners would like to have made available to them.



This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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