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Falklands : Falklands Executive Council Report 3 June 2013
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 08.06.2013 (Article Archived on 06.07.2013)

MLAs present at this Exco were the Hon Jan Cheek, the Hon Ian Hansen and the Hon Dick Sawle.

Council Report 3 June 2013


MLAs present at this Exco were the
Hon Jan Cheek, the Hon Ian Hansen and the Hon Dick


The meeting started at 2pm and
finished at 5pm.


Most of the agenda items related
to the budget which will have been announced by the time this report goes to
press and will be reported upon separately. All budget papers are considered by
Executive Council and then referred either the same day or the next day to
Budget Select Committee for approval or otherwise by all eight MLAs.


The first paper (Draft Estimates 2013/14)
was referred to Budget Select Committee as were the following two papers, the
Finance Bill and the Supplementary Appropriation Bill which go to the house for


We next considered a paper on pay
and reward mechanisms for the civil service. The paper had many
recommendations, some of which would be a fairly simple matter to put in place,
and others which might need more consideration and debate. Consequently, it s
felt that this paper should be deferred until such time as the recommendations could
be categorised accordingly. With this in mind it will now go the Exco at the
end of this month.


We next considered a paper on
Human Resources. The decision was taken to appoint a Director of Human
Resources for a period of two years. This is another of the follow-up actions
stemming from the review of the review which was completed by Irene Lucas, and
will provide the department with leadership at a Director level.


The European EDF funding was the
next item. This paper prepared by the Head of Policy is a lengthy and
complicated document which will be made public in due course. In sort, once
agreements are signed, it will release funding from the Development fund to the
Falklands of 4.13m euros. (about 3.5m GBP) 


A paper on the FLH budget then followed, which was approved. This allows
FLH reserves to be used to fund wind power schemes for Goose Green, Walker
Creek and other more minor capital projects. Because these will be the subject
of tendering exercises, the figures are not for general release.


We next approved the business plan
of FIDC which covers 2013 to 2018, a plan which had already been approved by
the FIDB and which is a public document.


A paper on earwig control, which
was approved, allows for work to be carried out to assess biological control of
earwigs in the Falklands. The cost of this project in year one will be met from
existing budgets (£15,346) .


We appointed four individuals to
the FIDC selection panel, The Chief Executive, Head of Policy and two people
from the private sector.


A public paper on legislative
drafting priorities was approved and we noted a progress report on Child
Safeguarding which included the arrangement of two short-term secondments to
the Attorney General's Chambers to assist with the workload.


Finally, we considered a paper on
the appointment of a temporary prison manager for 12 months, together with the
appointment of two additional temporary prison staff on one year contracts and
to fill in the gap, the recruitment of 3 agency staff to assist with the
running of the prison. This was referred to Standing Finance Committee for
further debate and financial consideration.





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