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Falklands : Executive Council Report 26 June 2013
Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 07.07.2013 (Article Archived on 04.08.2013)

At the meeting of Executive Council 26 June 2013 the Honourable Gavin Short stood in for the Honourable Dick Sawle who was absent overseas.

Executive Council
Report 26 June 2013



At the
meeting of Executive Council 26 June 2013 the Honourable Gavin Short stood in
for the Honourable Dick Sawle who
was absent overseas.


first paper in the category entitled Fiscal and Financial was a report on a
review of a range of measures regarding civil servant Pay and Reward. It was
agreed that some can be implemented soon while others need further work.  The next paper in this section was an FIDC
loan which had to go to Executive Council for formal approval. The third paper
in this section was one taking the first steps in examining a review of the
Falkland Islands Fuel Supply Licence.


next category was policy papers for which Head of Policy Jamie
attended. We approved the publication of the
Socio-Economic study of Oil and Gas Development. This document commissioned
with Regeneris looks at some of the possible scenarios and following
discussion, could form the basis for some policy recommendations to be brought
back to Executive Council at a later date.


noted a report on the FIG performance management system. The Head of Policy
updated us on progress toward a more efficient system. We also noted an updated
version of the very useful Oil Readiness action plan which gives an idea of the
breadth of activity that FIG has to undertake to ensure we have appropriate
measures in place.


Head of Policy stayed for the first paper in the Legislation/Legal category,
the draft Minimum Wage Legislation, this large piece of work is near completion
and should go to the July or August Assembly meeting.


taxi permit scheme is also near completion and should be published shortly. We
also looked at a preliminary paper on the Revised Law Consultancy report and
confirmed that Members are keen to progress the project with a degree of
urgency not simply because many of our laws are outdated, but also because we
believe legislation should be appropriate for the Falkland


noted the findings of the Roles and Remuneration Panel which were presented to
a public meeting the same day. It is hoped that essential legislation to
implement the main principles will be in place before the end of this Assembly.
Inevitably some of the detailed recommendations will be for the next Assembly
but we believe the way for progress is clear.


was a paper on the first step required to implement the recent Court Review and
we agreed the courts administrator post in the expectation that the remainder
of the recommendations can be in place as soon as possible.


noted the paper regarding the deferral of the implementation of the new FIDC
legislation. We also noted and referred to an additional Legislative Assembly
the Administration of Justice (Amendment) (No 2) Bill. This, if passed on
Tuesday, will allow cases to go ahead in the absence from the Islands
of the Senior Magistrate if they are clearly important and urgent. This would
allow participation by electronic means and would normally need to be approved
by the Chief Justice.

were two papers in the Human Resources category and we approved an increase to
the Infant Junior
School establishment to cater for
additional numbers in camp and Stanley.
We also approved the introduction of a paralegal post in the Attorney Generalís
department. This was welcomed as great opportunity for someone with Aílevel
equivalent or better qualifications and an interest in law to get some basic
training. If successful there would then be a possibility of further career
development by undertaking formal qualifications either overseas or by distance


sole paper in the Immigration section was the substantial Migration review
undertaken by Claire Hoskins. We agreed that the paper will be published for
further consultation. It recommends, among other things, a more structured
approach to immigration and one that it is hoped will be able to handle extra
pressures anticipated with more oil exploration and potential development.


declared my interest as a trustee of the Museum in the next paper which defined
the area of the historic dockyard to be taken up by the museum development.


final paper agreed was the appointment of a new member to the Planning and
Building Committee.







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