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Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 27.07.2013 (Article Archived on 24.08.2013)

Given the interest expressed about the discussion of the jetty and materials used, this debate will be covered in full.



By J.
Brock (FINN)


A public meeting took place in the
Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall at 1700hrs on Monday, 22 July
2013.  Present were Councillors Hansen,
Cheek, Sawle and Edwards.  The Chair, Barry
Elsby, was not present due to work commitments and Mrs Halford also sent her
apologies.  Councillor Summers is away
and it is presumed that Gavin Short is at work.


Given the interest expressed about
the discussion of the jetty and materials used, this debate will be covered in


Brian Summers mentioned a letter
in PN where the writer questioned whether the Jetty Project was
over-budget.  It had been stated in the
press recently that all the drilling work going on at the public jetty was
going to be within budget.  He assumes
that with all the work going on the project either has an inflated budget or
something wasn’t quite right.  Jan Cheek
said there was a contingency in the budget that would cover the drilling but
not necessarily the result of that drilling. 
Jan and Dick Sawle agreed it was 10% and was not unusual.  The contingency is now used and not available
for any other aspects of the project. 
Roger Edwards said this was put to the Deputy Head of Public Works who
assured MLAs that the work being done and still to be done to remove ballast
for use on Sapper Hill will come in under the contingency.  He added the Public jetty cost was somewhere
around £1.4Million. MLAs would watch and see if the work being done is well
within the contingency.


Ging Davis questioned why
£1.4Million for the jetty project.  Dick
Sawle said it was one of the first papers this assembly looked at in 2009 and
they put the project out for tender again. 
No one came back with a cheaper price and there were no takers at all.  Ging Davis said people could get on and off
pontoons and Dick Sawle said he was keen to see a proper facility for
tourists.  It was being built to a very
high standard so that if a “T” were to be added later there wouldn’t be any
problems.  Ging mentioned a bridge which
Dick Sawle said would cost around £4Million. 
John Birmingham added that on the subject of the Jetty there were
fantastic rumours about the decking of the existing jetty being re-used on the
new part.  Did Mr Edwards have any
information on that?  Roger Edwards said
some of the decking on the present jetty will be used.  Dick Sawle mentioned that a good look would
be taken at it before use.  Decking unfit
for purpose will not be used.  Pre-formed
concrete pads would also be used on the new jetty.  These are already here and Mr Edwards hopes
the new jetty will not be too far out of the original design after the drill
holes are analysed so the pre-formed concrete pads won’t have to be altered.


Ging Davis mentioned that he heard
the piles would be made of steel.  Roger
Edwards said wooden poles were also discussed but the piles themselves would be
steel.  Ging Davis thought steel was an
odd choice because they would be put in salt water.  Why disintegrating steel in the water and
concrete decking?  Dick Sawle said he was
not a civil engineer and he suggested a civil engineer answers the question.  He is sure the engineers have looked at what
is best.  Gerald Cheek questioned the
wisdom of using steel in salt water. 
MLAs said they were not engineers and they did not have any answers.


Roger Edwards reminded the audience
about the manual banger and a gang of 4 used to build numerous jetties around
the Falklands.  Derek Howatt mentioned
that in other places there weren’t many jetties but a lot of keys – substantial
structures that aren’t too much damaged if a ship hits them.  He went on to say that when ships hit a jetty
it is likely the jetty would get damaged.


Ging Davis wondered why we
couldn’t build a section of re-claimed land and tarmac it.  This was done in other areas and why couldn’t
it be done here.  Dick Sawle reiterated
he wasn’t a civil engineer and every effort was made to have a cost-effective
project completed.  If we don’t have the
jetty we don’t have tourism, he added; and he would leave the design to those
who know best.


This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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