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Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 26.10.2013 (Article Archived on 23.11.2013)




broadcast over FIRS on Tuesday, 22 October 2013)


I am standing for election to the legislative Assembly
because I believe in the future of the Falkland Islands and the people who make
the Islands what they are.  We are
privileged to live here and lots of immigrants come for two years and stay


In March we were given the opportunity to choose our
future.  This was done within
international guidelines and showed a united society.  The referendum sent a clear message to
Argentina and the world.  This must be
maintained so that the people of the Islands can progress and enjoy the quality
of life they have at present.  We must
continue to protect our rights and the wishes of the people.


There are many local issues that we need to progress:


1.     Medical Service Tax – Whilst being
taken from the taxpayer does not go directly to the Health Service.  Therefore the name should be changed or the
tax abolished.  If the tax has to remain,
the funds received could replace the £300.00 patient contribution for medical
treatment overseas, which is causing undue stress.  Although we enjoy the provision of a good
health service, public expectation is high and is forever increasing.


2.     The hospital is now an ageing building,
needing additional space and new equipment. 


      2.  The employment of a dental hygienist and a
dental technician is an absolute necessity


3.      A residential home for the elderly is a
priority the accommodation offered to residents is limited. And we should
enhance the present facilities.


4.      I would, if elected, pursue and support the
reinstatement of some of the privileges that have been removed – the single
parent allowance and the holiday credit scheme, to name but two.


5.      Our standard of living increased dramatically
with the introduction of fisheries


6.      We are fortunate now with the discovery of
significant hydrocarbons.  Care must be
taken to manage our future responsibly. 
Oil will bring an increase to the population which will put extra strain
on our services


7.     The Falkland Islands Government should
continue to be proactive and listen to his advisors, many of whom are Falkland
Islanders with sound knowledge and experience


8.     Our current immigration policy can
allow our public services to be exploited. 
We require a more flexible but vigilant system that will benefit the


9.     In order to achieve a sustained
immigration policy consideration must be given to the provision of improved
housing Education and Health Services –


10.  For future development and growth, the
MPC Road has to be of the highest standard. 
Without this there can only be limited progress. 


11.  We are advised by Government that the
Country is living beyond its means. 
However, the figure showed a huge surplus.  Additional income must be spent wisely.  The tax payer and the electorate should not
be investing in watery graves.


12.  We should be encouraging as many of the
Falkland Islands’ students who left for further education to return to their
homeland and give us some benefit of their expertise.


13.  Also I would like to see more
facilities offered particularly for young children and young adults.  They are our future.


SB:  If elected, what
would be your main priority?


CB:  Stacy, I think
the main priorities would have to be the Mount Pleasant Road and a residential
care unit.  I think that’s really, really
important now.


SB:  with the recent
efforts by the Falkland Islands Government to promote Islands’ messages
internationally, do you think that should be increased or do you feel local
issues are receiving less attention from MLAs. 


CB:  I think following
the referendum it was really important. 
Now I believe it’s time to be looking at some of the local issues
because there’s a lot going on in the community that really needs addressing.


SB:  you mentioned
some things in your manifesto but id elected what capital project do you feel
the top priority should be given to?


CB:  I think for the
future development of Stanley and the Camp it has to be the MPA Road.  Without that we can’t progress.


SB:  if elected, what
portfolio would you like to have?


CB:  I would be really
interested in the HR Portfolio and that of the Agriculture Department.  But as for the others, Stacy, I have no
preference.  Equally, whatever you are
allocated if you are elected, it’s going to be hard work.


SB:  Why should people
vote for you?


CB:  I am a Falkland
Islander, I have a keen interest in local politics,  I believe I have the kind (time), commitment
and energy if elected to help people with a lot of these issues.


This article is the Property and Copyright of Falkland Islands News Network.

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