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Submitted by Falkland Islands News Network (Juanita Brock) 02.11.2013 (Article Archived on 30.11.2013)

I am standing for election for the Camp constituency because I want to contribute to improving people’s lives and to help increase prosperity in the Camp.



broadcast over FIRS on 23 October 2013)


I am standing for election for the
Camp constituency because I want to contribute to improving people’s lives and
to help increase prosperity in the Camp. 


I support the current strategy of
promoting our right to self-determination as reinforced by the referendum. 


If elected I would work hard to
ensure that a proportion of recent and future wealth from oil activities is
invested in the Camp in order to benefit residents.


We have to find ways of increasing
resources and funding for the Camp Road Network in particular. 


I also think that there needs to
be more focus on what the Rural Development Strategy funds are spent on, for
example, renewable energy.


The key industries of farming and
tourism need to continue to develop and prosper so that Camp becomes more
buoyant and better populated.


We need a diverse economy with
public and private investment in these industries.  I would support strategies that would
increase growth in Agriculture and Tourism businesses.


During my time on the SAAS Board I
have seen an increased use of containerisation of frozen fish and FIMCO
products as well as a sizeable amount of wool.


A growing economy also needs
shipping services to meet increasing import demand that MOD vessels are unable
to provide.  I will therefore strive for
the next Assembly to commit funds to support the SAAS service in the long


If elected I would seek to
maintain high standards in Health and Education services particularly for those
in remote locations.


A lot of work has been carried out
on testing the viability of a new Port in Port William.  But there is still more information needed
and most important, how it is going to be financed.  I have difficulty in accepting that any
further progress can be made on the project particularly if FIG is the main
source of funding until there is significant revenue from at least one oil


I would therefore challenge the
apparent policy for a temporary port facility only being in place for three


The current assembly has triggered
a review of the immigration policy.  I
think immigration needs to be carefully controlled, enabling sustainable growth
where people support our way of life and make a useful contribution to our


I would favour flexibility for the
award of work permits for seasonal and short-term workers to assist employers
with filling posts.  And there needs to
be a regular review of the points system for people seeking PRP and Falklands’


And finally, to encourage our
young people, and families to stay and work in the Falklands, we need to
improve our social amenities, which I believe we can afford to do.  I would be interested to hear from residents
about what facilities they would like to see made available in the Islands.


MLAs have to work with their
colleagues to achieve objectives.  I am
sure you win some and you lose some.  If
you have any questions please contact me on my telephone number in the phone
book.  I am here in Stanley until the
Goose Green Meeting and then after that I will be returning to Bleaker and I am
also in e-mail:


SB:  I just listened to your manifesto and I want
to ask some questions.  If elected, what
would be your main priority?


PR:  As I said in my manifesto, Stacy, it’s to
make sure that the windfall revenues coming from oil do get invested in Camp to
develop the infrastructure to help the industries in the Camp.


SB:  Do you feel the recent efforts to promote the
Islands’ messages internationally should be increased or do you think this
leads to local issues receiving less attention from MLAs?


PR:  I think we need a balance here.  I think they have done a very good job in the
last Assembly with getting the message out after the referendum.  But I think we’ve got to keep our feet on the
ground and make sure that our home matters are dealt with.  And what I would like to see is a wider team
of people involved in spreading that message.


SB:  Which capital project should have top


PR:  For me it’s roads, roads, roads.  That includes the MPA Road.  I think if you have good transport links then
people can get their goods to market and can get themselves around the Islands
and it would benefit all the businesses that we’ve got in the Falklands.


SB:  If you are elected which portfolio would you
like to have?


PR:  I am very interested in transport.  I am interested in industry and economy and
development.  I think they are the sort
of areas I would be plumping for. 


SB:  Why should people vote for you?


PR:  I hope to make a difference in the lives of
those living in Camp.  And I certainly
will do my best to promote their issues and listen to them and try and make a


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