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1: Legislative Assembly: Question No 8/2015 by the Hon Mr Gavin Short - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Could the Honourable Mike Summers tell the House what is the current status of who has to pay vehicle tax and are there any plans any place to review this given that there appears to be some anomalies in the system?

2: Legislative AssemblyL Question No 9/2015 by the Hon Gavin Short: - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I can’t charge the Honourable member for a key pass after asking the same question but can the Honourable Mike Summers state where we are in trying to move forward the update of the Road Traffic laws which seem to have been stalled for a good many years?

3: Legislative Assembly: Question No 10/2015 by the Hon Mr Gavin Short - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, can the Honourable Michael Poole please give an update on where we are with the update to the Workers’ Protection Legislation? And is he confident that this work can be finished in time to be presented to this House during the life of this Assembly?

4: Question No 11/2015 by the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, will the Honourable Mike Summers please inform the Assembly of the current rules being applied for the frequency of and the charges for regular eye tests, in particular, how often are tests recommended for different categories and age groups?

5: Legislative Assembly: Question No 12/2015 by the Hon Mr Ian Hansen - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable members, could the Honourable Gavin Short please inform this House if there are any plans for the use of Britannia House either in the short-term or in the longer term?

6: Legislative Assembly: Motion No 6/2015 by Dr the Hon Barry Elsby - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
This House believes that as part of its review of the Electoral Ordinance provisions should be made for greater use of referendums by the Governments and that this discussion should include provisions for voter initiated referendums.

7: Debate on the Referendum Motion - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I think my Honourable Colleague has laid out a historic and global context for the use of referendums and a very compelling case for why we can’t let Democracy stand still. I am going to talk a little more specifically on how I would envisage greater use of referendums here in the Falkland Islands and move on to the ideal approach initiated ones.

8: Legislative Assembly: Motion No 7/2015 by the Hon Mr Ian Hansen - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
“That this House notes the comments and recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee in respect of the Business Continuity Plan.”

9: PORTFOLIO REPORT OF THE HON GAVIN SHORT (30/07/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, since my last report we have seen staff changes at the very top of PWD with Manfred Keenleyside retiring from his position of DPW after many years of service and Falkland islander, Colin Summers moving up from Deputy DPW to take on that position.

10: Debate on the Hon Gavin Short’s Portfolio Report - 07/30 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
I would like to thank the Honourable Gavin Short for his very comprehensive report. And I would like to say I really do welcome that the wash plant is now working at the Quarry.

11: The Portfolio Report of the Hon Mr Mike Summers (30/07/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
I will start with the Department of Health and Social Services, which is essentially about people. There are a number of new Staff as there inevitably are in the Health and Medical Services Department.

12: Motion for Adjournment Speech of the Hon Mr Ian Hansen-07/30 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
The other night is was great to go to Government House to congratulate our sports people.

13: Motion for Adjournment Speech of Commander British Forces, Commodore Bone - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, (I have) four short points, if I may?

14: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Michael Poole- 30/07/15 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker. There are just two things from me this month. There are a couple of thank-you’s.

15: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Mike Summers-07/30/15 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, I have just a few brief things. In my Portfolio report I omitted to mention a recent appointment in the Emergency Services Department.

16: Adjournment Speech of the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek-07/30/15 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I would very much like to join with the Honourable Ian Hansen in congratulating all the Sports people who went to Jersey and I have to confess that I watched every football match that was televised.

17: Adjournment Speech of the Hon Mrs Phyl Rendell- 07/30/15 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2015
Mr Speaker, in rising to support the Motion I would like to touch on a few things arising in the past month or so.

18: St Helena: ELECTIONS AT LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 24.07.2015
At today’s formal meeting of Legislative Council (Friday 24 July 2015) Councillor Pamela Ward Pearce was elected as Chairperson of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee (ENRC).

19: FIG APPOINTS NEW HEAD OF POLICY - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 12.06.2015
John Shea has been appointed by FIG as the new Head of Policy. He comes to the Islands from the United States

20: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY THURSDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2015 (Beginning Stages) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
A meeting of legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 26 February 2015 in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall. Present were the Hon Speaker, Mr Keith Biles, the Acting Clerk of Council, Mrs Cheri Clifford, the Financial Secretary, Mrs Nicola Granger, the Chief Executive Mr Keith Padgett and the Attorney General, Mr Peter Judge, QC. MLAs present were Cheek, Elsby, Hansen, Poole, Rendell, Short and Summers.

Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean recently returned to the Island having attended the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference and 34th Small Branches Conference in Cameroon, in October of this year. The 34th Small Branches Conference comprised of three plenary sessions:

22: St Helena MAJOR INCIDENT EXERCISE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 11.11.2014
As previously announced in June of this year, SHG and the private sector are gearing up for a major incident exercise to be held on St Helena on Wednesday 17 December 2014.

23: JOINT MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE – PROGRESS REPORT - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 07.11.2014
St Helena Government has uploaded its progress report on the commitments made at the Joint Ministerial Conference in 2013.

24: St Helena: ACTING GOVERNOR TAKES THE OATHS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 06.11.2014
Head of the Governor’s Office, Sean Burns, this afternoon took the prescribed Oaths as Acting Governor, in the presence of the Acting Sheriff of St Helena, Mr Harry Legg OBE JP,

MLA Michael Poole is currently overseas attending the United Nations Third International Conference on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) in Apia, Samoa. The theme for the conference is ‘the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States through genuine and durable partnerships.’

26: St Helena: GOVERNOR WELCOMES NEW SENIOR COLLEAGUES - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2014
HE Governor Capes formally welcomed the new Chief Secretary, Roy Burke and his wife Jill, and the new DfID resident Representative Morgan Riley - at a reception at Plantation House on Friday 20 June 2014

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