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1: Argentine plan to seize Falklands oil driller’ assets 'unlawful' says UK - Falklands (Business News) - 03.07.2015
UK Foreign Office Officials on Monday rubbished any attempt by Argentina to seize assets of oil drillers operating in the waters off the Falkland Islands.

2: Islanders have “unequivocal right to develop our natural resources.” says FIG - Falklands (Business News) - 03.07.2015
The Falkland Islands Government has commented on Argentine Federal Judge Lillian Hérraez ordered seizure of assets pertaining to oil companies and their subcontractors operating in the Falkland Islands.

3: NEW ST HELENA FERRY - St Helena (Business News) - 03.07.2015
The St Helena Ferry Service saw the delivery of its new vessel on 30 June 2015.

4: St Helena: NEW HEALTH DIRECTOR - St Helena (Health) - 03.07.2015
Darren Clarke has been appointed the new Director of Health for St Helena, and arrived on Island on Thursday 18 June 2015 on a two year contract.

5: St Helena: LADDER HILL ROAD CLOSURE - St Helena (Business News) - 02.07.2015
Diversion signs will be in place and, as usual, emergency service vehicles will be granted access.

6: St Helena: POLICE INVESTIGATION - St Helena (Legal) - 02.07.2015
This press release is further to the release issued by the Chief of Police on 19 May 2015.

7: Opportunities for investment on St Helena were announced by Governor Capes - St Helena (Business News) - 01.07.2015
Opportunities for investment on the island of St Helena were announced by Governor Mark Capes and Chief Executive for Economic Development, Enterprise St Helena, Dr Niall O’Keeffe at a function hosted by British Consul General Chris Trott in Cape Town.

On Tuesday 23 June 2015 - and after conducting an open and rigorous recruitment process -

9: St Helena: E-SAFETY GUIDES FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE - St Helena (Education) - 30.06.2015
As part of St Helena’s safeguarding projects, the Safeguarding Children’s Board has this week launched two leaflets - one for parents & guardians and one for young people - providing information on the safe use of the internet and using the internet wisely.

10: St Helena: COUNCILLORS’ CONSTITUENCY MEETINGS IN AUGUST - St Helena (Business News) - 30.06.2015
Councillors will be holding a series of Constituency Meetings during the month of August 2015.

11: OIL REMOVAL FROM DARKDALE - UPDATE & TV PROGRAMME - St Helena (Environment) - 29.06.2015
Andy Liddell of MOD’s Salvage & Marine Operations division - currently on St Helena to lead on the operation to remove oil from the RFA Darkdale wreck

12: RESULTS OF SHG EMPLOYEE OPINION SURVEY PUBLISHED - St Helena (Business News) - 29.06.2015
A full report of results from the SHG 2015 Employee Opinion Survey has today been published on the SHG website.

13: WASTE MANAGEMENT ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Environment) - 29.06.2015
The Environmental Management Division of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) has this week launched an information leaflet on St Helena’s Waste Management Services.

14: St Helena: NURSERY PROVISION - St Helena (Education) - 29.06.2015
Since 2012, the Education & Employment Directorate have trialled the admission of children, approaching their third birthday, into Nursery classes in the Primary Schools.

15: The Hon Mr Mike Summers' Address to C-24 Committee - Falklands (Education) - 25.06.2015
I am happy to be here to address you once again on behalf of the Government and people of the Falkland Islands.

16: The Hon Mrs Phyl Rendell's Address to the C-24 Committee - Falklands (Education) - 25.06.2015
Thank you for the opportunity to address this meeting here in New York and to be able, as requested by the Secretary General, to take stock of progress made in the Falkland Islands.

17: SEA FREIGHT SERVICE POST-RMS - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 24.06.2015
SHG is pleased to announce that AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSML) has been selected as Preferred Bidder for the sea freight service to St Helena after the RMS St Helena leaves service next year.

18: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 24 June 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 24.06.2015
When reading the minutes from the previous ExCo meeting, it was noted that work to clarify civilian access to MPA was ongoing and that the Attorney General and Command Secretary were to discuss this in the coming days.

19: SUMMARY OF MLA VISIT TO SEATTLE AND HOUSTON 14TH – 20TH JUNE 2015 - Falklands (Education) - 24.06.2015
MLAs Mike Summers OBE and Phyl Rendell MBE have completed the second leg of their trip to the United States, visiting Seattle

20: FALKLANDS RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM NO 10 - Falklands (Business News) - 23.06.2015
Legislative Assembly has received a letter of support from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, reaffirming his advocacy for the Falkland Islands.

21: Hugo Swire Believes the Future of the Islands is Bright - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2015
I am delighted to join you again at this wonderful annual event celebrating the Falkland Islands.

22: LIMITED CRANE OPERATIONS AT THE WHARF - St Helena (Business News) - 23.06.2015
The public and businesses are advised that due to the illness of the substantive Crane Operator,

23: DARKDALE PROJECT - RESTRICTIONS IN JAMES’ BAY - St Helena (Business News) - 23.06.2015
A team led by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) is currently on St Helena to remove remaining fuel oil from the wreck of the RFA Darkdale in James’ Bay (see press release of 14 April 2015).

24: EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 23 JUNE 2015 - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2015
Executive Council met today Tuesday, 23 June 2015.

25: PASSAGE FARES – FINAL VOYAGES OF RMS ST HELENA - St Helena (Business News) - 23.06.2015
In its meeting of Tuesday, 12 May 2015, Executive Council approved the RMS Shipping Schedule from April 2016 to July 2016.

26: LOCAL OFFICERS PROMOTED TO SERGEANT - St Helena (Business News) - 23.06.2015
The Chief of Police has announced this week that, following a challenging promotion selection process, two local officers will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant within the St Helena Police Service.

At their meeting of 6 May 2015 Port Control and key stakeholders agreed the following draft set of rules and regulations for the safe use of Personal Water Craft (PWC), such as jet-skis and speedboats, in and around the waters of St Helena:

28: BILLS TO BE TAKEN TO FORMAL LEGCO - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2015
A formal meeting of Legislative Council will take place at the Court House on Monday 6 July 2015.

29: St Helena Statistical Yearbook 2013-14 - St Helena (Business News) - 22.06.2015
Updates to the St Helena Statistical Yearbook 2013-14 are now available on the St Helena Government website:

30: SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN’S BOARD GRANT SCHEME - St Helena (Health) - 22.06.2015
The Safeguarding Children’s Board would like to thank all organisations who applied for the Safeguarding Grant.

31: LIBERATION DAY 2015 - Falklands (Heritage) - 19.06.2015
The 33rd anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands from Argentine occupation took place over the weekend of 12 to 15 June 2015.

32: NEW SEED ASPIRATOR FOR EMD - St Helena (Environment) - 19.06.2015
The Environmental Management Division (EMD), at Scotland, has recently been trialling a new ‘Seed Aspirator’

33: MUSEUM CAR PARK CLOSURE - St Helena (Business News) - 19.06.2015
Following routine inspections of the ledges and slopes near the Museum in Jamestown, the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate

34: CONFIRMATION OF IATA CODE FOR ST HELENA AIRPORT - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 18.06.2015
SHG is pleased to announce that the Airport Code HLE has been designated for St Helena Airport, for use by airlines and computer reservation systems.

35: OPENING OF DISTRICT CLINICS - St Helena (Health) - 18.06.2015
The Health Directorate has announced that Nurse-led clinics are now reopening in the Island’s districts. Opening times are as follows:

36: VISIT OF FRENCH NAVY SHIP - St Helena (Heritage) - 17.06.2015
The French Navy Ship ‘Albatros’ is moored in James’ Bay on a two day visit to St Helena, en route from Reunion Island to Brest, France, where she will be decommissioned.

37: DIABETES WEEK 2015 14 - 20 June 2015 - St Helena (Health) - 17.06.2015
This week the Health Directorate will engage in promotional events to highlight the issue of Diabetes on Island and worldwide.

38: FREE SPECTACLES AND HEARING AIDS EXTENDED TO 16-18 YEAR OLDS - St Helena (Business News) - 16.06.2015
On 2 June 2015 the Safeguarding Children’s Board announced that children under the age of 16 years on St Helena will receive their spectacles and hearing aid prescriptions for free.

39: EXCO REPORT - TUESDAY 16 JUNE 2015 - St Helena (Legal) - 16.06.2015
There were two items for discussion on the Open Agenda, the first of which was the Social Security (Amendment) Bill, which ExCo agreed should be presented to Formal Legislative Council on Monday, 6 July 2015.

40: NEW PRISON MANAGER FOR ST HELENA - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 16.06.2015
A new Prison Manager has been recruited to lead the team working within HM Prison, Jamestown.

41: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? - St Helena (Health) - 16.06.2015
The Safeguarding Children’s Board has today launched an awareness campaign around knowing where your children are.

42: ONE SERIOUSLY INJURED IN RTA NEAR DEANOS - Falklands (Health) - 13.06.2015
The Royal Falkland Islands Police have released a statement about a serious incident that took place in front of Deano’s at about 23.52 hours on Friday 12 June 2015.

43: FIG APPOINTS NEW HEAD OF POLICY - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 12.06.2015
John Shea has been appointed by FIG as the new Head of Policy. He comes to the Islands from the United States

44: BABY PLAYDAY - St Helena (Education) - 12.06.2015
A Baby PlayDay was organised by staff at the Health Directorate on Wednesday 10 June 2015 and mothers with babies born in 2014 or 2015 were invited to attend the event, held at Princes Lodge. Midwife Rosemary Mittens said:

45: BIRTHDAY HONOURS 2015 - St Helena (Heritage) - 12.06.2015
‘I am pleased to announce the award of a BEM (British Empire Medal) to Mr Dereck Rogers, in recognition of his services to the community of Tristan da Cunha.

46: RUPERT’S VALLEY PROPOSED LANDSCAPE DESIGNS - St Helena (Business News) - 09.06.2015
The Landscape and Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) team is now seeking feedback from the community regarding proposed landscape design options for Rupert’s Valley, in those areas affected by the Airport Project construction footprint.

47: EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 9 JUNE 2015 - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 09.06.2015
There was one item for discussion on the Closed Agenda, which was a request from Saint FM Community Radio for financial assistance.

48: AERIAL PHOTOS OF ST HELENA AIRPORT NOW ONLINE - St Helena (Business News) - 08.06.2015
Showcasing the remarkable progress made at the St Helena Airport site is a selection of aerial photos, now available on the St Helena Access website.

49: HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM FOR PRISONERS - St Helena (Health) - 08.06.2015
As part of the Safeguarding Children Board’s continued mission to protect the more vulnerable members of the Island’s community, the Board has successfully funded the renovation of a separate waiting room facility at the General Hospital.

50: Legislative Assembly 5 June 2015 Report back from Select Committee - Falklands (Business News) - 05.06.2015
In this report I will cover the discussions of the Budget Select Committee this week and also an overview of the resulting budget. The Budget Select Committee reviewed the Appropriation Bill, Capital Appropriation Bill and Finance Bill.

51: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mrs Phyl Rendell (06/05/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, I kept my comments to the Motion for Adjournment on the budget and a few other things.

52: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Ian Hansen MLA (06/05/15 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the Motion for Adjournment I will be brief.

53: Motion for Adjournment speech by the Hon Mr Michael Poole, MLA (06/05/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I am sure that a number of my Honourable Colleagues will do this as well but I would like to wish the team travelling to Jersey later this month all the best.

54: Motion for Adjournment Speech by Dr the Hon Barry Elsby, MLA (06/05/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will keep my comments quite brief. I would first like to associate myself with all the votes of thanks that have been given to people associated with the Budget Process and people associated with today’s meeting.

55: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Gavin Short, MLA (05/06/15): - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the Motion for Adjournment I would like to touch on PWD type issues if I may, please?

56: Motion for Adjournment Speech by Dr the Hon Barry Elsby, MLA (06/05/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will keep my comments quite brief. I would first like to associate myself with all the votes of thanks that have been given to people associated with the Budget Process and people associated with today’s meeting.

57: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Mike Summers, OBE, MLA (05/06/15): - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 05.06.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I would very much like to thank all the Treasury Staff for all the work they put in to preparing the budget and indeed the Policy Department and all those Directors in the Government and less of that have to contribute to the budget process.

58: 24-HOUR ACCESS TO POST OFFICE - Falklands (Business News) - 01.06.2015
Falklands Post Services Ltd (FPS) and the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) are pleased to announce that from the 1st June 2015, customers will have access to the Post Office 24 hours a day, using a swipe-card access system.

59: Report of the Executive Council meeting held on Monday 1 June 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 01.06.2015
MLAs Edwards, Rendell and Summers were present for this meeting. MLA Edwards was standing in for MLA Poole.

Invenio Ltd is the first company to apply and be verified to the Local Content Register of Suppliers and Steve Dent, of Invenio, met with Chair of the Local Content Board, Martin Slater to receive his certification.

Councillor Derek Thomas returned from Sabah Malaysia on 9 May 2014, having attended the mid-year Executive Committee Meeting of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) which was hosted by the Sabah Branch.

The St Helena Police Service will soon be patrolling wearing new ‘body worn cameras’

The Port Control Section invites members of the public to attend an open discussion on the proposed new rules and regulations regarding the safe use of PWC in St Helena waters.

64: ST HELENA ARCHIVES CLOSURE - St Helena (Education) - 26.05.2015
The St Helena Archives would like to inform the public that they will be closed tomorrow Wednesday, 27 May 2015, due to a Staff Development Day.

65: KEMH CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF HEALTHCARE IN THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Health) - 25.05.2015
My first memory of the KEMH was the Churchill Wing just before construction of the new hospital began in December 1984.

66: Public Meeting Report: Monday, 25 May 2015 Part 2 - Falklands (Business News) - 25.05.2015
An open public meeting took place in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town hall on Monday, 25 May 2015 at 1700hrs. Present were MLAs Cheek, Edwards, Hansen, Rendell, Short and Summers. Ian Hansen was Chair of the month.

67: Public Meeting Report: Monday, 25 May 2015 Part 1 - Falklands (Business News) - 25.05.2015
An open public meeting took place in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town hall on Monday, 25 May 2015 at 1700hrs.

68: 5 K Race for Life Challenges Falklands Females - Falklands (Health) - 25.05.2015
Earning £100.00 per kilometre, Falklands Females recently took on the fight against cancer, battling through the freezing winter weather to complete their 5K Race for Life.

69: Public Meeting Report: Monday, 25 May 2015 Part 3 - Falklands (Business News) - 25.05.2015
In part 3 the Hon Mrs Phyl Rendell, MLA discusses what went on during a C-24 Seminar in Nicaragua.

70: FIC DONATES £5,000 TO SHELTERED HOUSING - Falklands (Heritage) - 22.05.2015
On Friday, 22 May FIC’s Eva Jaffray presented a cheque for £5,000.00 in aid of the residents of Sheltered Housing Accommodation.

71: Mount Pleasant Police Donate £1328 to Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund - Falklands (Health) - 19.05.2015
JSPSU (The Joint Service Police & Security Unit) at Mount Pleasant has raised £1328 for the Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund; a local charity,

Following school inspections undertaken in November 2014 by Service Children’s Education, Ursula Norbert has joined the team at Falkland Islands Community School for three months as a Schools Improvement Partner.

To register, persons must: Be over the age of 18 years with St Helena as their ordinary place of residence

H.M. Customs & Excise have noted a steady increase in the number of individuals importing items to the Island which are not supported by an official invoice or suitable documentation that provides evidence as to the value of that particular item(s).

75: PUMPING OPERATIONS CAUSE FUEL LEAK AT BYRON HEIGHTS - Falklands (Environment) - 17.05.2015
It has been confirmed by British Forces South Atlantic Islands that a small fuel leak has occurred at Byron Heights on West Falkland during pumping operations.

76: FALKLANDS’ 2015 HIGHWAYS ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN PUBLISHED - Falklands (Business News) - 16.05.2015
The Highways Asset Management Plan 2015 (HAMP) has been published by The Highways Section of the Public Works Department.

77: Stanley Leisure Centre Changing room Re-opened after Repairs - Falklands (Health) - 15.05.2015
The men’s changing room at the Stanley leisure Centre has now been re-opened after unexpected but essential repairs.

78: New GSGSSI CEO Announced - S.Georgia (Business News) - 14.05.2015
The Commissioner, Colin Roberts, has announced that the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for GSGSSI will be James Jansen.

79: Wandering Albatross Numbers Declining - S.Georgia (Environment) - 14.05.2015
In early January a team of intrepid scientists and tourists embarked on a unique collaborative expedition to survey South Georgia’s outlying wandering albatross colonies.

80: Report of the Executive Council meeting held on Wednesday 13 May 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 14.05.2015
MLAs Poole, Edwards and Rendell were present for this meeting. MLA Edwards was standing in for MLA Summers.

81: WEEKEND WATER PROBLEMS RESOLVED SAYS PWD - Falklands (Business News) - 12.05.2015
Over the weekend people may have noticed some red discolouration in their water.

82: Governor appoints Mr Simon Bryan QC the Honourable the Chief Justice of the Falklands - Falklands (Legal) - 11.05.2015
The Falkland Islands has a new Chief Justice.

83: INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY 2015 - St Helena (Health) - 08.05.2015
International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world annually on 12 May - the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth.

84: MOD PROVIDE UPDATE TO MOUNT PLEASANT FUEL LEAK - Falklands (Environment) - 08.05.2015
A spokesman from British Forces South Atlantic Islands has said that the source of the fuel leak within the Mare Harbour Naval Port area of the Mount Pleasant Complex has been identified as coming from one of the small pipes running from a diesel storage tank.

85: CAMERON RETURNS TO NO 10 - Falklands (Business News) - 08.05.2015
For the first time since 1992 it looks as if the Conservative Party will win the UK election with a slim majority.

86: WALKERS AND RUNNERS TO SEE PINK AT FITZROY ON MAY 17TH - Falklands (Health) - 07.05.2015
Those of you who remember the excellent day out last May during the annual pink fun run at Fitzroy will not be disappointed this year when the annual run takes place on Sunday, 17 may 2015.

87: MATCHING FUNDS FOR NEPAL APPEAL - Falklands (Heritage) - 07.05.2015
Legislative Assembly has announced its intention to fund-match aid raised by the Falklands community in support of the Nepal Appeal.

Councillors Wilson Duncan and Pamela Ward Pearce (photos attached), will depart the Island on Monday 11 May 2015 to attend a conference in Cyprus and a seminar in Nicaragua, respectively.

89: VE DAY LIGHTING UP THE SKIES - St Helena (Heritage) - 05.05.2015
St Helena will join more than 200 Beacon locations in lighting a special Beacon to mark the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

90: COMMEMORATION OF NAPOLEON’S DEATH - St Helena (Business News) - 04.05.2015
A Commemoration of Napoleon’s Death on St Helena took place at Napoleon’s Tomb, on Saturday 2 May 2015 at 10am.

Nominations are currently being invited for the Certificate and Badge of Honour Awards, 2015.

92: 70th ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORY IN EUROPE - St Helena (Heritage) - 04.05.2015
The 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day will be commemorated from Friday 8 May – Sunday 10 May 2015. St Helena will be echoing the events in London in commemoration of those who contributed to the War effort throughout the Second World War.

93: Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum Report - Falklands (Environment) - 02.05.2015
The eighth meeting of the Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum took place on

94: LOCAL CONTENT REGISTER OF SUPPLIERS OPENS - Falklands (Business News) - 01.05.2015
The Local Content Register of Suppliers is now live, with one Falklands company already listed on the Register. The Register forms part of the on-going work regarding the ‘Code of Practice for Procurement by Oil & Gas Companies and their Subcontractors in the Falkland Islands,’ also known as the ‘Local Content Code of Practice.

95: Ascension Island Announces Inshore Advisory Committee - Ascension (Environment) - 01.05.2015
The formation of an advisory group very similar to a fisherman’s association but including other marine users, such as divers, was discussed at the public meeting a few months ago and we also asked for volunteers in the paper a few weeks ago as well as via emails sent round.

96: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY 23 APRIL 2015 - Falklands (Legal) - 23.04.2015
Part 1: Prayers, Confirmation, Oath of Allegiance and Motions

97: PARENTS PROTECT AWARENESS SESSION - St Helena (Health) - 23.03.2015
A Parents Protect Awareness Session will be held at the Jamestown Community Centre tomorrow evening, Tuesday 24 March 2015,

98: The Jin Yi investigation: An Update - Falklands (Fisheries) - 02.03.2015
Seven Vietnamese fishermen were repatriated after leaving their fishing boat by jumping into Port William harbour and swimming ashore. Their fishing vessel;

99: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY THURSDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2015 (Beginning Stages) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
A meeting of legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 26 February 2015 in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall. Present were the Hon Speaker, Mr Keith Biles, the Acting Clerk of Council, Mrs Cheri Clifford, the Financial Secretary, Mrs Nicola Granger, the Chief Executive Mr Keith Padgett and the Attorney General, Mr Peter Judge, QC. MLAs present were Cheek, Elsby, Hansen, Poole, Rendell, Short and Summers.

100: Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 02.02.2015
The eighth meeting of the Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum took place on 2nd April 2015 in the Chamber of Commerce.

101: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 17 December 2014 - Falklands (Legal) - 19.12.2014
When reading the minutes from the previous ExCo meeting, it was noted that, with regard to the FM radio service, a transmitter had been installed at Port Howard and it was working well.

102: SHIPPING - POST-RMS FREIGHT SERVICES UPDATE - St Helena (Business News) - 10.12.2014
The public will be aware of recent visits from potential Ocean Freight Services providers Seafast, Hartman Project Lines (HPL) and Meihuizen Atlantic Islands Services (MAIS) between October and November this year.

103: ST HELENA SUPREME COURT CONCLUDES - St Helena (Legal) - 10.12.2014
At the conclusion of the current sitting of the St Helena Supreme Court on Monday (8 December 2014), St Helena Government and the St Helena Police Service welcomed the sentences handed down by the Chief Justice, and hope this sends a clear message to the community.

104: Joint Ministerial Council Communiqué 2014 - Falklands (Business News) - 03.12.2014
The political leaders and representatives of the UK and the Overseas Territories met as the Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London on 2 and 3 December. We welcomed the newly elected leader of the Government of Montserrat to his first Council.

105: British and German Relatives Attend the Anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands - Falklands (Heritage) - 01.12.2014
British and German relatives of Adm. Sturdee, Adm. Craddock and Adm. Graff Spee attended a week long commemoration of the 1914 Battle of the Falkland Islands.

106: FORCES TV AVAILABLE TO FALKLAND ISLANDS VIEWERS - Falklands (Business News) - 01.12.2014
From the 1st December 2014, British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) was broadcasting an additional TV channel, Forces TV, for viewers in the Falkland Islands.

107: RECRUITMENT ONGOING FOR JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - Falklands (Legal) - 01.12.2014
Recruitment is underway to encourage more members of the community to serve as Justices of the Peace with the Courts and Tribunals Service. Justices of the Peace provide an essential public service within the community, hearing a range of criminal and non-criminal cases in the Summary Court.

As previously announced, a new Safeguarding Directorate will be created in SHG from Monday 1 December 2014, the purpose of which is to - Protect and Safeguard Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults at Risk or Suffering From Abuse.

109: CORPORATE SUPPORT THANKS POPPY APPEAL DONATORS - St Helena (Business News) - 28.11.2014
Corporate Support staff would like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who supported this year’s fundraising in aid of the 2014 Poppy Appeal Fund and to all who attended the Remembrance Service on Sunday 9 November 2014.

110: WHARF USAGE - REMINDER - St Helena (Business News) - 27.11.2014
The public is reminded that no unathorised vehicles can be parked on the Wharf after working hours (ie from 4pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday). Similarly at weekends, the Wharf will be closed from 4pm Friday afternoon through to Monday morning at 8.30pm.

111: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 26 November 2014 - Falklands (Business News) - 26.11.2014
The Rolling Action Log was reviewed as normal before the papers for the day. Members sought an update on when the Disciplinary Code for the Judiciary and the Framework Agreement (setting out the responsibilities of the executive branch of Government in respect of the Courts) would be published.

112: ATTORNEY GENERAL SWORN IN - St Helena (Legal) - 26.11.2014
On 26 November 2014, Nicola Moore was sworn in as Attorney General for St Helena, taking the required Oaths necessary to serve on Executive and Legislative Councils, in the presence of Acting Governor Sean Burns.

113: EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 25 NOVEMBER - St Helena (Legal) - 25.11.2014
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 25 November 2014, to consider three items on the open agenda.

114: ANDREW WEIR GROUP ANNOUNCES SALE OF SHIPPING LINE - St Helena (Business News) - 21.11.2014
The owners of the Andrew Weir Group (AWG) recently embarked on a financial restructuring exercise to enable a debt owed to the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund (MNOPF) to be cleared and to move forward on other core non-marine activities.

115: 3 Way Archery Postal Shoot – a Victory for the Falklands Team - Falklands (Education) - 21.11.2014
Yet another first for the Falklands and the Falklands Archery Association happened this week with members taking part in a 3 way Handicapped ‘Portsmouth’ Postal Shoot against 2 other UK based archery clubs...Mike McLeod tells us more

116: SUPREME COURT IN SESSION - St Helena (Business News) - 19.11.2014
The formal opening of the St Helena Supreme Court took place yesterday, Tuesday 18 November, at 2pm. Various Civil and Criminal cases will be heard by the Supreme Court until Wednesday 10 December 2014.

117: SHG Concerns about unauthorised Access Road use - St Helena (Business News) - 19.11.2014
In recent weeks, there has been a considerable increase in the unauthorised use of the Airport Access Road, leading to concerns about the safety of the public and protection of the environment.

118: SHG UK REPRESENTATIVE’S OFFICE - NEW CONTACT DETAILS - St Helena (Business News) - 18.11.2014
The public is advised that the SHG UK Representative, Mrs Kedell Worboys MBE and her team will be moving office on Thursday 20 November 2014.

119: St HELENA GIS DAY 2014 - St Helena (Education) - 18.11.2014
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Day is a worldwide event held every year in more than 80 countries across the world.

120: St Helena: Good news for the General Hospital - St Helena (Health) - 18.11.2014
2 Articles The St Helena General Hospital has recently received two new operating tables from the Lund University Hospital in Sweden, sourced by the Medico Technical Engineer, Jorgen Larsson from the Swedish Hospital where our Senior Medical Officer, Dr Attila Frigyesi hails from.

As Part of the Schools Inspection process the Education Department Welcomed HMI Mr Mike Chislett an inspector from the education regulator Ofsted to the Falklands as part of the schools' inspection process..

122: Members of A Company, the Rifles try their hand at Archery in the Falklands - Falklands (Education) - 18.11.2014
Twelve members of members of A Company, The Rifles stopprf off at the FIDF Hall while on a visit to the area in Stanley on Wednesday, 19 November 2014.

Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean recently returned to the Island having attended the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference and 34th Small Branches Conference in Cameroon, in October of this year. The 34th Small Branches Conference comprised of three plenary sessions:

Prince Andrew School commemorated Remembrance Day in a special assembly, led by students from Year 12, on Tuesday 11 November 2014.

125: LIFELONG LEARNING CERTIFICATE PRESENTATION 2014 - St Helena (Education) - 14.11.2014
The Lifelong Learning Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, 13 November 2014 at the Education Learning Centre. Awards went to individuals who participated and completed the Livelihoods Programme, Apprenticeship Scheme and NVQs in Customer Service, Crop Production, Health and Social Care, Environmental Conservation, Land Based and Business Administration.

Today, it has been announced that the operations of St Helena Airport will be supported by the UK Met Office, one of the world's foremost weather and climate service providers. The UK Met Office will be responsible for providing an on-Island weather forecasting service.

127: St Helena: CLOSURE OF CUSTOMS TAX AND PORT MANAGEMENT BUILDING - St Helena (Business News) - 13.11.2014
The public is advised that the Customs, Tax and Port Management building will be closed

128: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 12 November 2014 - Falklands (Legal) - 12.11.2014
First paper we discussed was setting Fishing Access Fees for 2015. John Barton, Director of Natural Resources attended and MLA Rendell excused herself for this discussion.

129: St Helena MAJOR INCIDENT EXERCISE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 11.11.2014
As previously announced in June of this year, SHG and the private sector are gearing up for a major incident exercise to be held on St Helena on Wednesday 17 December 2014.

130: SOCIETY OF EDITORS’ LECTURE GIVEN BY SIR ALAN MOSES - Falklands (Legal) - 09.11.2014
Since it is Sunday you are, no doubt, expecting a sermon. Something from me stern and formidable, delivered from on high, in tales of rebuke, threatening all with hell-fire, damnation and warning you that you are all going to burn.

131: JOINT MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE – PROGRESS REPORT - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 07.11.2014
St Helena Government has uploaded its progress report on the commitments made at the Joint Ministerial Conference in 2013.

132: St Helena: ACTING GOVERNOR TAKES THE OATHS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 06.11.2014
Head of the Governor’s Office, Sean Burns, this afternoon took the prescribed Oaths as Acting Governor, in the presence of the Acting Sheriff of St Helena, Mr Harry Legg OBE JP,

133: STEDSON FRANCIS RECEIVES BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL - St Helena (Heritage) - 05.11.2014
At a special dinner, hosted by HE Governor Capes last evening (4 November 2014), Stedson Graham Francis of Thompsons Wood was formally presented with his British Empire Medal (BEM), awarded to him under HM Queen’s Birthday Honours in June of this year.

134: BUDGETARY AID MISSION DRAWS TO A CLOSE - St Helena (Business News) - 05.11.2014
The DFID Budgetary Aid Mission (BAM) comprising team members, Senior Economic Adviser, Doug Winslow, Senior Social Development Adviser, Mary Thompson and St Helena Programme Manager, David Finan depart the Island tomorrow (6 November 2014) having held discussions for agreeing a three year budget for St Helena.

135: The Falkland Islands Tourist Board Bill 2014 - Falklands (Tourism/Travel) - 04.11.2014
This Bill has been published in the Falkland Islands Gazette and went to a second reading. The debate follows

The Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP), part of St Helena Government’s Airport Project, is progressing well, with new staff recruitments, facilities and plants.

137: Falklands Retirement Pensions up for Consultation - Falklands (Business News) - 14.10.2014
A public consultation will be carried out by the Falkland Islands Government between the 20th October and the 7th November 2014,

138: New Senior Magistrate and Coroner for the Falklands Appointed - Falklands (Legal) - 07.10.2014
Mrs Clare Faulds, no stranger to the Falklands, has been selected for the role of Senior Magistrate and Coroner to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands.

139: St Helena - EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 - St Helena (Legal) - 23.09.2014
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 23 September, for a special meeting to consider the development of a hotel in Jamestown.

140: NEW FALKLANDS’ MUSEUM OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Falklands (Heritage) - 12.09.2014
After decades of planning, and a huge amount of dedication from the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust (FIMNT) and supporters, the Falkland Islands’ new Historic Dockyard Museum is nearing completion.

141: DEMINING TO CONTINUE IN THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Environment) - 10.09.2014
A representative from Baric Consultants, Alistair Craib, an FCO Advisor, Jeremy Wilmshurst and several operators interested in bidding for two Falklands’ demining contracts have been visiting the Falklands this week.

MLA Michael Poole is currently overseas attending the United Nations Third International Conference on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) in Apia, Samoa. The theme for the conference is ‘the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States through genuine and durable partnerships.’

143: BAS Fur Seal Conclusions Challenged - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 25.08.2014
Claims by a BAS scientist that South Georgia’s Antarctic fur seals are suffering as a consequence of a decline in krill abundance associated with climate change has been challenged by the South Georgia Government and by DEFRAs Chief Scientist.

The next stage of development for the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Bill and the Crimes Bill began with the Bills being placed in the Gazette on the 15th August 2014.

145: St Helena: GOVERNOR WELCOMES NEW SENIOR COLLEAGUES - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2014
HE Governor Capes formally welcomed the new Chief Secretary, Roy Burke and his wife Jill, and the new DfID resident Representative Morgan Riley - at a reception at Plantation House on Friday 20 June 2014

146: PINK RUNS OVERTAKE THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Health) - 21.05.2014
Stanley saw PINK on Sunday when 171 members of the public wore all shades of the colour and ran in support of breast cancer awareness.

Before introducing our keynote speaker I am very grateful for the opportunity that Robin (Esser) has given me to just very briefly to draw your attention to an important report that has just been published today which focuses on press freedom issues on shores of countries where challenges to press freedom are even more intense and often literally a matter of life and death.

148: The Directors – Part VI Carol George, Director of Health and Social Welfare - St Helena (Business News) - 02.06.2011
St Helena Government has introduced a new directorate structure which came into effect on 1st April. Because of this, instead of Departments SHG now has ten Directorates.

149: MPC THRIFT SHOP PRESENTS CHEQUE TO TS ENDURANCE - Falklands (Heritage) - 28.05.2011
On Saturday the 28th May the MPC Thrift Shop presented a cheque for £1,750 to the cadets and CO of TS Endurance (Sea Cadets) based in Stanley.

150: FORTUNA SEAFOODS Invests for the Future - S.Atlantic (Fisheries) - 22.03.2011
As part of an ongoing programme of market development Fortuna Seafoods have recently been investing in promoting Falkland seafood products in the countries of central and eastern Europe.

151: Manuel Mendez Wins Stanley marathon 2011 - S.Atlantic (Heritage) - 20.03.2011
The 7th annual Standard Chartered Bank Stanley marathon was greeted by bright sunshine and light winds on Sunday, 20 March 2011.

152: New Head Teacher for Prince Andrew School - St Helena (Education) - 13.01.2011
The new Head Teacher of Prince Andrew School, Abraham Swart accompanied by his wife arrived on island on Tuesday, 11th January 2011.

153: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Gavin Short - Falklands (Legal) - 29.10.2010
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the motion for Adjournment I would just like to start off by joining other Members in welcoming the new Governor Mr Haywood and his wife to our Islands.

A recent debate in the Foreign Affairs Committee about the Constitutions of British Overseas Territories has sparked interest in territories in the South Atlantic.

155: Jobless and Poverty Rates are key to Economic Recovery - All (Business News) - 12.08.2009
Policy makers in the US Federal Reserve Bank are sitting down to discuss – amongst other things – interest rates, which are expected to remain the same at near zero percent. Also on the agenda, couched in eco-speak, is a concluding summary on the state of economy. SARTMA wonders – whose economy – theirs or ours.

Both Argentina and the United Kingdom are claiming a vast area of seabed from South America to the Antarctic in their latest bids for control of the South Atlantic.

157: DIRECTOR OF MINERALS AND AGRICULTURE REPORT FOR MARCH/APRIL - S.Atlantic (Mineral Resources) - 20.04.2009
Borders & Southern Petroleum Limited (BSP), who successfully completed environmental surveys in their licensed area by contracting Benthic Solutions Limited to gather seabed samples in late 2008, are now analysing the data for inclusion in an Environmental Impact Assessment.

158: A Falklands Poem - Falklands (Heritage) - 13.11.2007
Gus Hales tells it like it is in a moving poem recited at the Cathedral in Stanley on Remembrance Sunday. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) The Sama'82 Standard

159: HYDROCARBONS WEEKEND RECORD: 11 AND 12 NOVEMBER 2006 - S.Atlantic (Mineral Resources) - 12.11.2006
Several of Bolivia’s companies and agencies that have benefited from the May 1st nationalisation of hydrocarbons are about to give a school bonus to approximately 1,200,000 children. The $25.00 (200 Bolivianos) is earmarked for helping families with food and school expenditures. The South American press indicated the sum will be given to the children on an annual basis. Payments began at 300 schools on Sunday, 12 November 2006.

160: Falklands Threatened with the Torah - Falklands (Heritage) - 12.08.2006
I'm positive that the first five books of the Word of God were originally written for the Hebrew Nation - Israel - so why does Deuteronomy 28: 52 apply to the Falklands?

161: Sartma Daily (30/08/05) - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 30.08.2005
A quick overview of South Atlantic News

162: Postcode Not So New For Tristan - Tristan (Business News) - 10.08.2005
One of the nice things about having a Tristanian working for SARTMA is that the record can be set straight about various things, including the Island’s postcode. TDCU 1ZZ has been available for at least 18 months. Photo (c) James Glass Tristan Times - the building that houses the Tristan Post Office

163: Poaching Threatens Tristan da Cunha's Hurricane Recovery - Tristan (Fisheries) - 12.06.2005
Any way you look at it, poachers who steal Tristan da Cunha's lobster as well as other maritime resources and offload them in Cape Town have cost the people hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in lost revenue. Photos (C) James Glass (Tristan Times) - Calshot Hatbour as it looks today.

You might think that removing the dangerous bits of Grytviken’s whaling station would mean the total clearance of all that was brought to the site in the early part of the last century but you would be wrong. Photos (C) J. Brock (SARTMA - SG) and Vladimir Seliverstov - The Albatrosss and Dias before and after.

165: South Georgia Fishery: Success and Tragedy - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 28.04.2004
In this second extensive interview with Patrick Lurcock, the Marine Officer for the 200-Mile South Georgia Fishery Zone, SARTMA has been able to update readers on the progress that the South Georgia fishery has made. Photo (c) J. Brock (SARTMA - SG)

166: Tristan da Cunha: The Way Tristanians Tell It - Tristan (Agriculture) - 07.01.2004
Daniel Schreier and Karen Lavarello-Schreier have written an informative book about Tristan da Cunha, its people, way of life and language.

167: The Unseen Consequence of Longline Poaching - Tristan (Fisheries) - 15.08.2003
People, as they should be, are angry about poaching but what of the sad spin-off? Photo (c) COLTO An Illegal Toothfish Longliner poaching in the Southern Ocean.

168: A Zodiac Tour of Boatswainbird Island - Ascension (Tourism/Travel) - 10.08.2003
The little islet off the coast of Ascension Island is called Boatswainbird Island. M/S ENDEAVOUR organised a zodiac tour of the islet. Photo (C) J. Brock (SARTMA) Yet another lava bridge and a great photo op.

169: A Zodiac Tour Of Gough Island - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 07.07.2003
Though no landings were permitted on Gough Island, the crew and passengers of M/S ENDEAVOUR were able to do a zodiac tour with some spectacular results. Photos (c) J. Brock (SARTMA)

170: South Georgia Residents Rescue Stranded Fishermen - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 23.05.2003This article has photographs
The residents of South Georgia had their hands full earlier this month when three ships ran aground in bad weather. Two are still there. Photo (c) Dr. Sue Dowling - The cast of characters who winter over in South Georgia in 2003: Back (L-R)Tim Carr, Pauline Car, Suzi Hawkins, Rich Mitchell Middle (L-R) Howie Owen, John Clemens,Frin Ross, Sarah Lurcock, Ian Parsons Front (L-R)Sue Dowling, Andy Godsell, Rob Gater, Pat Lurcock

171: South Georgia Maritime Zone: A Successful Partnership - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 07.04.2003This article has photographs
The second half of the South Georgia Maritime Zone's marriage of management and science is carried out in a lab and on fishing boats.

172: South Georgia Management Zone: - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 02.04.2003This article has photographs
A Successful Marriage of Management and Science! Find out why management and science are needed for a top - class fishery.

173: St. Helena: A Fishery on the Way Up! - St Helena (Fisheries) - 02.04.2003
St. Helena's fishery is quite different than that of South Georgia. The style and approach of stock assessmant and management reflect the uniqueness of the fishery.

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