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1: THE PORTFOLIO REPORT OF THE HON MR ROGER EDWARDS, MLA (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Colleagues – Mr Speaker it is my opportunity to provide an update on the work of the Law and Regulation Directorate.

2: RESPONSES TO THE HON MR ROGER EDWARDS’ PORTFOLIO REPORT (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members. I have just one comment and a question, if you don’t mind.

3: PORTFOLIO REPORT OF THE HON MR IAN HANSEN, MLA (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, in my quarterly portfolio update I will begin with a few points from Central Services. I will just run through them briefly and there are some things that may be of interest to people.

4: THE DEBATE ON THE HON IAN HANSEN’S PORTFOLIO REPORT (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Mr Speaker, I thank the Honourable Ian Hansen for that update on his portfolio. He mentioned the Stanley Services move to upgrading the fuel supply at Fox Bay which I welcome.

5: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MR MIKE SUMMERS (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I have a couple of issues to raise today, to note that representatives of the Lucy Faithful Foundation who prepared the original report into Child Safeguarding in the Falklands and who provided the blueprint for much of the work that has been carrying on in recent weeks are back here again.

6: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MRS PHYL RENDELL (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
I would first like to comment on FIMCO and the Abattoir as we are currently half way through the export season. Talking to the General Manager, he tells me that the processing is going well this year.

7: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MRS JAN CHEEK (26/03/15)) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, firstly I would like to say I welcome the report of the Honourable Mike Summers of the work that’s being done on care for older people although I hope I won’t need it for many, many more years to come.

8: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MR IAN HANSEN (26/03/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I shall be very brief as I seem to have done a lot more talking today than I normally do so I said most of the things I would be saying in my speech for adjournment.

9: Falklands Executive Council: Wednesday 25 March 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
The first paper of the day was a joint report from the Policy Unit and Marine Officer about amendments to and updating of Marine Legislation.

10: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY THURSDAY, 26 MARCH 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Transcript by 100X Transcription Service and Commentary by J. Brock (FINN)

11: 26 MARCH 2015: Questions for Oral Response - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.03.2015
Question No. 4/15 by the Honourable Gavin Short: Mr Speaker, could the Honourable Ian Hansen please inform the House of the following:

12: STATEMENT FROM DR THE HON BARRY ELSBY, MLA - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 25.03.2015
“The Falkland Islands Government welcomes the Secretary of State for Defence’s statement today in the House.

13: ‘State of the Economy’ and ‘Living Wage’ Reports Published - Falklands (Business News) - 25.03.2015
The Policy Unit is pleased to announce that two new documents will be published this week: ‘The State of the Falkland Islands Economy’ and the ‘A Living Wage for the Falkland Islands.’

14: Malo River bridge reopened - Falklands (Business News) - 21.03.2015
The Public Works Department is pleased to announce the reopening of the Malo River bridge to its full capacity of 38 tonnes, after repair work was completed Saturday afternoon, March 21.

15: DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES PRESENTED AT GOVERNMENT HOUSE (15/03/19) - Falklands (Business News) - 19.03.2015
Though it has been about six times Sandra Tyler-Haywood has presented certificates at Government House, it amazes her to see the wide range of qualifications earned by students at the Training Centre.

16: Falkland Islands Historic Dockyard Museum shortlisted - Falklands (Heritage) - 11.03.2015
THE Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust is very proud to announce that the Historic Dockyard Museum has been shortlisted in the International category of the Museums + Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015.

17: Executive Council: Wednesday 11 March 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 11.03.2015
When reading the minutes from the previous ExCo meeting, it was noted that the Joint Policy Statement governing civilian use of the airbridge is still being finalised for signature by relevant UK Ministers.

18: Falklands Celebrate A Young Commonwealth - Falklands (Heritage) - 10.03.2015
Young Falkland Islands students studying in the United Kingdom, Kalon Jaffray and Jessica McPhee will be attending the Commonwealth Day events in London.

19: Commonwealth Day 2015: Message from Her Majesty The Queen - Falklands (Heritage) - 09.03.2015
One simple lesson from history is that when people come together to talk, to exchange ideas and to develop common goals, wonderful things can happen.

20: FALKLAND ISLANDS YOUTH PARLIAMENT Monday, 09 March 2015 - Falklands (Heritage) - 09.03.2015
A meeting of the Falkland islands Youth Parliament took place in the court and Assembly chamber of the Town Hall at 1400hrs on Monday, 09 March 2015.

21: CHANGES TO ACCESS TO THE SOUTH ATLANTIC AIRBRIDGE (SAA) - Falklands (Business News) - 04.03.2015
The MOD has applied limitations to the right to travel on the South Atlantic Air-bridge to certain nationalities.

22: DIRECTOR OF EMERGENCY SERVICES RESIGNS - Falklands (Business News) - 03.03.2015
Barry Marsden has confirmed that he has tendered his resignation from his post as Director of Emergency Services and has notified the Chief Executive of the intention.

23: The Jin Yi investigation: An Update - Falklands (Fisheries) - 02.03.2015
Seven Vietnamese fishermen were repatriated after leaving their fishing boat by jumping into Port William harbour and swimming ashore. Their fishing vessel;

24: GRAHAM FRANCE: 1934 - 2015 - Falklands (Heritage) - 01.03.2015
Graham France was born in 1934 in Horsham, West Sussex, England, UK. He left Worthing High School in 1950

25: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY THURSDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2015 (Beginning Stages) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
A meeting of legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 26 February 2015 in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall. Present were the Hon Speaker, Mr Keith Biles, the Acting Clerk of Council, Mrs Cheri Clifford, the Financial Secretary, Mrs Nicola Granger, the Chief Executive Mr Keith Padgett and the Attorney General, Mr Peter Judge, QC. MLAs present were Cheek, Elsby, Hansen, Poole, Rendell, Short and Summers.

26: PORTFOLIO REPORT OF THE HON MRS JAN CHEEK, MLA (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will start this time with FIDC. They are almost fully staffed now.

27: DEBATE ON THE HON MRS CHEEK’S PORTFOLIO REPORT (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
PR: Mr Speaker, I would like to thank the Honourable Jan Cheek for her report.

28: PORTFOLIO REPORT OF DR THE HON BARRY ELSBY (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, my portfolio responsibilities are for Education as well as Art and Culture.

29: DEBATE ON DR THE HON BARRY ELSBY’S PORTFOLIO REPORT (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
JC: I would like to go back to the written answer I received to a supplementary question. This written answer is public, so I am not giving away any secrets here.

30: Legislative Assembly Question for Written Answer Number 01/2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Please could the Honourable Dr Barry Elsby advise what is being done to cover vacancies in the secondary school in the interim while substantive post holders are being recruited?

31: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH by The Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, to start on a serious note, we were all reminded at Monday’s public meeting of the real concern that many still have when they are faced with the flag waving and other activities of some Argentine visitors.

32: Motion for Adjournment Speech by The Hon Mr Gavin Short MLA: (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, my apologies for being last; I was in a world of my own mostly.

33: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MRS PHYLL RENDELL (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, in rising to support the Motion I would like to, as portfolio holder for Fisheries, make some comments about the events of last week when sadly 9 Vietnamese Fishermen jumped from 2 Taiwanese vessels in our harbours.

34: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH BY THE HON MR IAN HANSEN MLA (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr speaker, Honourable Members, In rising to support the Motion for Adjournment I would like to begin by thanking the Honourable Phyll Rendell for those remarks and I am pretty sure that most of what she has said, I hope, will go some way to challenging the perception that FIG and the industry are doing nothing about the terrible incident that has happened.

35: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH OF THE HON MR MIKE SUMMERS (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
I would just like to thank all the emergency services who took part in the events of last week.

36: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT SPEECH OFDR THE HON BARRY ELSBY (26/02/15) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 26.02.2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I will be even briefer.

37: Falklands: Report: Executive Council held on Wednesday 25 February 2015 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 25.02.2015
Firstly, four papers related to Premier Oil’s drilling programme were discussed. The Director of Mineral Resources and the Environmental Planning Officer attended for these items.

38: RAF Search and Rescue crew honoured in 2015 military awards - Falklands (Heritage) - 23.02.2015
TWO members of a Royal Air Force (RAF) Search and Rescue team who found and rescued a fisherman lost overboard near the Falkland Islands have been honoured in the latest round of military awards.

39: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 17 December 2014 - Falklands (Legal) - 19.12.2014
When reading the minutes from the previous ExCo meeting, it was noted that, with regard to the FM radio service, a transmitter had been installed at Port Howard and it was working well.

40: Joint Ministerial Council Communiqué 2014 - Falklands (Business News) - 03.12.2014
The political leaders and representatives of the UK and the Overseas Territories met as the Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London on 2 and 3 December. We welcomed the newly elected leader of the Government of Montserrat to his first Council.

41: British and German Relatives Attend the Anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands - Falklands (Heritage) - 01.12.2014
British and German relatives of Adm. Sturdee, Adm. Craddock and Adm. Graff Spee attended a week long commemoration of the 1914 Battle of the Falkland Islands.

42: FORCES TV AVAILABLE TO FALKLAND ISLANDS VIEWERS - Falklands (Business News) - 01.12.2014
From the 1st December 2014, British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) was broadcasting an additional TV channel, Forces TV, for viewers in the Falkland Islands.

43: RECRUITMENT ONGOING FOR JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - Falklands (Legal) - 01.12.2014
Recruitment is underway to encourage more members of the community to serve as Justices of the Peace with the Courts and Tribunals Service. Justices of the Peace provide an essential public service within the community, hearing a range of criminal and non-criminal cases in the Summary Court.

44: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 26 November 2014 - Falklands (Business News) - 26.11.2014
The Rolling Action Log was reviewed as normal before the papers for the day. Members sought an update on when the Disciplinary Code for the Judiciary and the Framework Agreement (setting out the responsibilities of the executive branch of Government in respect of the Courts) would be published.

45: 3 Way Archery Postal Shoot – a Victory for the Falklands Team - Falklands (Education) - 21.11.2014
Yet another first for the Falklands and the Falklands Archery Association happened this week with members taking part in a 3 way Handicapped ‘Portsmouth’ Postal Shoot against 2 other UK based archery clubs...Mike McLeod tells us more

As Part of the Schools Inspection process the Education Department Welcomed HMI Mr Mike Chislett an inspector from the education regulator Ofsted to the Falklands as part of the schools' inspection process..

47: Members of A Company, the Rifles try their hand at Archery in the Falklands - Falklands (Education) - 18.11.2014
Twelve members of members of A Company, The Rifles stopprf off at the FIDF Hall while on a visit to the area in Stanley on Wednesday, 19 November 2014.

48: Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 12 November 2014 - Falklands (Legal) - 12.11.2014
First paper we discussed was setting Fishing Access Fees for 2015. John Barton, Director of Natural Resources attended and MLA Rendell excused herself for this discussion.

49: SOCIETY OF EDITORS’ LECTURE GIVEN BY SIR ALAN MOSES - Falklands (Legal) - 09.11.2014
Since it is Sunday you are, no doubt, expecting a sermon. Something from me stern and formidable, delivered from on high, in tales of rebuke, threatening all with hell-fire, damnation and warning you that you are all going to burn.

50: The Falkland Islands Tourist Board Bill 2014 - Falklands (Tourism/Travel) - 04.11.2014
This Bill has been published in the Falkland Islands Gazette and went to a second reading. The debate follows

51: Falklands Retirement Pensions up for Consultation - Falklands (Business News) - 14.10.2014
A public consultation will be carried out by the Falkland Islands Government between the 20th October and the 7th November 2014,

52: New Senior Magistrate and Coroner for the Falklands Appointed - Falklands (Legal) - 07.10.2014
Mrs Clare Faulds, no stranger to the Falklands, has been selected for the role of Senior Magistrate and Coroner to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands.

53: NEW FALKLANDS’ MUSEUM OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Falklands (Heritage) - 12.09.2014
After decades of planning, and a huge amount of dedication from the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust (FIMNT) and supporters, the Falkland Islands’ new Historic Dockyard Museum is nearing completion.

54: DEMINING TO CONTINUE IN THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Environment) - 10.09.2014
A representative from Baric Consultants, Alistair Craib, an FCO Advisor, Jeremy Wilmshurst and several operators interested in bidding for two Falklands’ demining contracts have been visiting the Falklands this week.

MLA Michael Poole is currently overseas attending the United Nations Third International Conference on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) in Apia, Samoa. The theme for the conference is ‘the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States through genuine and durable partnerships.’

The next stage of development for the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Bill and the Crimes Bill began with the Bills being placed in the Gazette on the 15th August 2014.

57: PINK RUNS OVERTAKE THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Health) - 21.05.2014
Stanley saw PINK on Sunday when 171 members of the public wore all shades of the colour and ran in support of breast cancer awareness.

Before introducing our keynote speaker I am very grateful for the opportunity that Robin (Esser) has given me to just very briefly to draw your attention to an important report that has just been published today which focuses on press freedom issues on shores of countries where challenges to press freedom are even more intense and often literally a matter of life and death.

59: MPC THRIFT SHOP PRESENTS CHEQUE TO TS ENDURANCE - Falklands (Heritage) - 28.05.2011
On Saturday the 28th May the MPC Thrift Shop presented a cheque for £1,750 to the cadets and CO of TS Endurance (Sea Cadets) based in Stanley.

60: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Gavin Short - Falklands (Legal) - 29.10.2010
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the motion for Adjournment I would just like to start off by joining other Members in welcoming the new Governor Mr Haywood and his wife to our Islands.

Both Argentina and the United Kingdom are claiming a vast area of seabed from South America to the Antarctic in their latest bids for control of the South Atlantic.

62: A Falklands Poem - Falklands (Heritage) - 13.11.2007
Gus Hales tells it like it is in a moving poem recited at the Cathedral in Stanley on Remembrance Sunday. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) The Sama'82 Standard

63: Falklands Threatened with the Torah - Falklands (Heritage) - 12.08.2006
I'm positive that the first five books of the Word of God were originally written for the Hebrew Nation - Israel - so why does Deuteronomy 28: 52 apply to the Falklands?

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