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1: TEN YEAR PLAN FOR ST HELENA - St Helena (Business News) - 26.01.2016
St Helena has sometimes suffered from a short term approach to planning and this has led, in some cases, to the direction of travel changing or to possible missed opportunities from potential funders.

2: St Helena: QUARTERLY STATISTICAL NEWS BULLETIN; JANUARY 2016 - St Helena (Business News) - 26.01.2016
The Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin for January 2016, covers the period September to December 2015, and contains updates for the annual rate of inflation

3: VIRAL INFECTION ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Health) - 26.01.2016
If parents are concerned about the health of their children they should contact the Hospital immediately to seek further advice.

St Helena is preparing for a Population & Housing Census on Sunday 7 February 2016. The Census will capture essential information on the pre-air access characteristics of the Island population.

5: RMS BACK ON SCHEDULE: BUT UK CARGO DELAYED - St Helena (Business News) - 25.01.2016
The RMS St Helena is now expected to depart Cape Town at 22.00hrs tonight, Monday 25 January 2016 - roughly on her original schedule.

6: GRANT OF ST HELENIAN STATUS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 25.01.2016
In accordance with Section 15(3) of the Immigration Ordinance 2011

7: ST HELENA BADGE OF ARMS - St Helena (Heritage) - 25.01.2016
The St Helena Badge of Arms (pictured below and attached) - also at times referred to as the ‘Heraldic Badge’ - comprises three elements of the St Helena Coat of Arms.

8: SHG TENDERS FOR AEROMEDICAL SERVICE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 25.01.2016
St Helena Government is currently pursuing the development of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an aeromedical evacuation provider and a provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare in South Africa, to commence this year.

9: St Helena: RMS DELAYED AT CAPE TOWN - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 22.01.2016
The RMS St Helena’s next departure from Cape Town will be delayed - until at least the afternoon of Tuesday 26 January 2016

10: St Helena: ADULT SOCIAL CARE TEAM & CHILDRENS SERVICES HAVE MOVED - St Helena (Health) - 22.01.2016
SHG’s new Adult Social Care team which forms part of the Safeguarding Directorate is now based at the Community Care Complex, Ladder Hill. This team supports vulnerable adult members of St Helena’s community, aged 18 to 65 years.

11: St Helena: REPORT IT, SORT IT - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 22.01.2016
The Report It, Sort It initiative was launched on Monday 20 July 2015 - allowing members of the public to report minor faults with SHG services to a dedicated contact point. From August 2015 to January 2016, 22 reports have been made (with 19 resolved).

On 10 December last year St Helena Government welcomed publication of the Wass Inquiry Report, accepted the report’s recommendations and committed to quickly implement them.

13: St Helena: NEW ACTING CHIEF OF POLICE - St Helena (Legal) - 15.01.2016
Acting Chief of Police Pam Trevillion will leave St Helena at the end of her contract on Monday 18 January 2016.

14: Information for St Helenians thinking about returning to the Island - St Helena (Business News) - 15.01.2016
For the first time in many years the population of St Helena is rising.

15: St Helena: SUCCESSFUL RESCUE IN RUPERT’S - St Helena (Health) - 13.01.2016
On Friday 8 January 2016, two teenagers were rescued after becoming trapped on a cliff face in Rupert’s Bay.

16: SHG ACTS ON WASS REPORT RECOMMENDATIONS - St Helena (Legal) - 12.01.2016
On 10 December last year St Helena Government welcomed publication of the Wass Inquiry Report and accepted the report’s recommendations. The Inquiry received SHG’s full support and cooperation and this commitment equally applies to implementation of the report’s recommendations, many of which are already well in hand.

17: St Helena: EXCO REPORT - TUESDAY 12 JANUARY 2016 - St Helena (Legal) - 12.01.2016
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 12 January, to discuss two items on the open agenda.

18: St Helena: AIRPORT DIGITAL NEWS-DESK LAUNCHED - St Helena (Business News) - 12.01.2016
Forthcoming flights at St Helena Airport represent an enormous moment in St Helena’s history and is attracting equally significant and accelerating global media interest

19: St Helena: HEALTH MATTERS Do Something Good for You in 2016 - St Helena (Health) - 11.01.2016
Most of us can be a little bit healthier. Whether it’s making changes to what we eat, drinking more water, or being a bit more physically active. There are lots of small changes we can all make to improve our long-term health.

20: St Helena: LAUNCH OF SAFEGUARDING DRINK-DRIVE POSTER - St Helena (Legal) - 08.01.2016
The St Helena Safeguarding Children Board has today launched a Drink-Drive poster to highlight the fact that ‘alcohol creates a new reality’ - an issue that becomes even more dangerous when those under the influence choose to get behind the wheel of a car and drive.

21: St Helena: RENEWING FIREARMS CERTIFICATES - St Helena (Legal) - 08.01.2016
The Police service would like to remind the public that the onus of responsibility for renewal of firearms certificates rests with the owner or user.

22: St Helena: UPDATE ON CUSTOMS DATA SYSTEM - St Helena (Legal) - 08.01.2016
IT Section Manager, Jeremy Roberts and IT Development & Support Officer, Nicole Richards (pictured), left St Helena in September 2015 for Kingston, Jamaica - to embark on the advanced training course for the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA World).

23: St Helena: 2016 CENSUS - ARE YOU INTERESTED IN COMPLETING IT ONLINE? - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 05.01.2016
On Sunday 7 February 2016 St Helena will be conducting a Population & Housing Census. In addition to the traditional paper forms, an option to complete the Census online is available.

24: St Helena: WOMAN CAUTIONED BY POLICE - St Helena (Legal) - 05.01.2016
A 23 year old female from Half Tree Hollow

25: St Helena: HEAD OF NEWS TO DEPART ON OVERSEAS TRAINING - St Helena (Business News) - 05.01.2016
SHG Press Office’s Head of News, Kerisha Stevens, departs the Island tomorrow, Wednesday 6 January 2016, to study for a Social Media for Business Diploma with the Pitman Training Group in central London.

26: ST HELENA: HEALTH MATTERS - ALCOHOL AWARENESS - St Helena (Health) - 04.01.2016
Men should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol each week, no more than four units in any one day and have at least two alcohol-free days a week.

27: St Helena: WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES - St Helena (Environment) - 04.01.2016
Waste Management Services wishes to advise the public that with effect from today, Monday 4 January 2016

28: St Helena: NEW YEARS HONOURS 2016 - St Helena (Heritage) - 30.12.2015
For 17 years, prior to turtle conservation becoming part of the remit of the Ascension Island Government, Jacqueline was the backbone of green turtle conservation on Ascension Island, leading a group of volunteers which worked to monitor and conserve the species

29: St Helena: CHILDREN’S SERVICES MOVING TO WHITE WALL - St Helena (Health) - 15.12.2015
With effect from Friday 18 December 2015, the Children’s Services Division of the Safeguarding Directorate will be moving to a new, dedicated building behind Ebony View, near White Wall.

30: St Helena: WASS INQUIRY REPORT: SUPPORT SERVICES AVAILABLE - St Helena (Legal) - 10.12.2015
The Wass Inquiry Report into Allegations Surrounding Child Safeguarding Issues on St Helena and Ascension Island was today published by the UK Government.

31: St Helena: WASS INQUIRY REPORT PUBLISHED - St Helena (Legal) - 10.12.2015
St Helena Government (SHG) today welcomes publication of the Wass Inquiry Report into Allegations Surrounding Child Safeguarding Issues on St Helena and Ascension Island

32: St Helena: SECOND CALIBRATION FLIGHT - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 10.12.2015
The second round of Calibration Flights is planned to take place between Sunday 13 December and Sunday 20 December 2015.

33: PAT MUSK RETIRES AS SHERIFF OF ST HELENA - St Helena (Heritage) - 09.12.2015
St Helena’s Sheriff, Greta Pat Musk MBE JP, will retire from her role as Sheriff on Wednesday 30 December 2015.

34: St Helena: DEPUTY HARBOUR MASTER RETURNS FROM OVERSEAS TRAINING - St Helena (Shipping/Freight) - 08.12.2015
Deputy Harbour Master Steve Kirk (pictured) left St Helena on Friday 9 October 2015, for the Mediterranean Island of Malta, for three weeks of SHG-funded training, arriving back on the Island on 28 November 2015.

35: St Helena: UPDATE ON SECOND CALIBRATION FLIGHT - St Helena (Business News) - 08.12.2015
Further to the press release of 4 December 2015, St Helena Airport Manager Nigel Spackman has today advised that the second Calibration flight is now due to arrive on Sunday 13 December 2015.

36: St Helena: NEW ADDITIONS TO SAFEGUARDING TEAM - St Helena (Legal) - 08.12.2015
The Safeguarding Directorate recently welcomed two new local staff members to its team - Social Care Officers Anna Crowie and Patra Duncan

37: St Helena: RMS UPDATE - St Helena (Shipping/Freight) - 08.12.2015
Further to the press release of 4 December 2015, regarding the RMS St Helena’s delayed departure from Cape Town, SHG can now report that the RMS left Cape Town on Monday 7 December 2015 at around 3pm.

38: St Helena: CLIMATE CHANGE ON A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE - St Helena (Environment) - 07.12.2015
Currently taking place in Paris, France, until 11 December 2015 is the 21st UN Framework Conference on Climate Change.

39: HEALTH MATTERS: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - St Helena (Health) - 07.12.2015
Following previous articles around healthy eating I thought that this week I would look at the Eatwell Plate....

40: St Helena: 2016 CENSUS YOU LIKE TO COMPLETE IT ONLINE? - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 07.12.2015
The Statistics Office is now in the final stages of preparing the Questionnaire to be used in the 2016 Population & Housing Census.

41: St Helena: RMS DEPARTURE FROM CAPE TOWN DELAYED - St Helena (Shipping/Freight) - 04.12.2015
Currently in dock at Cape Town is the RMS St Helena, scheduled to depart on Sunday 6 December 2015.

42: St Helena: SECOND CALIBRATION FLIGHT TO ARRIVE SHORTLY - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 04.12.2015
A second round of Calibration flights for St Helena Airport is planned for next week, with the Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft due to arrive on Saturday 12 December 2015 and depart around Sunday 20 December.

43: St Helena: SECOND CALIBRATION FLIGHT TO ARRIVE SHORTLY - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 04.12.2015
A second round of Calibration flights for St Helena Airport is planned for next week, with the Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft due to arrive on Saturday 12 December 2015 and depart around Sunday 20 December.

44: St Helena: NEW PROBATION OFFICER FOR PRISON SERVICE - St Helena (Legal) - 04.12.2015
Damian Small arrived on St Helena at the end of October 2015 to undertake his role as a Probation Officer working at HM Prison, Jamestown.

45: St Helena: ‘SHG - A GREAT PLACE TO WORK AND DO BUSINESS WITH’ - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 04.12.2015
A Prospectus for Change 2016-2019 was yesterday launched by St Helena Government to achieve its vision of ‘SHG - A Great Place to Work and do Business With’.

46: ST HELENA MEDIA REVIEW - St Helena (Business News) - 04.12.2015
Further to the press release of 12 October 2015 on the forthcoming St Helena Media Review, please note that Chief Secretary Roy Burke has replaced Niall O’Keeffe on the Sub-committee which will carry out the review of current media services on St Helena.

The St Helena Safeguarding Children Board recently allocated funding for the Dental Clinic to procure a Fluid Air Abrasion unit.

48: St Helena: EXCO REPORT - TUESDAY 1 DECEMBER 2015 - St Helena (Legal) - 01.12.2015
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 1 December 2015, with two items on the Open Agenda.

49: TRADITIONAL TEA DANCES ON ST HELENA RETURN - St Helena (Heritage) - 01.12.2015
A well known tradition on St Helena has been occasional Tea Dances - held for more senior members of the community to bring them together to enjoy common activities and pursuits.

As announced on 23 October 2015, the Director of Safeguarding, Greg Hall, will depart St Helena in December this year in order to take up another role in Australia.

Over the last three weeks a Public Awareness Campaign on parking has been run by the St Helena Police Service.

52: St Helena: ACTING GOVERNOR SWORN IN - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 30.11.2015
On the morning of Saturday 28 November 2015, Head of the Governor’s Office, Sean Burns, took the prescribed Oaths as Acting Governor in the presence of the Sheriff, Mrs Pat Musk MBE JP

53: St Helena: UTILITIES REGULATORY AUTHORITY REPORT ON CONNECT - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 25.11.2015
The St Helena Utilities Regulatory Authority has today published its second annual ‘Report on the Quality of Services Provided by Connect Saint Helena Limited, 2014/15’.

54: OVERSIZE VEHICLES: THE RULES ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 24.11.2015
The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate wishes to remind the public that any owner considering purchasing or importing large vehicles must adhere to the dimensions and weights set out in the Road Traffic Regulations CAP101, Part VI, Item 33 and Road Traffic Regulations, CAP101, Part VI, Item 42.

55: St Helena: SUPREME COURT IN SESSION - St Helena (Legal) - 23.11.2015
The formal opening of the St Helena Supreme Court took place today, Monday 23 November, at 10am. Civil and Criminal cases will be heard by the Supreme Court until Thursday 17 December 2015.

56: St Helena: DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ARRIVES TO JOIN CID - St Helena (Legal) - 17.11.2015
Phillip Xavier arrived on Island on 7 November 2015 to undertake his role as a Detective Constable specialising in assault cases for St Helena’s Police Service.

What are they? Foods of animal origin refer to those daily foods we all consume that have been produced from animals - mainly meat and meat products, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

58: St Helena: CHARLIE’S EBONY REVIVAL LEDGE - St Helena (Environment) - 17.11.2015
On Saturday 14 November 2015, a small ceremony (pictured) was held at Ebony Point, near Blue Hill on St Helena, to rename the ledge from which Charlie Benjamin climbed down to collect cuttings of the endemic St Helena Ebony plant, Trochetiopsis ebenus (pictured) - rediscovered by George Benjamin and Quinton Cronk, on 11 November 1980.

59: St Helena: GOVERNOR CAPES TO DEPART ON OVERSEAS BUSINESS & LEAVE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 16.11.2015
HE Governor and Mrs Capes will depart for Ascension Island on Monday 23 November 2015, then onward to the UK.

60: St Helena: 2016 CENSUS PILOT - St Helena (Business News) - 16.11.2015
In the week beginning Monday 23 November 2015 the Statistics Office will be piloting the questionnaire to be used in the 2016 Population & Housing Census.

61: UK STATE PENSIONS MEETING ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 16.11.2015
Councillor Lawson Henry will be attending the annual Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) meeting in London from 2 December 2015, departing St Helena on Monday 23 November.

62: St Helena:PROPOSED NEW FOOD SAFETY LEGISLATION - St Helena (Health) - 11.11.2015
Why stop the way backyard slaughter has been done for many years? It is necessary to apply strict law for slaughterhouses and one of the aims of the current draft regulations is to do away with inappropriate slaughtering facilities and unsatisfactory slaughtering techniques often associated with less hygienic backyard slaughtering.

63: St helena: TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY A SUCCESS - St Helena (Education) - 11.11.2015
On Friday 6 November 2015 St Helena celebrated its inaugural Teacher Appreciation Day - when teachers on the Island received thank you notes, handmade gifts and other treats from schoolchildren and fellow colleagues alike - highlighting the value and importance placed on teachers within St Helena’s community.

64: St Helena: BIOSECURITY DETECTOR DOG JOINS THE TEAM - St Helena (Health) - 09.11.2015
From Sunday 1 November 2015, the St Helena Biosecurity Team’s work is being assisted by a four-legged recruit - biosecurity detector dog Harriet (photo attached).

65: St Helena: HEALTH MATTERS FOOD HYGIENE PART 3 - St Helena (Health) - 09.11.2015
This is our last article on food hygiene and I hope you have found them useful.

The St Helena Airport Programme Board - comprising SHG, DFID, FCO and Basil Read - yesterday recommended that it would be necessary and prudent to grant a short period of additional time in order to fine tune the operational readiness of St Helena Airport.

67: St Helena: PARKING AWARENESS CAMPAIGN : JAMESTOWN - St Helena (Education) - 06.11.2015
The Police will be running a Parking Awareness Campaign during November.

68: St Helena: AIRPORT MAJOR INCIDENT EXERCISE - St Helena (Business News) - 06.11.2015
A large scale major incident exercise took place at St Helena Airport on Wednesday 4 November 2015, as part of the Airport certification audits.

69: St Helena: PROPOSED NEW FOOD SAFETY LEGISLATION - St Helena (Health) - 03.11.2015
What does ‘food business’ mean? Under the proposed new legislation, ‘food business’ means any trade or business, whether for profit or not, both public and private, in the course of which any operation with respect to the production, processing, handling or distribution of food is carried out.

Tuesday 3 November 2015, marks exactly four years since the signing of the Design, Build and Operate contract between St Helena Government and Basil Read to build an Airport on St Helena

71: EXCO REPORT - TUESDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2015 - St Helena (Legal) - 03.11.2015
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 3 November 2015, to consider three Items on the Open Agenda.

72: St Helena: COMMUNITY NURSING RELOCATION - St Helena (Health) - 03.11.2015
The St Helena Community Nursing Service wishes to advise the public that they will be temporarily relocating from St John’s Villa, Jamestown - to the Half Tree Hollow (HTH) Clinic.

73: St Helena: QUARTERLY STATISTICAL NEWS BULLETIN - St Helena (Business News) - 03.11.2015
The St Helena Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin for November 2015 covers the period July to September 2015 (Quarter 3), and contains updates for the annual rate of Inflation of the Retail Price Index, high level economic updates, estimated population, arrivals and departures and an update on the 2016 Census. The bulletin is available on the SHG website at:

74: St Helena: HOUSING MATTERS - St Helena (Business News) - 02.11.2015
The Housing team forms part of the Environmental & Natural Resources Directorate and has two permanent staff members - Housing Management Officer Tracey Thomas, and CS Housing Officer, Michael Bedwell.

75: St Helena: CAREERS FAIR 2015 - St Helena (Business News) - 30.10.2015
On Wednesday, 28 October 2015, St Helena’s annual Careers Fair was held at Prince Andrew School from 10am to 3.30pm and from 6.30 to 8pm.

During April 2015 the Police Service alerted the community to a report of a serious offence having been committed near the Jamestown Museum (see original message from Chief of Police on 2 April below).

77: St Helena: EXCO REPORT - THURSDAY 29 OCTOBER 2015 - St Helena (Legal) - 29.10.2015
Executive Council met today, Thursday 29 October 2015, with five items on the Open Agenda.

78: St Heelena: COUNCILLOR THOMAS RETURNS FROM CPA MEETINGS - St Helena (Business News) - 26.10.2015
Councillor Derek Thomas (pictured) returned from London on 14 October 2015, having attended meetings of the CPA Executive Committee and the 61st General Assembly which were hosted at Westminster Bridge Hotel, in London, from Friday 2 to 5 October 2015.

Another milestone was reached yesterday, Wednesday 14 October 2015, at St Helena Airport - as the Wildcat helicopter from HMS Lancaster touched down and became the first ever rotary-wing aircraft to land at the Island’s Airport.

80: ST HELENA WELCOMES ROYAL NAVY - St Helena (Heritage) - 15.10.2015
Royal Navy Frigate HMS Lancaster and fuel tanker RFA Gold Rover, arrived at St Helena on Monday 12 October 2015 to take part in the bicentennial anniversary of Napoleon’s arrival to the Island - exactly 200 years ago today, 15 October 2015.

Laws change to keep up with ever evolving changes and values in societies.

82: St Helena: BIRTHDAY HONOURS 2016: - St Helena (Heritage) - 12.10.2015
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office invites nominations for the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

83: COMMEMORATION OF NAPOLEON’S EXILE - St Helena (Heritage) - 12.10.2015
A Bicentennial Commemoration of Napoleon’s exile to St Helena took place at Napoleon’s Tomb on Sunday 11 October 2015 at 3pm .

84: St Helena: ROYAL NAVY ARRIVES - St Helena (Heritage) - 12.10.2015
Two Royal Navy vessels, Type 23 Frigate HMS Lancaster and fuel tanker RFA Gold Rover, arrived at St Helena this afternoon, Monday 12 October 2015 -

85: St Helena: CANCER AWARENESS MONTH - St Helena (Health) - 12.10.2015
Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably.

86: ST HELENA MEDIA REVIEW - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 12.10.2015
A Sub-committee of the Economic Development Committee has today been established to carry out an independent review of the current provision of media services on St Helena -

87: LIZ MARCH RETIRES AFTER 25 YEARS WITH AUDIT OFFICE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 12.10.2015
Liz March (commonly known as Vilma) retired from the St Helena Audit Service on Monday 12 October 2015 after completing 25 years of service with the Audit team and 44 years with St Helena Government.

88: St Helena: SENIOR STAFF MOVEMENTS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 06.10.2015
Chief Secretary Roy Burke will return to the Island later than planned due to a family bereavement while on overseas leave.

89: St Helena: DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ORDINANCE - St Helena (Environment) - 06.10.2015
The public are reminded that the draft Environmental Protection Ordinance remains out for public consultation until Friday 9 October 2015.

90: St Helena: FORTHCOMING COMAIR AIR SERVICES - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 06.10.2015
Comair’s air services between St Helena Airport and OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg are scheduled to commence in late February 2016.

The public is reminded that St Helena’s Mental Health Ordinance is currently out for public consultation.

92: St Helena: EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER 2015 - St Helena (Legal) - 06.10.2015
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 6 October 2015, with three items on the Open Agenda.

93: St Helena: REPORT IT, SORT IT - St Helena (Environment) - 06.10.2015
The Report It, Sort It initiative was mobilised with SHG employees on Friday 17 July 2015 and officially launched on Monday 20 July 2015.

94: St Helena: 2015 COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS IN THE UK - St Helena (Education) - 05.10.2015
The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is open for applications - including to St Helena residents - for a Scholarship in the United Kingdom from October 2016...

95: St Helena: ROCKFALL AT WHARF ON SATURDAY - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 05.10.2015
At approximately 11.50 am on Saturday 3 October 2015 a section of stone parapet wall gave way on Mundens’ Road above the Wharf, resulting in a rock fall and subsequent damage to the roof of the Customs Shed. The Roads Section is pleased to report that no-one was injured.

96: St Helena: SHG AMBULANCES - St Helena (Health) - 30.09.2015
Under SHG’s established procurement processes, the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate, together with the Health Directorate and Corporate Services, procured and took delivery of two new Ambulances in early September.

97: St Helenians TRAVELLING TO SOUTH AFRICA WITH CHILDREN? - St Helena (Health) - 04.08.2015
The Immigration Service would like to remind all persons travelling with children under the age of 18 to South Africa of a change in entry regulations.

98: St Helena: DRY DOCKING OF RMS ST HELENA - UPDATE - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 30.07.2015
The RMS St Helena did not enter Dry Dock in Cape Town yesterday afternoon as had been planned, due to high winds, which impacted most port operations. As the weather has improved today, the RMS was due to move into the dry dock around 11.00hrs GMT.

99: SEA FREIGHT SERVICE POST-RMS - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 24.06.2015
SHG is pleased to announce that AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSML) has been selected as Preferred Bidder for the sea freight service to St Helena after the RMS St Helena leaves service next year.

100: PARENTS PROTECT AWARENESS SESSION - St Helena (Health) - 23.03.2015
A Parents Protect Awareness Session will be held at the Jamestown Community Centre tomorrow evening, Tuesday 24 March 2015,

101: SHIPPING - POST-RMS FREIGHT SERVICES UPDATE - St Helena (Business News) - 10.12.2014
The public will be aware of recent visits from potential Ocean Freight Services providers Seafast, Hartman Project Lines (HPL) and Meihuizen Atlantic Islands Services (MAIS) between October and November this year.

102: ST HELENA SUPREME COURT CONCLUDES - St Helena (Legal) - 10.12.2014
At the conclusion of the current sitting of the St Helena Supreme Court on Monday (8 December 2014), St Helena Government and the St Helena Police Service welcomed the sentences handed down by the Chief Justice, and hope this sends a clear message to the community.

As previously announced, a new Safeguarding Directorate will be created in SHG from Monday 1 December 2014, the purpose of which is to - Protect and Safeguard Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults at Risk or Suffering From Abuse.

104: CORPORATE SUPPORT THANKS POPPY APPEAL DONATORS - St Helena (Business News) - 28.11.2014
Corporate Support staff would like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who supported this year’s fundraising in aid of the 2014 Poppy Appeal Fund and to all who attended the Remembrance Service on Sunday 9 November 2014.

105: WHARF USAGE - REMINDER - St Helena (Business News) - 27.11.2014
The public is reminded that no unathorised vehicles can be parked on the Wharf after working hours (ie from 4pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday). Similarly at weekends, the Wharf will be closed from 4pm Friday afternoon through to Monday morning at 8.30pm.

106: ATTORNEY GENERAL SWORN IN - St Helena (Legal) - 26.11.2014
On 26 November 2014, Nicola Moore was sworn in as Attorney General for St Helena, taking the required Oaths necessary to serve on Executive and Legislative Councils, in the presence of Acting Governor Sean Burns.

107: EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 25 NOVEMBER - St Helena (Legal) - 25.11.2014
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 25 November 2014, to consider three items on the open agenda.

108: ANDREW WEIR GROUP ANNOUNCES SALE OF SHIPPING LINE - St Helena (Business News) - 21.11.2014
The owners of the Andrew Weir Group (AWG) recently embarked on a financial restructuring exercise to enable a debt owed to the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund (MNOPF) to be cleared and to move forward on other core non-marine activities.

109: SUPREME COURT IN SESSION - St Helena (Business News) - 19.11.2014
The formal opening of the St Helena Supreme Court took place yesterday, Tuesday 18 November, at 2pm. Various Civil and Criminal cases will be heard by the Supreme Court until Wednesday 10 December 2014.

110: SHG Concerns about unauthorised Access Road use - St Helena (Business News) - 19.11.2014
In recent weeks, there has been a considerable increase in the unauthorised use of the Airport Access Road, leading to concerns about the safety of the public and protection of the environment.

111: SHG UK REPRESENTATIVE’S OFFICE - NEW CONTACT DETAILS - St Helena (Business News) - 18.11.2014
The public is advised that the SHG UK Representative, Mrs Kedell Worboys MBE and her team will be moving office on Thursday 20 November 2014.

112: St HELENA GIS DAY 2014 - St Helena (Education) - 18.11.2014
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Day is a worldwide event held every year in more than 80 countries across the world.

113: St Helena: Good news for the General Hospital - St Helena (Health) - 18.11.2014
2 Articles The St Helena General Hospital has recently received two new operating tables from the Lund University Hospital in Sweden, sourced by the Medico Technical Engineer, Jorgen Larsson from the Swedish Hospital where our Senior Medical Officer, Dr Attila Frigyesi hails from.

Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean recently returned to the Island having attended the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference and 34th Small Branches Conference in Cameroon, in October of this year. The 34th Small Branches Conference comprised of three plenary sessions:

Prince Andrew School commemorated Remembrance Day in a special assembly, led by students from Year 12, on Tuesday 11 November 2014.

116: LIFELONG LEARNING CERTIFICATE PRESENTATION 2014 - St Helena (Education) - 14.11.2014
The Lifelong Learning Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, 13 November 2014 at the Education Learning Centre. Awards went to individuals who participated and completed the Livelihoods Programme, Apprenticeship Scheme and NVQs in Customer Service, Crop Production, Health and Social Care, Environmental Conservation, Land Based and Business Administration.

Today, it has been announced that the operations of St Helena Airport will be supported by the UK Met Office, one of the world's foremost weather and climate service providers. The UK Met Office will be responsible for providing an on-Island weather forecasting service.

118: St Helena: CLOSURE OF CUSTOMS TAX AND PORT MANAGEMENT BUILDING - St Helena (Business News) - 13.11.2014
The public is advised that the Customs, Tax and Port Management building will be closed

119: St Helena MAJOR INCIDENT EXERCISE - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 11.11.2014
As previously announced in June of this year, SHG and the private sector are gearing up for a major incident exercise to be held on St Helena on Wednesday 17 December 2014.

120: JOINT MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE – PROGRESS REPORT - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 07.11.2014
St Helena Government has uploaded its progress report on the commitments made at the Joint Ministerial Conference in 2013.

121: St Helena: ACTING GOVERNOR TAKES THE OATHS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 06.11.2014
Head of the Governor’s Office, Sean Burns, this afternoon took the prescribed Oaths as Acting Governor, in the presence of the Acting Sheriff of St Helena, Mr Harry Legg OBE JP,

122: STEDSON FRANCIS RECEIVES BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL - St Helena (Heritage) - 05.11.2014
At a special dinner, hosted by HE Governor Capes last evening (4 November 2014), Stedson Graham Francis of Thompsons Wood was formally presented with his British Empire Medal (BEM), awarded to him under HM Queen’s Birthday Honours in June of this year.

123: BUDGETARY AID MISSION DRAWS TO A CLOSE - St Helena (Business News) - 05.11.2014
The DFID Budgetary Aid Mission (BAM) comprising team members, Senior Economic Adviser, Doug Winslow, Senior Social Development Adviser, Mary Thompson and St Helena Programme Manager, David Finan depart the Island tomorrow (6 November 2014) having held discussions for agreeing a three year budget for St Helena.

The Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP), part of St Helena Government’s Airport Project, is progressing well, with new staff recruitments, facilities and plants.

125: St Helena - EXCO REPORT – TUESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 - St Helena (Legal) - 23.09.2014
Executive Council met today, Tuesday 23 September, for a special meeting to consider the development of a hotel in Jamestown.

126: St Helena: GOVERNOR WELCOMES NEW SENIOR COLLEAGUES - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 23.06.2014
HE Governor Capes formally welcomed the new Chief Secretary, Roy Burke and his wife Jill, and the new DfID resident Representative Morgan Riley - at a reception at Plantation House on Friday 20 June 2014

127: The Directors – Part VI Carol George, Director of Health and Social Welfare - St Helena (Business News) - 02.06.2011
St Helena Government has introduced a new directorate structure which came into effect on 1st April. Because of this, instead of Departments SHG now has ten Directorates.

128: New Head Teacher for Prince Andrew School - St Helena (Education) - 13.01.2011
The new Head Teacher of Prince Andrew School, Abraham Swart accompanied by his wife arrived on island on Tuesday, 11th January 2011.

129: St. Helena: A Fishery on the Way Up! - St Helena (Fisheries) - 02.04.2003
St. Helena's fishery is quite different than that of South Georgia. The style and approach of stock assessmant and management reflect the uniqueness of the fishery.

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