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Articles published in February 2011
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1: South Georgia Station to Monitor World Magnetic Reversal - S.Georgia (Environment) - 24.02.2011
A magnetic observatory is being re-established on South Georgia to provide vital data on the 'South Atlantic Anomaly' as scientists monitor a possible reversal of the earth's magnetic field. Sarah Lurcock from the South Georgia website tells us more.

2: St Helena EXCO REPORT 61 – 22nd February 2011 - S.Atlantic (Legal) - 23.02.2011
Not long ago I suggested that we would only need one EXCO per month and now, largely as a result of the pressure created by the MOU, we find that we have to have one every week.

3: HMS GLAMORGAN ’82 WAR DEAD REMEMBERED - Falklands (Heritage) - 19.02.2011
Fourteen crew members aboard HMS Glamorgan who died in the 1982 Conflict with Argentina were remembered with the unveilling of a memorial rock of polished Welsh Granite at Hookers’ Point in the Falklands.

2011 is going to be celebrated as “World Veterinary Year” because it is 250 years since the founding of the first veterinary school in Lyon, France in 1761.

5: St Helena announces Closing Date Approaches for Commenting on Various Bills - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 19.02.2011
The closing date for submitting comments on various tax and customs related Bills is approaching. The Bills in question include the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, the Service Tax Bill, the Hotel Accommodation Tax (Repeal) Bill, and the Customs (Amendment) Bill. These have been issued as part of the wider Tax Reform proposal which is currently out for public consultation.

6: St Helena EXCO REPORT 69 – 15th February 2011 - St Helena (Legal) - 19.02.2011
Executive Councils are flowing thick and fast at present. Much of the reason for that is of course the MOU and the timed targets to which we are working. However today’s meeting was quite a short one with only two items but worth holding none the less as we anticipate a far longer one next week.

7: St Helena Update on Economist - St Helena (Business News) - 19.02.2011
In early January 2011 St Helena Government appointed on a three month contract, Harry Shutt as an Economist.

8: Illex Season Begins in the Falklands - Falklands (Fisheries) - 19.02.2011
The annual migration of jiggers from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China began in earnest over the weekend of 12 – 13 February 2011 with most coming on Monday, 14 February and Tuesday, 15 February 2011.

9: St Helena Airport Project Update (18/02/11) - St Helena (Business News) - 19.02.2011
Now that the pause status has been lifted for the airport project, and a new Invitation to Tender has been issued, we are once again able to go out to the market to seek to engage the services of a suitably qualified Project Management Unit (PMU).

10: St Helena - Meet the VSOs – Curriculum and Trainer Developer - St Helena (Business News) - 19.02.2011
This is the third article in a three-part series that introduces the three volunteers who are currently on the Island. This week we meet Christine Bull who is working with SHAPE.

11: Ascension Island Election Information - Ascension (Gen - Government) - 19.02.2011
His Excellency the Acting Governor has given notice that a General Election shall be held on Friday 25th February 2011.

12: Community Safety and Chief Police Officer to Leave Falklands Post in March - Falklands (Legal) - 18.02.2011
In a press release from the Falkland Islands Government, the Community safety and Chief Police Officer, Chief Superintendent Gary Flinchett, after very careful consideration, has decided to leave his post at the end of March. The Press release went on to say that it was due to personal family reasons which required him to return to the UK on a permanent basis as soon as practicable.

13: PHASE 2 OF LANDMINE CLEARANCE PROJECT TO BEGIN IN NOVEMBER 2011 - Falklands (Environment) - 11.02.2011
Alistair Craib of BARIC Consultants Ltd, Richard Lindsay Deputy Head of International Security and Arms Control/ Nuclear and Missile Defence at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Lt Col Peter Sonnex International Humanitarian law Policy, are in the Falklands to pave the way for phase 2 of a pilot mine clearing project begun in the Austral summer of 2009/2010.

14: Second Round of Human Rights Training in the Falklands Proposed - Falklands (Heritage) - 11.02.2011
The Commonwealth Foundation proposes that the training in Human Rights Capacity takes place in the Falklands during the week commencing 25th April 2011.

15: FIRS THROWS THE SPOTLIGHT ON DICK SAWLE (09/02/11) - Falklands (Business News) - 11.02.2011
A period of public consultation is underway for the draft telecommunications amendment bill. The bill will establish a new regime for satellite telecommunications services in the Islands. Today I will be speaking to Councillor Dick Sawle (DS) about the consultation document.

16: GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE MEETING REPORT 26/01/11 - Falklands (Business News) - 11.02.2011
The General Purposes Committee met on Wednesday, 26 January 2011. On Monday, 31 January 2011 the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek briefed the press about what happened during this important committee meeting.

17: St Helena EXCO REPORT 59 – 8th February 2011 - St Helena (Legal) - 11.02.2011
We were able to welcome Councillor Brian Isaac as a substitute for Councillor Mervyn Yon, who is leaving on the RMS to represent us at the EU-OCT Forum in New Caledonia.

18: St Helena Welcomes Locum Medical Officer - St Helena (Health) - 11.02.2011
Arriving on the RMS today was a Medical Officer, who had been recruited to work on St Helena for a short period of time until the arrival of the new resident surgeon, who experienced last minute travel difficulties and was unable to connect with the RMS in Cape Town on 25 January as planned.

19: Meet the VSOs for St Helena - St Helena (Heritage) - 11.02.2011
Following representations from the Department for International Development (DfID), Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) agreed in 2010 to help with the recruitment of personnel for St Helena. This programme is funded by DfID and as a result of this three volunteers are currently on the Island working with SHG and Civil Society.

20: St Helena Bills Published for Consultation - St Helena (Legal) - 11.02.2011
The St Helena Government formally announced today that four Bills will be published for public consultation. These are to include the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, the Service Tax Bill, the Hotel Accommodation Tax (Repeal) Bill, and the Customs (Amendment) Bill. These Bills are being issued as part of the wider Tax Reform proposal currently out for public consultation.

21: New Public Solicitor Recruited for St Helena - St Helena (Legal) - 11.02.2011
A new Public Solicitor has been recruited for St Helena and is due to arrive in April of this year.

Rockhopper Exploration has announced the Results of 14/10-3 Exploration Well, stating that 64m good quality gross reservoir was encountered with 7.3m net pay with low oil saturation. Though live oil was recovered to surface from MDT, the well, on a stand-alone basis, considered to be un-commercial. However, the results are considered technically encouraging for reservoir development within the Sea Lion prospect.

23: St Helena's Councillor Yon to attend Overseas Forum - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 11.02.2011
Councillor Mervyn Yon departed the Island on Tuesday 8th February to attend the annual European Union Overseas Countries and Territories Forum in New Caledonia.

24: Falklands Summary of Executive Council Meeting Held on 27 January 2011 - Falklands (Legal) - 07.02.2011
Sitting on Executive Council in January were Hon Sharon Halford, Hon Jan Cheek and Hon Glenn Ross but for the planning appeal paper the Hon Roger Edwards and the Hon Bill Luxton stood in for Sharon and Jan as they are members of the Planning and Building Committee and could therefore not take that particular paper.

25: St Helena ExCo Report 59 – 1st February 2011 - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 03.02.2011
At the start of today’s meeting, I welcomed Mrs Gillian Francis, whom I had earlier once more sworn in as an ex officio Councillor whilst Acting Chief Secretary.

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