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1: Public Meeting Report 26 July 2011 (Part 1) - Falklands (Business News) - 30.07.2011
A public meeting was held in the Court and Assembly Chambers of the Town hall at 1700hrs on Tuesday, 26 July 2011. Present were Councillors Edwards (EE), E, Edwards, R (RE), Short, G (GS), Halford, S (SH) and Summers, M (MS). The Hon Mr Gavin Short Chaired the meeting.

2: PUBLIC MEETING REPORT TUESDAY, 26 JULY 2011 (Part 1-b) - Falklands (Business News) - 30.07.2011
I guess you people have given this quite a lot of thought because it affects you very directly. What other changes to the system had you thought about that might be possible that would assist?

3: PUBLIC MEETING REPORT TUESDAY, 26 JULY 2011 (Part 2) - Falklands (Business News) - 30.07.2011
I hear all sorts of comments that FIG corporate directors were ordered to attend sessions. Perhaps middle management were ordered to attend perhaps rather fearful of there not being sufficient numbers to carry any weight of the day

4: St Helena EXCO REPORT 76 – 26th July 2011 - Tristan (Business News) - 30.07.2011
After the long LEGCO session yesterday, the EXCO Councillors were back at work this morning and were confronted by yet another agenda with some solid substance.

5: St Helena Commissions Asphalt Mixing Plant - St Helena (Business News) - 30.07.2011
The Indian staff from the Pari-Max team have now left the island following their visit to commission the new asphalt mixing plant at Donkey Plain. Unfortunately they discovered that some vital parts have not been delivered, including a gear box, pump and some connecting pipework. This has been brought to the attention of the relevant companies and they are trying to get a full list of the missing parts.

The Home and International Committee is holding its annual meeting with Civil Society Organisations on Monday 15th August at 5pm in Jamestown Community Centre. Representatives from all civil society organisations are cordially invited to attend.

Over 200 people took advantage of a gloriously sunny day to visit Longwood House on Saturday, when it was open all day to the public. The gardens and the House itself were at their best, and visitors were able to see and appreciate the many different aspects of Napoleon’s legacy that attracts many tourists to St Helena. Several Saints had never visited the House before, and many had not been since they were children at school.

With the approach of air access, increasing numbers of tourists, and especially increasing demands for high quality service for visitors and residents alike, it is important that agreed standards are developed for tourism services on St Helena.

9: St Helena Financial Secretary Launches Budget for 2011-12 - St Helena (Business News) - 30.07.2011
The Budget Estimates for 2011-12 represent a significant breakthrough in modernising the public sector’s financial management processes. For the first time, the figures presented in this budget are based on the principles of accrual accounting, where operating expenditure and capital investment have been clearly separated.

“The public are advised that with effect from 21 July 2011 the Education & Employment Directorate will be jointly managed by Mrs Beverly Francis,

11: SG Sets Good Example to Damaging Long-line Fisheries - S.Georgia (Fisheries) - 30.07.2011
More than 333,000 seabirds a year are still being killed as a result of global long-line fishing according to a study by the RSPB and Bird Life International.

In his monthly report, Owen summers, General Manager of Falkland Landholdings Corp. has reported healthy yearly profits compared to last year

13: FIRS GOES ONE TO ONE WITH DICK SAWLE (29.07.11) - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2011
The 57th annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference was held recently in London with Councillor Dick Sawle representing the Falklands’ Legislative Assembly. On today’s programme Councillor Sawle (DS) will be explaining what issues were discussed during the week and he began by describing the format of the conference.

14: Falklands General Purposes Committee Report for 27 July 2011 - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 30.07.2011
Report on the General Purposes Committee held on the 27th July. All members were present with the exception of the Hons W Luxton, Jan Cheek and Dick Sawle who are all overseas at the moment.

15: FALKLAND ISLANDS HUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESS TRAINING BEGINS WITH A REFRESHER LECTURE - Falklands (Heritage) - 23.07.2011This article has photographs
Lindi Coetzee, Selina Goulbourne and Rosanna Mesquita, three Human Rights Trainers, have arrived in the Falklands and will conduct Human Rights training during the week of 19 to 25 July 2011.

16: HUMAN RIGHTS CAPACITY LECTURES WELL ATTENDED - Falklands (Heritage) - 23.07.2011This article has photographs
Three Human Rights Trainers, Lindi Coetzee, Selina Goulbourne and Rosanna Mesquita have arrived in the Falklands and will conduct Human Rights training during the week of 19 to 25 July 2011.

17: Hydatids: Trial Results and Implications for the future treatment of dogs - Falklands (Agriculture) - 23.07.2011
In the morning session of Farmers’ Week on Wednesday, 06 July 2011 Mr Steve Pointing, Senior Veterinary officer presented trial results from last year’s Hydatid tests carried out on the faeces of all dogs in the Falklands.

18: 57th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference Report - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 23.07.2011
Close to 700 Commonwealth Parliamentarians and parliamentary officials will meet in London over the coming week to mark the Centennial of the founding of the Commonwealth’s oldest organization.

19: HMS EDINBURGH ARRIVES IN THE FALKLAND ISLANDS - Falklands (Business News) - 23.07.2011This article has photographs
HMS Edinburgh arrived at East Cove Port on 12th July following a lengthy and at times decidedly challenging voyage from Portsmouth. The sailing was the culmination of a highly successful and comprehensive training package conducted by all crew members in the lead up to her deployment.

20: St Helena EXCO REPORT 75 – 19th July 2011 - Tristan (Legal) - 23.07.2011
We began by having sight of the draft Order Paper for the next Legislative Council Meeting which begins this coming Friday - 22nd July.

21: St Helena Plans to put Public Utilities under New Management Arrangement - St Helena (Business News) - 23.07.2011
The St Helena Government is looking to put public utilities under a new management arrangement.

22: St Helena The Directors – Part VIII Peter Coll, Director of Police - St Helena (Business News) - 23.07.2011
St Helena Government has introduced a new directorate structure which came into effect on 1st April.

23: Sustainable seafood on the Waterfront: Shoreline Café and Tristan da Cunha rock lobster fishery secure MSC certification - Tristan (Fisheries) - 20.07.2011This article has photographs
Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium today hosted a special celebration as its Shoreline Café, destination for thousands of hungry visitors each year, became the first restaurant in Africa to be certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)[1] Chain of Custody standard for seafood traceability. Photo (c) Tristan Times

24: LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY MEETING, THURSDAY, 14 JULY 2011 (Part 1) - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
A meeting of Legislative Assembly took place at 0830hrs on Thursday, 14 July 2011 at the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall.

25: Legislative Assembly Motion for Adjournment Speeches: The Hon Miss Emma Edwards - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the Motion I would like to address the House very briefly. Firstly I would like to welcome Brigadier Bill Aldridge. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Islands. Do get out and take all those Penguin photographs. I am sure you will have an absolutely great time.

26: Motion for Adjournment Speech: The Honourable Mr Roger Edwards - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I will be very brief in respect my statement to welcomes and visits. I, too, would like to welcome Mike Summers and congratulate him on winning the by-election in Stanley.

27: Motion for Adjournment Speech: The Honourable Gavin Short - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, In rising to speak to the Motion for Adjournment it is my intention not to deprive the listening public for FIRS too much of their morning programme.

28: Motion for Adjournment Speech: The Hon Mrs Sharon Halford - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, Now that we have eventually been able to make this meeting of Legislative Assembly after waiting for the Island Games to finish and then the weather to clear to allow flying, I must say that never before have I had to get up in the middle of the night to attend such a meeting..

29: Motion for Adjournment Speech:The Hon Mrs Jan Cheek - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to join in the welcomes given to Commander British Forces.

30: Motion for Adjournment Speech: The Hon Mr Mike Summers - Falklands (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, it’s not my normal practice to comment on what other Members have said in the Motion for Adjournment.

31: Motion for Adjournment Speech: Brigadier Aldridge CBSAI - S.Atlantic (Legal) - 19.07.2011
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I thank you all for your kind words of welcome. I didn’t join the Army to join a Government. And so it is a huge and serious Honour for me to have this position and this opportunity to serve this community and this country.

32: Farmers' Week Coverage: Veterinary Clinical Scenario - Falklands (Agriculture) - 17.07.2011
On Thursday afternoon an outstanding group discussion took place, using various veterinary scenarios as a guide.

33: PRESENTATION TO SEAMANS MISSION BY SEA CADETS - Falklands (Heritage) - 17.07.2011
The Sea Cadets presented a Cheque for £435.00p to the Seaman’s Mission on Wednesday the 6th July.

34: JSEOD CONDUCTS STANLEY SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS - Falklands (Education) - 17.07.2011
In a display of their continuing support to the Falkland Islands community, two members of the JSEOD team based at MPC conducted mine awareness training to the local school children of Stanley on Wednesday 6th July.

35: DEPARTMENT OF MINERAL RESOURCES REPORT FOR JUNE/JULY 2011 - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 17.07.2011
Since the last report for the meeting held on 3 May 2011 Rockhopper Exploration has drilled and flow tested another appraisal well (14/10-5) on the Sea Lion field situated 400 metres from the discovery well (14/10-2). Press Releases from Rockhopper Exploration published the results from the well, and the flow test, where stabilised flow rates were recorded at 5,508 barrels per day.

36: MIKE SUMMERS MLA SWORN INTO OFFICE - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 17.07.2011
The Hon Mr Mike Summers has taken his oath of office at a reception in Government House on Monday, 11 July 2011.

37: RINDERPEST ERADICATED - S.Atlantic (Agriculture) - 17.07.2011
By Steve Pointing As Published in July’s Wool Press At a recent meeting of the World Organisation for Animal health (OIE) in Paris in May it was declared that Rinderpest, one of the deadliest diseases of cattle and several other animal species, is now eradicated from the surface of the earth.

38: JSPSUDOG SECTION LET THE DOGS LOOSE FOR CHARITY - S.Atlantic (Education) - 17.07.2011
Following the highly successful Big Salute charity auction held by BFBS in June, the Falkland Islands Company came away with the highly valued prize of ‘bite your boss’ by donating £240 to the cause.

39: NEXT ST HELENA GOVERNOR NAMED - Ascension (Gen - Government) - 17.07.2011
The next Governor of Saint Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha is to be Mark Andrew Capes, a member of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service. He will be accompanied by his wife, Tamara.

Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters around the remote South Sandwich Islands.

41: Falklands General Purposes Committee 29 June Report - Falklands (Business News) - 10.07.2011
Only four members were available for this meeting, with the Honourable Dick Sawle and the Honourable Bill Luxton overseas, the Honourable Gavin Short at work and the new member not yet sworn in.

42: Farmers' Week Begins With Excellent Expo - Falklands (Agriculture) - 10.07.2011
An exhibition of businesses, products and services that are associated with the Falklands’ farming industry opened at the Town hall on Monday, 04 July 2011.

43: The effect of soil acidity and liming on forage productivity - Falklands (Agriculture) - 10.07.2011
Mr Pollard explained that high water tables stops the rapid breakdown of dead plant material resulting in peat soils having more than 20% organic carbon in the topsoil, being equivalent to 35% organic matter. He went on to say that undeveloped peat is mostly organic matter and a small amount of minerals.

44: Falklands Summary of Executive Council Meeting Held on 30 June 2011 - Falklands (Legal) - 10.07.2011
We commenced at 9am and the agenda wasn’t that long this time. Of the 18 or so items on the agenda I can report on those that did not contain items of a personal or commercially confidential nature etc.

45: St Helena EXCO REPORT 74 – 5th July 2011 - St Helena (Legal) - 10.07.2011
There were 9 items on our agenda and we began with the Undertakings Given and Resolutions Made at the recent Legislative Council Meeting. These are now captured on a tracker document so we can see what has, and hasn’t been done.

46: Future Media Services on St Helena - St Helena (Business News) - 10.07.2011
SHG is planning to set up a new, community owned company, to provide improved media services on St Helena.

47: Did a Councillor Medal with St Helena Media? - St Helena (Business News) - 10.07.2011
Concerns have been expressed over recent reports that a Councillor interfered with the editorial policy of the broadcast media on St Helena.

48: Falklands Jelly Tots Results - Falklands (Heritage) - 03.07.2011
Jelly Tots held their Mid-Winter Fancy Dress Party on Sunday, 03 July 2011. In an atmosphere of mid-winter fun and party food the contestants enjoyed romping with friends and family as well as the competition.

49: Discussions on Future Priorities for St Helena - St Helena (Business News) - 01.07.2011
Councillors, officials and representatives from various non-government organisations assembled at the Jamestown Community Centre on Friday 17 June to discuss the future of St Helena.

50: St Helena The Directors – Part VII Tony Kilner, Director of Finance - St Helena (Business News) - 01.07.2011
The Finance Directorate raises Income Tax and Customs revenue, which help fund public services. It processes transactions for all the other directorates, invests government’s money, manages the budget and produces the information on costs and performance of different parts of government that is a key part of the way that government is accountable to Councillors.

51: St Helena Customer Service Centre running smoothly - St Helena (Business News) - 01.07.2011
The Customer Service Centre, located on the ground floor of the Post Office Building opened on 1st April this year with the aim of bringing various functions together to provide a better service to the public.

52: ST HELENA EXCO REPORT for 21 June 2011 - St Helena (Legal) - 01.07.2011
Today is our shortest day and midsummer in the UK, but it is also another Tuesday - and another EXCO. You may remember the time when we were able to hold Governor’s Groups every other Tuesday. The work load continues unabated and so we remain in a weekly EXCO pattern.

53: St Helena Economy & Finance Committee Considers Companies Law - St Helena (Business News) - 01.07.2011
At its meeting on 23 June, the Economy and Finance Committee received a report from the Attorney General that a first draft for a new Companies Ordinance should be ready for consideration by the Committee by early July.

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