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1: PUMA Ocean Racing yacht is dismastrd NW of Tristan - S.Atlantic (Tourism/Travel) - 29.11.2011
On 21st November, the Tristan da Cunha Authorities were alerted, that the American yacht Puma had lost her mast approximately 700 nm NW of Tristan da Cunha.

2: St Helena Basil Read Team – Progression with Airport Developments - S.Atlantic (Tourism/Travel) - 26.11.2011
The first representatives of Basil Read Ltd, Island Director, Deon De Jager, Project Human Resources Manager, Charles Schwarz, and Financial Manager, Vanessa Sturgiss were welcomed to the island on Saturday 19th November 2011.

3: St Helena WORK AT LEMON VALLEY - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 26.11.2011
St Helena Tourism would like to advise the public that work is underway to finalise the landing area at Lemon Valley ready for the installation of the new landing stage.

4: Convictions Quoshed in New MacDonald Court Case - Falklands (Legal) - 26.11.2011
On 16 November Colin MacDonald was convicted in the Supreme Court of two charges of rape and one charge of making a threat to kill. Mr MacDonald was found as a matter of fact to have committed the offences, which date back to 1975.

5: Falklands: Society of Editors' Transcripts Part 3 - Falklands (Legal) - 25.11.2011
We have another distinguished name to add to the Society of Editors Lecture. You will have noted that the relationship between the BBC and the Daily Mail, are remarkably good at least within the society since your next president, who has been working very closely with me is Francesca Unsworth, Head of Newsgathering at the BBC.

The UK Government’s new strategy for its Overseas Territories was at the heart of discussions at the annual Overseas Territories Consultative Council (OTCC) on 23-24 November.

7: Falklands: Society of Editors Transcripts (Pt 1) - Falklands (Legal) - 19.11.2011
Before introducing our keynote speaker I am very grateful for the opportunity that Robin (Esser) has given me to just very briefly to draw your attention to

8: Falklands: Society of Editors Transcripts (Pt 2) - Falklands (Legal) - 19.11.2011
Thank you very much for that welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you very much for having me here at the Annual Conference which you are covering a lot of areas for which my department’s responsible, which you said. – areas where I have been active in my period of office which you said so far.

9: Falklands -Summary of Executive Council Meeting 16 November 2011 - Falklands (Legal) - 18.11.2011
This was the first meeting of the newly elected Executive Council comprising of the Hon Jan Cheek, the Hon Dick Sawle and the Hon Sharon Halford.

10: Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association Has New Offices - S.Atlantic (Fisheries) - 18.11.2011
The office of the Association is now at: Room 11, Stanley Services, By-Pass Road, Stanley. The postal address is PO Box 664.

11: ST HELENA PROGRESS ON TOURISM PROJECTS - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 18.11.2011
Recent weeks have seen strong progress on many of the tourism projects, particularly in respect of Lemon Valley and Main Street Jamestown.

Before introducing our keynote speaker I am very grateful for the opportunity that Robin (Esser) has given me to just very briefly to draw your attention to an important report that has just been published today which focuses on press freedom issues on shores of countries where challenges to press freedom are even more intense and often literally a matter of life and death.

13: NEW ISP CONTRACTOR FOR INTERSERVE - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 10.11.2011
An MoD spokesman said: “In October 2010, the Ministry of Defence invited companies to tender for the Infrastructure Support Provider (ISP) contracts for Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands,

14: St Helena’s Councillor Buckley to Attend Key Meetings in UK - St Helena (Business News) - 10.11.2011
Councillor Rodney Buckley will be in the UK shortly to attend key meetings on behalf of St Helena. This will be his first overseas visit since the 2009 elections.

15: HRH THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE OFF TO THE FALKLANDS - Falklands (Heritage) - 10.11.2011
According to an announcement by the MOD, HRH the Duke of Cambridge will be deployed to the Falklands early in the New Year. He will be deployed in the South Atlantic for six weeks.

I am delighted, as I know you all will be, with the announcement that Captain Clarence October and the crew of the Edinburgh have received an award for their work with the Oliva earlier this year.

17: Governor Crapes' Inaugural Speech - Tristan (Heritage) - 09.11.2011
I know that they are both keen to visit Tristan as soon as they can but as you know the logistics are challenging and we are currently looking at a number of options.

18: Governor Capes’ Address to the formal meeting of Legislative Council on 7th November 2011 - St Helena (Business News) - 09.11.2011
thank you for this early opportunity to address a sitting of LEGCO. Well, what a week that was! In the space of just a few days I was sworn in, chaired EXCO

19: St Helena EXCO meeting of 2 November 2011 - St Helena (Legal) - 09.11.2011
This morning I Chaired my first EXCO meeting on St Helena. I was impressed by the collegiate atmosphere and excellent contributions from all members. It was clear too that EXCO enjoys first class support from the Clerk to EXCO and from the Deputy Chief Secretary.

20: St Helena The Immigration Points Based System - St Helena (Legal) - 09.11.2011
The Points Based System is open for public consultation between 7th November and 21st November. The Points Based System is open for public consultation between 7th November and 21st November.

21: Mark Capes sworn in as Governor of St Helena - St Helena (Heritage) - 09.11.2011
Amidst clear skies, with the RMS St Helena in the harbour and the steady hum of people gathering to watch the Inauguration Ceremony in Jamestown, Mark Capes was sworn in as the Governor of St Helena on Saturday 29th October 2011.

22: Written Ministerial Statement for 3 November 2011 St Helena Airport - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 09.11.2011
the risk of cost and time overruns after the award of the contract is addressed; the airport design using Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is approved by Air Safety Support International: and

23: Third Falklands Assembly Member Resigns - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 09.11.2011
The Governor has accepted, with regret, the resignation of Bill Luxton from the Legislative Assembly on 4 November.

24: Summary of Executive Council Meeting Held on 26 October 2011 - Falklands (Legal) - 09.11.2011
The meeting commenced at 9am with the Governor, Mr Nigel Haywood chairing. Present were the Attorney General, Chief Executive, Financial Secretary and Group Captain Jim Klein who was deputising for the commander British Forces plus MLAs Cheek, Halford and Short.

25: Report on 2011 Human Rights Awareness Training Programme in the Falkland Islands - S.Georgia (Business News) - 09.11.2011
second round of human rights awareness training took place in the Falkland Islands from 19th to 25th July 2011.

26: PHONE HACKING RAMIFICATIONS – A NAÏVE VIEW - Falklands (Business News) - 09.11.2011
But in the real world media scrutiny is out of focus; and the q-dos made when parliamentary expenses were exposed was wasted by traditional front page fodder - sex, celebrity, sport and scandal - and lost in the fog created by phone hacking and using detective agencies to spy on people.

27: NILE GARDNIER – HERE WE GO AGAIN! - Falklands (Business News) - 02.11.2011
Truth is; US President Obama didn’t betray the British over the Falklands the first time, let alone what will happen when he meets Mrs Kirchner in Cannes at the G-20 Summit on Thursday.

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