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Articles published in April 2012
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1: Falklands: CATHEDRAL HOSTS SUCCESSFUL SCAVENGER HUNT - Falklands (Heritage) - 28.04.2012
Six teams braved the wintery weather on Sunday afternoon as they set out on a Scavenger Hunt organised by members of Christ Church Cathedral.

2: St Helena Land Development Control Plan - St Helena (Business News) - 28.04.2012
The revised Land Development Control Plan (LDCP) was formally adopted from 2nd April 2012. The revised LDCP compared with the previous 2007 Plan, promotes appropriate development and creates an investor-friendly framework through:

The St Helena Government notes the stated intention of the proprietor of Saint Helena Media Productions to re-publish

4: St Helena Governor and Chief Secretary View National Trust Work - St Helena (Business News) - 28.04.2012
On 17th April, Governor Capes and Chief Secretary, Owen O’Sullivan, were given a tour to see some of the work being carried out by the St. Helena National Trust.

5: St Helena RFA Darkdale Survey Team Arriving on Sunday - St Helena (Business News) - 28.04.2012
Following the identification of continuing oil seepage from the hull of the RFA Darkdale wreck last year, a team of nine will be arriving this Sunday to undertake a survey of the wreck.

6: St Helena By Election 2012 - St Helena (Business News) - 28.04.2012
The Writ of Election, for the June By-Election on St Helena, and the updated version of the Register of Electors for the East and West Constituencies, have now been published.

7: St Helena Airport Project Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) - St Helena (Business News) - 28.04.2012
Support is currently being sought to design and deliver a Landscape and Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) related to the Airport Project. The LEMP will provide ways and means to reduce and offset the direct and indirect impacts on St Helena’s landscape resulting from the construction of the airport and associated infrastructure.

Piers Morgan (PM): Let’s turn to the Falkland Islands because you inspired a lot of anger in my own country with some pretty strong views about the “Malvinas” as you call them – taking the Argentine side and being very critical of Prince William being deployed there in the British Military. Tell me why you did that and what your reaction was to the uproar it caused back in Britain.

9: FALKLANDS SAY SHAME ON YOU SEAN PENN - Falklands (Education) - 25.04.2012
Expressing his opinion that he had a major bone to pick with Mr Penn about his remarks about the Falkland Islands, Mr Morgan quizzed Sean Penn about them.

10: Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 22.04.2012
The Forum comprises representatives of the oil industry, environmental organisations and relevant Falkland Islands Government departments.

11: Falklands' Public Meeting Report - Falklands (Business News) - 22.04.2012
A public meeting was held in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town hall at 1700hrs on Monday, 16 April 2012. Present were MLAs Sharon Halford (Chair), Dick Sawle, Mike Summers, Jan Cheek and Gavin Short.

12: St Helena Official Launch of new Environmental Management Directorate - St Helena (Environment) - 22.04.2012
This Monday, 16th April, saw the official launch of St Helena’s very first Environmental Management Directorate.

13: St Helena GOVERNOR TO VISIT UK FOR LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - St Helena (Business News) - 22.04.2012
His Excellency, Governor Capes will depart the Island on Tuesday 24th April to attend the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s annual Leadership Conference in London. This will also include a meeting of all Governors from the Overseas Territories.

14: St Helena Nominations Requested for Certificate and Badge of Honour, and Acts of Bravery Awards - St Helena (Heritage) - 22.04.2012
Nominees are currently being sought for the Certificate and Badge of Honour Awards.

15: St Helena Sandy Bay Clinic Information - St Helena (Health) - 22.04.2012
The public will be aware from a press release issued on 8 March 2012, that St Helena Government took the decision to close the Head O’Wain and Sandy Bay Clinics with effect from 1 April 2012,

16: Vessel Cap Jackson Collects Medevac from Tristan - Tristan (Tourism/Travel) - 22.04.2012
The container carrier Cap Jackson arrived at Tristan on the evening of 20th April, to collect one of the zodiac drivers (Stephanie) from the NG Explorer

17: FORMER CBF RECALLS HIS TIME ON THE BLACK PIG - Falklands (Heritage) - 09.04.2012
We remember her as the Black Pig – garbage scow extraordinaire and know of her past history.

18: FITV CELEBRATE FIRST ANNIVERSARY - Falklands (Business News) - 08.04.2012This article has photographs
Falkland Islands Television (FITV) has celebrated one year of operation at a reception held at the FI Chamber of Commerce Function Room at 1800hrs on Friday, 06 April 2012. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN)

19: Dangerous Dogs Complaint Rectified in the Falklands - Falklands (Agriculture) - 07.04.2012
Summary of the proceedings and decision in the case of Royal Falkland Islands Police v Dianne Freeman under the Dogs Ordinance.

20: UN C-24 Committee refuses Falklands' invitation - Falklands (Education) - 07.04.2012
C24 Decline Invitation to hold Regional Seminar in the Falkland Islands

21: Falklands Executive Council Meeting for March 2012 - Falklands (Legal) - 07.04.2012
Summary of Executive Council Meeting 28 March 2012 by the Honourable Dick Sawle

22: Nobel Laureates' Letter Deeply Disappointing to Falklands - Falklands (Heritage) - 07.04.2012
An Open Letter to Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Desmond Tutu, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi and Leymah Gbowee.

23: St Helena: Rockfall Protection - St Helena (Environment) - 07.04.2012
Following a routine inspection of the Rockfall Protection Fences above Jamestown, the Roads Section discovered a section of fencing which had had some shackles removed, and others tampered with.

24: St Helena: Increases in Basic Island Pension and Income Related Benefits - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
Recipients of Basic Island Pension (BIP) and Income Related Benefits (IRB) are to receive a 4.7% increase from 1st April. This increase affects the basic rates of BIP and IRB and was agreed by Executive Council on 21st February 2012 as a step forward to protect the more vulnerable members of the community.

25: South Atlantic Loses Independent Newspaper - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012

26: St Helena: Independent Owners Respond To Newspaper Closure - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
Here is the Truth and not parts of it

27: St Helena: Upcoming Constituency Meetings - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 07.04.2012
Elected Members are keen to listen to the concerns of their constituents, and over the next two weeks have planned a series of Constituency Meetings in districts around the Island.

28: St Helena: Public Transport Review - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
SHG has begun a study to improve the Public Transport system on St Helena. A Team comprising, Robin Swaisland, Public Sector Modernisation Programme Leader, Nicky George, Senior Transport Manager, Owen James, Government Economist and Ian Jones, Chief Public Relations Officer are looking to consult bus users, service providers and residents to find out how the current public transport system can be improved.

29: St Helena: Grant of British Overseas Territories Citizenship - St Helena (Heritage) - 07.04.2012
Mr Sunit Kumar has been granted British Overseas Territories Citizenship and undertook the Oath and Pledge of Allegiance in the presence of His Excellency, Governor Capes on Thursday 22nd March 2012.

30: St Helena: Water Tariffs - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
During last week’s Legislative Council debate on next year’s Budget; the Financial Secretary, Paul Blessington, made mention of proposed increases in utility tariffs that had been agreed earlier in March.

31: HUMAN RIGHTS RESOURCES ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Education) - 07.04.2012
His Excellency Governor Capes last week hosted a reception at Plantation House to recognise the important work of the St Helena Human Rights Capacity Building Committee (HRCBC), chaired by Speaker Cathy Hopkins MBE, and to mark a milestone in the Committee’s endeavours - the launch of a set of Human Rights resources designed to inform the public and stimulate debate.

32: St Helena: TWO KEY POLICY DOCUMENTS PUBLISHED - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
Two key policy documents, the Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) and the Sustainable Economic Development Plan (SEDP) are now available on the SHG website.

33: St Helena: Electricity Tariffs - St Helena (Business News) - 07.04.2012
During last week’s Legislative Council debate on this year’s Budget; mention was made of proposed increases in utility Tariffs that had been agreed earlier in March. Reference was made to an overall increase of 10%. However, this discussion did not go into the detail of the different parts of the Tariff that make up the overall increase. The Tariff (in Electricity) is made up of a number of elements.

34: FALKLAND ISLANDS DEFENCE FORCE MARK INVASION PLUS 30 - Falklands (Heritage) - 01.04.2012This article has photographs
On Sunday afternoon eighteen former Members of the Falkland Islands Defence Force who were on duty the night of 01 April 1982 formed up on John Street where the former FIDF Hall was located and marched to the Liberation Monument on Ross Road. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN)

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