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Subsequent to an arrest the Royal Falkland Islands Police made outside Deano’s Pub on John Street at approximately 2245hrs on Saturday, 17 November 2012, an appeal has gone out for further information concerning the circumstances and events in relation to the incident.

2: Falklands Oil and Gas Development Group Meeting Report - S.Atlantic (Mineral Resources) - 30.11.2012
All three draft reports from the legislation and oil readiness reviews have been received by FIG and will be considered in the coming months before recommendations are submitted to ExCo early in the new year for approval.

3: St Helena VISIT OF THE RRS ERNEST SHACKLETON - St Helena (Education) - 30.11.2012
The RRS Ernest Shackleton, a Royal Research Ship operated by the British Antarctic Survey, stopped at St Helena yesterday en-route from the UK to Cape Town.

4: St Helena GOVERNOR CAPES RECEIVES GOVERNOR’S CUP TROPHY - St Helena (Education) - 30.11.2012
His Excellency Governor Capes yesterday received the Governor’s Cup itself, which he will present to the winning yacht of this year’s Governor’s Cup Yacht Race.

The Hon Mr Mike Summers, MLA has held a press conference at Gilbert House at 1000hrs on Monday, 26 November 2012.

6: Working Credits Scheme Introduced by FIG - Falklands (Business News) - 28.11.2012
Approval was given for the implementation of scheme of Working Credits (including Childcare Credits) effective 1st January 2013

7: Falklands: POOR SHOW FOR SCOTIA WELL - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 28.11.2012
FOGL has announced that results of the Scotia exploration Well 31/12-01 was drilled to a depth of 5,555m and that the well penetrated the mid Cretaceous aged reservoir objective on prognosis. The Scotia objective had been identified on the basis of its seismic amplitude response. Strong gas shows (C1 to C51)were encountered whilst drilling the target section.

8: Falklands: Executive Council Meeting 21st November 2012 - Falklands (Business News) - 28.11.2012
Members in attendance were the Hon Jan Cheek, The Hon Roger Edwards and the Hon Dick Sawle. The Hon Sharon Halford stood in for the Hon Jan Cheek on one paper.

9: St Helena: FINANCE DIRECTORATE RESTRUCTURING - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 28.11.2012
As announced last week, St Helena Government (SHG) is currently modernising and restructuring. As part of these changes, the Finance Directorate will, from 1 January 2013, form part of Corporate Services.

10: St Helena: EXCO meeting of 27 November 2012 - St Helena (Legal) - 28.11.2012
EXCO sat this morning to consider a number of agenda items. Before we entered into the main substance of the meeting, we had a discussion about the recent re-structuring of SHG. I made it clear that the plans provided to ExCo last week were to inform Elected Members, as we already have a clear mandate under the MoU to take this work forward. Further information will be provided both internally in SHG and to the public as the re-structuring progresses.

11: GOVERNOR PROMOTES ST HELENA IN CAPE TOWN - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 28.11.2012
HE the Governor, Mark Capes, arrived in Cape Town from the UK last night (Sunday), to begin a busy three-day programme representing St Helena, including meetings with the British Consul, the Western Cape Government, organisers of the Governor’s Cup Yacht Race,

12: ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND SURFACING ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Business News) - 28.11.2012
Road engineering is not a new practice - over history, many civilisations have developed road building methods.

The formal opening of St Helena Supreme Court took place today with a special parade to mark the five year anniversary since the appointment of His Lordship, the Chief Justice, Charles Ekins Esq.

14: Pazmińo Remarks – Falklands Issue Point by Point Rebuttal - Falklands (Gen - Government) - 24.11.2012
The Falkland Islands Government has reacted to the 8th October 2012 interview that Diego Morejón Pazmińo, Chairman of the United Nations Committee of 24, carried out with the Argentine national newspaper, Tiempo Argentino.

15: Falkland Islands News Network back After SOE Conference - Falklands (Business News) - 22.11.2012
For the past two weeks there were no postings (save that of Sir Rex Hunt's sad loss) on the site.

16: GEORGIA SEAFOOD LTD ATTENDS CHINA SEAFOOD SHOW 2012 - Falklands (Fisheries) - 22.11.2012
Georgia Seafoods, a Falkland’s fishing company, joined Scottish and English seafood producers to exhibit as part of the UK pavilion at the China Fisheries & Seafood Exposition held in Dalian, China last week.

17: Flags half-mast for Gerard “Fred” Robson - Falklands (Heritage) - 22.11.2012
Gerard “Fred” Robson, who served over 35 years with the Falkland Islands Government, has died at the age of 59.

18: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Dr Barry Elsby - Falklands (Business News) - 22.11.2012
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, in rising to support the Motion I will keep my comments brief.

19: Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Dick Sawle: - Falklands (Business News) - 22.11.2012
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, firstly I would like to join in welcoming Chief of Staff Captain Stephan Ward and I do hope you enjoy your tour here. You are most welcome.

20: Jonathan Grun, Vice President of the Society of Editors Welcomes Lord Hunt - Falklands (Education) - 22.11.2012
Good evening ladies and gentleman. First I would like to thank on your behalf the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Alderman Gavin Robinson and Belfast City Council for the warm welcome they have given us and for allowing us to use this splendid and historic hall.

21: SOCIETY OF EDITORS LECTURE BY LORD HUNT OF WIRRAL - Falklands (Education) - 22.11.2012
Delivering the Society of Editors lecture at the annual conference in Belfast on Sunday 11 November 2012, the Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Wirral MBE, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, said:

22: St Helena: LAUNCH OF SOLID WASTE STRATEGY - St Helena (Environment) - 22.11.2012
St Helena’s new strategy for Solid Waste Management was officially launched on Tuesday 20 November 2012 with a Press Briefing at the Millennium Forest and site visit to the Horse Point Landfill.

23: FCO’S HANNAH CHADWICK DEPARTS ST HELENA - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 22.11.2012
After a busy week on St Helena, FCO’s Desk Officer for St Helena and Ascension, Hannah Chadwick leaves the Island tomorrow to return to London.

24: St Helena CHIEF SECRETARY SWORN IN AS ACTING GOVERNOR - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
Chief Secretary, Owen O’Sullivan, was today sworn in as Acting Governor of St Helena, while his Excellency Governor Capes is off-Island.

Leaving the Island tomorrow, Thursday 22 November, is Councillor Derek Thomas - who will attend the Joint Ministerial Council 2012 in London from 4-5 December.

26: NEW MANAGER FOR ST HELENA PRISON - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
The St Helena Police Directorate is pleased to welcome Martin David as the new Prison Manager. Martin joins the service for two years, and is responsible for the overall management of the Prison and Offender Management Service (looking after offenders outside of custody).

27: FINAL DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL PRESENTED - St Helena (Heritage) - 22.11.2012
Tania Augustus of the St Helena Prison Service was presented with her Diamond Jubilee Medal on Thursday 8 November by HE Governor Capes at his Office in the Castle.

28: St Helena: EXCO meeting of 13 November 2012 - St Helena (Legal) - 22.11.2012
Before I begin my report on our meeting of EXCO today I want to say a few words about the sad loss of our friend and former Councillor Michael Benjamin, affectionately known as ‘Newpence’, who passed away on Friday last week

29: 25 YEARS ON ST HELENA - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 22.11.2012
On Saturday 10 November, at a Garden Party hosted by French Consul Mons. Michel Dancoisne-Martineau at the Briars Pavilion on St Helena, one hundred invited guests gathered to celebrate his 25 years as guardian of the Napoleonic heritage on St Helena.

30: RMS ST HELENA - St Helena (Tourism/Travel) - 22.11.2012
SHG reported yesterday that the RMS St Helena has suffered a technical problem with the turbo-charger on her portside engine, meaning that the ship can currently travel on one engine instead of two, and necessitating a major repair.

31: FRENCH TEACHING RETURNS TO PRINCE ANDREW SCHOOL - St Helena (Education) - 22.11.2012
Since September 2012 students at Prince Andrew School have had the opportunity to study French once again.

32: COME AND SEE HOW SOLID WASTE WILL BE MANAGED IN THE FUTURE - St Helena (Environment) - 22.11.2012
The official launch of the St Helena Solid Waste Management Strategy will take place on Tuesday 20 November 2012 at 1.30pm at the Millennium Forest.

33: St Helena LAUNCHING – THE FUTURE OF SOLID WASTE - St Helena (Environment) - 22.11.2012
Tomorrow is the official launch of the St Helena Solid Waste Management Strategy – committed to managing solid waste in a more sustainable way in future years

The main purpose of the project is to provide expanded sheltered accommodation at Cape Villa, Plantation, to meet projected increases in the Island’s ageing population, with six new units. A contractor has been identified and work will start shortly.

35: SHG RESTRUCTURING - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 22.11.2012
The signing of the airport contract in November last year represents a game-changing moment for St Helena and signalled a major transformation for the Island. Both the public and private sectors are adapting to the opportunities and challenges this presents, within the overall theme of economic growth and raised productivity and increased efficiency in the public sector.

36: St Helena - ROADS MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 22.11.2012
As previously announced, the Roads Section has started its Summer Surfacing Programme. One of the most common questions asked is ‘How is it decided which roads to do?’

37: NEW COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION AND GRANT SCHEME For St Helena - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
A new Community Development Organisation (CDO) has been created following recent agreement from Executive Council. The new body will provide support to Civil Society Organisations through training provision and small Grants.

38: SHG PUBLISHES FINANCIAL AND PERFORMANCE REPORT, 2011-12 - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
SHG’S Financial and Performance Report for the year ended 31 March 2012, is today available on the ‘Finance and Tax page’ of the SHG website

39: ATTORNEY GENERAL BACK ON St Helena - St Helena (Legal) - 22.11.2012
Attorney General Ken Baddon has returned to the Island having attending the annual Conference of the Attorneys General of the British Overseas Territories (OTs) held in Bermuda.

40: NEW DIRECTOR OF TOURISM APPOINTED - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
Enterprise St Helena is happy to announce that Cathy Alberts has been appointed Director of Tourism. Cathy joins ESH from Cape Town Tourism in South Africa with effect from 1 November 2012.

41: St Helena PENSIONS REFORM - CONSULTATIONS BEGIN - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
In August this year, Executive Council gave a mandate for work to begin on implementing Phase 3 of the Pension Reform.

42: HOUSING PROFESSIONAL FOR ST HELENA - St Helena (Business News) - 22.11.2012
Arriving on 13 November 2012 will be Andy Crowe, the new Housing Executive for St Helena Government.

43: Falklands Mark the Passing of Sir Rex Hunt CMG - Falklands (Heritage) - 12.11.2012
It is with great sadness that the people of the Falkland Islands heard of the passing of one remarkable Governor – Sir Rex Hunt. He was much loved by Falkland Islanders who saw him as a beacon of light during the dark days of 1982.

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