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1: Falklands: IJS & Camp Archery Steps Up a Gear - Falklands (Education) - 28.09.2013
IJS & Camp Archery Steps Up a Gear

2: Falklands: PUBLIC MEETING MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2013 - Falklands (Business News) - 28.09.2013
A public meeting was held in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall at 1700hrs on Monday, 23 September 2013. Present were MLAs Sawle, Halford (Chair), Edwards and Elsby. As this is the last meeting of this Assembly, there will be no public meetings until a new Assembly is elected.

3: PUBLIC MEETING 23 SEPTEMBER 2013 Part 2 - Falklands (Business News) - 28.09.2013
Would the Director of Public Works please explain why the installation of the lift in the Town Hall which was in the budget for the financial year 2012/2013 has failed to progress.

4: Executive Council Report 26 September 2013 - Falklands (Business News) - 28.09.2013
Executive Council met on the 25th September. The Hon Roger Edwards and the Hon Mike Summers stood in for the Hon Ian Hansen and the Hon Jan Cheek who were both attending party conferences in the UK.

5: St Helena: EXCEMPTION OF WATER BOTTLES LIFTED - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
The temporary exemption of water bottles (including bottled water) and water containers from Customs Duty has now been lifted

6: St Helena: HORSE POINT LANDFILL SITE REDEVELOPMENT - S.Atlantic (Business News) - 28.09.2013
SHG is preparing the documentation for Basil Read to redevelop the Horse Point landfill site. This is an important component of the Airport Project

7: St Helena ASPHALT PLANT WRITE-OFF - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
This press release outlines a high profile case where the previous SHG procurement process failed, resulting in a ‘write off’ of the acquired asset. The procurement in question relates to the Asphalt Plant which has been the subject of much concern in the recent past.

8: St helena: AUTOMATED DATA SYSTEM FOR CUSTOMS MOVES AHEAD - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
St Helena is soon to introduce the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA).

9: St Helena: LIFTING OF BOIL WATER NOTICE - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
Connect Saint Helena are pleased to advise the lifting of the boil water notice in the Redhill treatment area.

10: St helena: SUCCESSFUL PHONICS INFORMATION EVENING - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
A Phonics Information evening was held at Pilling Primary School for parents of children in the Foundation Stage, Nursery and Reception, on Wednesday 25 September 2013.

With effect from 26 September 2013, Mr Rodney Buckley and Mr George Stevens have been appointed by His Excellency Governor Capes as Members of the St Helena Media Standards Commission.

12: St Helena: ARCHITECT LEAVES POST - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013
SHG’s Conservation Architect, James Stewart is to leave his post in October.

13: St Helena: Sex Offender Diversion Treatment - St Helena (Business News) - 28.09.2013This article has photographs
Funding has been obtained under the Overseas Territories Diamond Jubilee fund to allow Mr Tim McInerney, a leading Forensic Psychiatrist with great experience of working with sex offenders in the UK and in the Falklands, to visit St Helena and make specialist assessments of sex offender prisoners currently serving sentences in HMP Jamestown.

14: Access to Justice By Charles Ekins. Chief Justice, St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha - St Helena (Legal) - 28.09.2013
Outside of the Attorney General’s Chambers the Public Solicitor is the only qualified practicing lawyer on St Helena.

15: Skills Gap Analysis Project Launched in the Falklands - Falklands (Business News) - 21.09.2013
Invenio Falkland Islands Ltd has teamed up with two business consultants based in the North East of Scotland, David Owen and David Stewart, to develop Falk-link, engaged by the Chamber of Commerce and funded by the Falkland Islands Government, to undertake a Skills Gap analysis of Falkland Islands readiness for any upcoming oil industry requirements.

16: New Spa Experience at the Stanley Leisure Centre - Falklands (Business News) - 21.09.2013
Guests at the newly refurbished Stanley Leisure Centre can look forward to relaxing in new spa facilities because a Jacuzzi and sauna will be installed where the toddler pool was previously situated. The decision to replace the toddler pool was taken following advice about its suitability and safety.

17: Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 21.09.2013
The fifth meeting of the Falkland Islands Offshore Hydrocarbons Environmental Forum took place on 5th September in the Chamber of Commerce.

18: PANAMA DELEGATION VISITS THE FALKLANDS THIS WEEK - Falklands (Business News) - 21.09.2013
A five-person delegation from Panama is visiting the Falklands from 14 to 21 September 2013. Included in the delegation are Dalia Bernal, head of National Assembly Committee for Foreign Affairs, Yanibel Abrego, Head of National Assembly Committee for Education, Culture and Sport, Jorge Gantes, Legal Advisor for Foreign Affairs Committee of national Assembly, Renual Dominguez MP, Member of the PRD Opposition Party and Javier Robaya, interpreter.

A delegation of four as well as an interpreter from the British Embassy is visiting the Falklands to meet people, learn about the Falklands’ economy and see how our government works.

20: South Georgia: Significant Increase in Tourism Possible For The 2012/13 Season - S.Georgia (Tourism/Travel) - 21.09.2013
Schedules for the coming tourist season show a significant increase in the number of ships planning to visit South Georgia, and a consequent expected increase in tourist numbers. © South Georgia Newsletter

21: Falklands: 2013 Falkland Craft Fair - Prize Winners - Falklands (Heritage) - 21.09.2013
Standard Chartered Bank Rose Bowl and miniature for most points in Sections A, B, C & D – Bonnie Greenland

22: Mineral Resources Committee Environmental Gap Analysis Funding - Falklands (Business News) - 21.09.2013
Stephen Luxton, Director of Mineral Resources, introduced a report on Environmental Gap Analysis Funding, which had been endorsed by the Environmental Committee at their meeting on 23 August.

23: HOUSEHOLD LIVING STANDARDS SURVEY ¡V OCTOBER 2013 - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
The Statistics Office will be conducting a household survey in October 2013. The survey is designed to update information collected during the previous Household Expenditure Survey and also to fill important gaps in the information currently held about households on St Helena.

24: St Helena: Basil Read work stoppage - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
A meeting was held between representatives of a small portion of the airport workforce and management where issues relating to employment conditions were discussed. The terms and conditions of employment were re-iterated to all employees.

25: St Helena: REGISTER OF ELECTORS - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
The public is reminded that following July’s General Election anyone eligible to be registered on the electoral roll can apply to have the Register changed; in particular, persons can have their name added, or to correct their name, address, or Polling District.

In the presence of His Excellency, Governor Capes, Statistical Commissioner, Paula McLeod and Statistics Officers, Kelly Clingham, Justine Joshua and Natasha Stevens yesterday took the required oaths to act as enumerators during the upcoming Household Living Standards Survey.

27: St Helena: ARRIVAL OF SOCIAL SERVICES TRAINER - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
The Health and Social Welfare Directorate has recently welcomed Social Services Trainer Martin Warsama on a two year contract.

28: St Helena: EXCO REPORT: 17 SEPTEMBER 2013 - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
Executive Council met today Tuesday 17 September to consider one item on the open agenda. There were two members of the public in the gallery.

29: St Helena: HORSE POINT LANDFILL SITE REDEVELOPMENT - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
SHG is preparing the documentation for Basil Read to redevelop the Horse Point landfill site. This is an important component of the Airport Project. The redevelopment will reduce the bird strike risk to aircraft by preventing the exposure of organic waste, which is a food source for birds. This will also extend the life of the site.

30: St helena: Visit of Keith Munns - Prison Advisor - St Helena (Business News) - 21.09.2013
Keith Munns, Prison Advisor, was contacted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) visits the Island every two years.

31: Argos Announces Annual General Meeting - Falklands (Mineral Resources) - 08.09.2013
Argos Resources Limited has announced that its 2013 Annual General Meeting will be held in the Falkland Islands at the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce,

32: Redcar memorial for Sir Rex Hunt - Falklands (Heritage) - 08.09.2013
Redcar will be remembering one of its sons by dedicating a memorial to him.

33: Referendum Motion Passes at CPA Conference - Falklands (Business News) - 08.09.2013
During its conference in Johannesburg, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association noted a motion recognising the Falkland Islands Referendum as a free and fair expression of the Falkland Islanders wishes and their right to Self-Determination.

34: Falklands Welcome Back Neil Judd - Falklands (Agriculture) - 08.09.2013
FIG has announced that Mr Neil Judd will take up the post of Senior Agricultural Adviser in mid-October 2013. Neil, no stranger to the Falklands, previously worked in the Department of Agriculture for 6 years.

35: ST HELENA AWARDS PRESENTATION – PRISON OFFICERS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 08.09.2013
In an Awards ceremony held at Plantation House last evening, Prison Officers were presented with certificates of Achievement for completing their Prison Officer Initial Training Course.

36: ST HELENA COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE - St Helena (Business News) - 08.09.2013
St Helena Government has launched a dedicated web page on the SHG website to help and guide customers through the complaints procedure process - available at:

37: NEW ADVISORY TEACHER FOR ICT ARRIVES TODAY - St Helena (Education) - 08.09.2013
Arriving on the RMS today is new Advisory Teacher for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Andy Day (photo attached).

38: St Helena: GOVERNMENT ECONOMIST ARRIVES NEXT WEEK - St Helena (Business News) - 08.09.2013
Arriving on 9 September is the new Government Economist, Ian Smyth. Ian has entered a 2 year contract with St Helena Government and succeeds previous Government Economist, Owen James, who completed his contract earlier this year.

39: St Helena: COUNCILLOR DOLLERY RESIGNS FROM EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - St Helena (Business News) - 08.09.2013
The Honourable Nigel Dollery has advised that due to personal reasons he will be resigning, with immediate effect, from Executive Council and Chairman of the Social and Community Development Committee.

40: St Helena: EXCO REPORT: 3 SEPTEMBER 2013 - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 08.09.2013

41: St Helena: DR CORINDA ESSEX RETIRES - St Helena (Business News) - 08.09.2013
Former Corporate Procurement Director for St Helena Government, Dr Corinda Essex has recently retired from her post.

42: St Helena: STEEL FRAMED HOMES PROGRAMME NOW SHOWING - St Helena (Business News) - 08.09.2013
On 27 August 2013 an Open Day was held at one of the three new Steel-Framed homes on St Helena.

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