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British Territories in the South Atlantic Ocean.
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Ascension Island:
The Islander Newspaper
Ascension Island's Newspaper
British Antarctic Territory:
British Antarctic Survey
For the last fifty years, BAS has undertaken the majority of Britain's scientific research on and around the Antarctic continent.
Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators
This organisation calls on all legal tooth-fish operators to help stamp out poaching the species.
South Georgia Heritage Trust
A website to bring public benefit to South Georgia principally by raising funds.
South Georgia Island
The South Georgia Website featuring monthly news and other South Georgia information.
The Last Whale
See a preview of an up and coming best seller!
Falkland Islands:
Falkland Islands Holidays Limited
Fancy a visit to the clean, green Falklands? This link is for you!
Falkland Islands News Network
The Falkland Islands main news portal.
Falkland Islands Overseas Games Association
Keep up to date with the latest results in the Island Games on a daily basis.
Falkland Oil and Gas Limited
Exploring for hydrocarbons in the South Falkland Basin
Falklands 25
The Official website for the Falklands 25 commemorations
Falklands Conservation
A charity dedicated to the conservation of Falklands wildlife.
Falklands Legislative Council Website
A useful official archive containing transcripts of meetings and much, much more!
Malvina House Hotel
A leading Hotel offering full services in the Falklands
Exchange Rates Change regularly at a fast clip. Get current Exchange Rates here!
South Atlantic Roman Catholic Church Website
This website links the Roman Catholic Churches on the Falklands, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena and Ascension Islands.
Stanley Services Limited
Provider of fuel to Falkland Islands homes and businesses.
The Philatelic Bureau
Philatelic news from the Falklands, South Georgia and British Antarctic Territories
International News Providers:
BBC News
An outstanding world-class news site featuring World news, business, and sport along with international radio and TV.
Among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. The site features the latest multimedia technologies and searchable archives of news features and background information.
Internet Public Library
Our number one referrer - Thank you IPL!
New York Times
The world-renowned U.S. newspaper delivers masses of top-quality news items.
News and Financial Intelligence from a world leader in news providing.
The Guardian Newspaper
The UK's most popular newspaper website. Not just printed news but Audio, Visual and Interactive news.
Times Online
Outstanding easy-to-use British news site.
Newspaper Portals:
A news service that links customers to news providers.
Internet Public Library
Our number one referrer. Thank you IPL!
Massive directory of newspapers, magazines, television stations, colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more.
A massive portal to most of the world's major newspapers.
Saint Helena:
The Sentenel
accurate and thorough news from Saint Helena on a weekly basis
Search Engines:
Excite Search Engine.
The world-famous Google Search Engine.
The MSN Portal/Search Engine.
Tristan Da Cunha:
Fish Base Organisation
Anything you want to know about fish species in rivers, lakes and oceans
Tristan Times
Tristan Times: Recent news from Tristan da Cunha online.

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